Hitched & Hitched Again: A Comedy of Marital Mayhem ( Elysia and Tarquin) Chapter 237

Hitched & Hitched Again: A Comedy of Marital Mayhem ( Elysia and Tarquin) Chapter 237

Chapter 237 

What on earth is going on?Blossom was equally baffled

Elysia, putting her phone down, was too embarrassed to mention the kiss with that man, so she simply said

He came to talk to me about Elijah, and then you guys almost walked in on us.” 

Blossom’s eyes widened. No wonder you were so flustered! The daycare had a sudden closure today, and I forgot to tell you before I came back! And these gifts, they’re from him?” 


King crab from Alaska, a giant lobster from Maine, and such a huge sea cucumberMy God, didn’t you say he was bankrupt? Where did he get the money to buy these expensive gifts? They must’ve cost a fortune!” 

Elysia was taken aback as she asked, Are they that expensive?” 


He must be really worried I’d stop looking after Elijah, so he went all out!” 

Are you still planning to take care of Elijah? Aren’t you afraid of retaliation?” 

I am, but I can’t just abandon him. We’ll take it one step at a time, starting with getting him the medical care he needs.” 

Elysia, looking at the seafood, took eep breath and rolled up her sleeves

Seafood feast tonight!” 

Normally, she would’ve hesitated to accept such lavish gifts, but today was different. She was upset! After all he did, why not enjoy some seafood on him

It’s only right

Not to enjoy it would be a loss

Both the king crab and the giant lobster were fresh, a sight neither Elysia nor Blossom had ever seen before

The kids were thrilled, playing and searching for recipes online

One wanted it cooked this way, another that 

often required the simplest cooking metho 

Steam it

way, but they all agreed that the most expensive ingredients 

The seafood was delicious, and the cooking process was filled with joy

After the meal, Elysia suggested a trip to the mall

First, to make the most of the kidsday off and take them out for some fun

Second, she wanted to buy some gifts for Elijah. It was their first official meeting, and she didn’t want to show up emptyhanded


Chapter 237 

Plus, she hoped the gifts would help her learn more about Elijah’s preferences

At the mall, Elysia let the kids pick out their favorite toys

With each child having different tastes and personalities, she decided to buy an extra set of whatever they chose. The extra set was for Elijah, allowing him to choose and thus revealing his preferences and 


If he chose the toy Elliot liked, it might mean he shared similar traits with Elliot

Should he prefer Evan or Emmett’s toys, it would suggest he had more in common with them

While the kids were busy picking toys, Blossom suddenly exclaimed, Sarah?” 

Elysia followed her gaze and indeed spotted a familiar face! 

Zane’s cousin

Blossom whispered, Didn’t you say Sarah had a miscarriage? Then who is she buying all those baby clothes and socks for?” 

Watching her pick out baby clothes with such care and kindness, Elysia frowned slightly

She seems a bit off.” 

Right after Elysia spoke, Sarah looked up and saw her 

Their eyes met, and Sarah’s 

instantly changed from gentle to fierce

It was as if she was looking at her worst enemy! Overwhelmed with emotion, she started gasping for air, struggling to breathe, which alarmed…e store clerk who quickly offered to call a doctor

Mommy, can I get this?Evan, having chosen his toy, ran over to ask Elysia


Sarah’s gaze immediately shifted from Elysia to Evan. That fierce look, it was like something out of a thriller

Elysia instinctively pulled Evan close and watched Sarah warily

After a few tense seconds, Sarah, still frowning, shot Elysia a venomous look and left. Elysia’s heart was racing. She entrusted the kids to Blossom and hurried after Sarah


Hitched & Hitched Again: A Comedy of Marital Mayhem ( Elysia and Tarquin)

Hitched & Hitched Again: A Comedy of Marital Mayhem ( Elysia and Tarquin)

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/12/2024 Native Language: English
Hitched & Hitched Again: A Comedy of Marital Mayhem ( Elysia and Tarquin) Six years ago, Elysia unexpectedly lost her innocence, and Tarquin accused her of having an affair during their marriage. With a divorce agreement, 

Hitched & Hitched Again A Comedy of Marital Mayhem

Six years later, she returned with her children, and when Tarquin saw the little versions of himself beside her, he finally realized that he was the very "illicit lover" in their marriage mystery. Regretful but overjoyed, the once cold CEO Tarquin transformed into a clingy, lovesick man, attempting to share her bed every night. 

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