How Death Became My Rebirth by Evelyn Florence ( Cassandra ) Chapter 164

How Death Became My Rebirth by Evelyn Florence ( Cassandra ) Chapter 164

Chapter 164 

Cassandra was rendered speechless

She thought, Isn’t Kayden the deputy leader of the Falcon Special Operations Force? How unreliable he is! Shouldn’t he reflexively take a photo of it?” 

Forget it. So many people look alike in the world. Maybe it’s just a coincidence,Cassandra said

She didn’t feel the urge to find her birth parents. It wasn’t important to her 


Alright. You can look at them when I show the photo to you next time,” Kayden said

He came here today to tell Cassandra that there were no twins in the Yates family

Cassandra was a little irritated. There were no twins or genetic mutations. in the Yates family. But why was she related to Benjamin by blood

Wasn’t his illegitimate daughter dead

Benjamin had loved money as much as he loved life. He always felt that women approached him for his money. Therefore, he didn’t dare to fool around. Logically speaking, he might only have an illegitimate daughter who was dead

So, which part of their paternity test went wrong

Okay, let’s talk about it later.” 

Cassandra kept frowning. Seeing this, Kenneth felt sorry for her

Don’t think about this for now. Let’s talk about it later,” Kenneth said

His heart ached for Cassandra. If it was so complicated to identify her birth parents, he would rather she didn’t know about it so she could feel 


Chapter 164 

more at case

He could tell she was annoyed

It was unnecessary at all

But that wouldn’t matter. He could play with Cassandra in a few days

On 17:23 

Two days later, Cassandra pulled her suitcase to the shooting site again

This time, the production team chose Holon City to film the show. It was a fairyland with beautiful scenery

It was said that they found new investors this time. With more money, the production team naturally chose a good place to film the show

Amelia and Thomas were already there when Cassandra arrived, believing that the team would be established on a firstcome, firstserved basis this. time

They wanted to team up with Samantha, so they came early. Given Samantha’s personality, she would be the next to arrive

All they needed to do was to wait

As expected, Samantha was the third to arrive

As soon as Cassandra appeared in front of everyone, Amelia threw herself into her arms excitedly

Long time no see, Samantha! I miss you so much!” 

She refused to let Cassandra go and even rubbed her face against hers

This made Cassandra want to throw her away. Amelia’s enthusiasm was more than she could stand

Unlike Amelia, Thomas was very stable. He walked slowly to Cassandra and greeted her with a smile. Samantha, long time no see!” 


Chapter 164 

Cassandra freed herself from Amelia’s embrace

She could finally breathe

However, they were on the air

[Why do I think Ms. Jenkins is scared by Amelia’s enthusiasm? lol.

[Me, too! Ms. Jenkins is scared!

[Samantha: Mom, there’s someone strange here!

[Don’t you know Samantha? Even if she dies, she won’t joke with her mother because the Yates family doesn’t deserve it!

[Yes, the Yates family doesn’t deserve to be her family. We’re her family!

[Samantha is always cold. She isn’t used to being so close to others.

[What the hell? Amelia greeted her so warmly, but she still disliked her. Who the hell does she think she is?


[I think Thomi is cute. He says hi like a kid. But he’s older than Samantha.

However, Amelia didn’t care. She and her idol were women anyway. She could say hi to her in any way

At that time, Riley stepped forward and greeted her. Long time no see, Samantha. I heard that you did very well on SAT.” 

You know what? She’s the SAT topper. I admire her so much,” Amelia said, showing off her idol as the host mentioned this topic

Riley was a little surprised. Although he knew that Samantha was a straightA student, he didn’t expect her to get such a good score

Really? You’re the SAT topper, Samantha?he asked

He remembered the SAT topper’s family name was Yates

He suddenly remembered that the production team had gotten used to’ 


Chapter 164 

calling her Samantha. He had forgotten that Samantha’s real name was Cassandra Yates

Of course, she was the SAT topper this year


Yeah, Samantha’s real name is Cassandra Yates. You can find it out easily,Amelia replied

The more she was excited, the more she thought about it. If she were eight years younger, she would apply for an SAT with her idol together

Perhaps she could be a schoolmate with Cassandra

[What? Samantha’s the freak who got an almost perfect SAT score?

[What a surprise! Many new fans don’t know Samantha and Cassandra are the same person.

[I really don’t know. I’m going to cry my heart out!

[There’s no need to cry. Your idol is a straightA student. Shouldn’t you be happy?

[I want to cry because my mother has been comparing me to Samantha and blaming me for my low score for about half a month!

[I understand. When I saw her score, I called her a freak in front of my parents. She just beat me up for that.

[I have replaced the academic tycoons on the wall at home with beautiful photos of Samantha. I even screenshotted her SAT score, printed it, and pasted it on my desk. My mother rewarded me with a big meal.

[Good for you!

[To be honest, Ms. Jenkins is the most educated in the entertainment industry.

[You can’t compare them. Samantha is a songwriter, so she must have good literary talent. There’s nothing strange about it!

Cassandra was a little helpless. Amelia was so enthusiastic that she had no idea how to deal with her

Later, the fourth and fifth participants also arrived

They were an actor and actress. Alan ran a thorough background check on them. He confirmed their identities and ensured that they had no criminal history before signing them

However, the last participant was running late

Riley smiled awkwardly and explained, Ladies and gentlemen, the last participant was late in setting out because he had something urgent business at work. He is stuck in a traffic jam now.” 

Hearing this, Luna and Jayce were a little unhappy

They wondered who the hell he was to make everyone else wait

Cassandra didn’t mind it. It was understandable since he had something urgent business to deal with at work

Everything was fine except for the hot weather

A customized Maybach stopped in front of them soon. The driver hurriedly got out of the car, took out the suitcase from the trunk, and put it aside

He respectfully opened the back seat door. A man dressed in a suit and nearly six feet and 3 inches tall got out of the car

Cassandra was stunned

It was Kenneth

What was going on

Why did Kenneth join in the show? 

How Death Became My Rebirth by Evelyn Florence ( Cassandra )

How Death Became My Rebirth by Evelyn Florence ( Cassandra )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/20/2024 Native Language: English
How Death Became My Rebirth by Evelyn Florence ( Cassandra ) One could die for many reasons, but it was a whole different story for Cassandra Yates. She died in the hands of her non- biological sister, and she learned how her family gave excuses for her death when Kenneth Zelinski,

How Death Became My Rebirth by Evelyn Florence ( Cassandra )


How Death Became My Rebirth by Evelyn Florence ( Cassandra )



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