How Death Became My Rebirth by Evelyn Florence ( Cassandra ) Chapter 166

How Death Became My Rebirth by Evelyn Florence ( Cassandra ) Chapter 166

Chapter 166 

Kayden was startled by the sudden sound

He thought, What’s wrong with him? His sudden appearance scared the hell out of me and he is even shouting!‘ 

Maximilian Yates walked to Kayden and was a little excited. He could even feel Maximilian’s fingers trembling slightly

Maximilian shouted, Answer my question! Who is that girl just now? Do you know her?” 

Kayden had never seen his grandfather so emotional

Kayden asked uncertainly, JustLast time she asked me if there were twins in our family. What’s the matter? Grandpa, do you know her?” 

Kayden thought, Could Cassandra really have something to do with the Yates family?‘ 

Maximilian was a little emotional

He thought, They look so much alikeCassandra is so similar to Leanna! But the ages don’t match. Leanna should be 45 years old, and Leonardo is 52 years old. They have been missing for 19 years! Kayden and Thomas have both grown up. However, Darren, Leanna, and their children are still missing. This girl really looks like a young Leanna. Maybe she is really a child of the Yates family!” 

Maximilian said, Kayden, find a way to bring the girl to meet me

Maximilian’s attitude made Kayden a little confused

Kayden asked, Grandpa, don’t you think she is the child of Uncle Leonardo? It’s impossible. The DNA test results show that she and Benjamin are biological father and daughter. Although this result is a little suspicious, she should have nothing to do with our family.” 

It was not that Kayden disliked Cassandra, but Kenneth was too scary

Chapter 166 

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Kayden thought, If I ask Cassandra out at will. Kenneth will send me to Ouflanca on a permanent mission. If Cassandra was really the daughter of the Yates family. Who dares to compete with Kenneth? He’d kill his rival! Cassandra is destined to be Kenneth’s wife. Kenneth loved her for eight. years, and they must get married in the end.‘ 

Maximilian said, No, she has nothing to do with Benjamin. Just say that I want to see her.” 

Maximilian thought, If she was related to someone else by blood, she might not be a child of the Yates family. But if she was related to Benjamin, she would very well be a child of the Yates family! Back then‘ 

Kayden thought for a while and said, Okay, I’ll arrange it. But she’s shooting the variety show for the next two weeks. We can only make an appointment during the break.” 

Maximilian waved his hand indifferently and sat down on the sofa. You decide the time. As long as I can meet that girl!” 

While he was talking, his eyes were fixed on the screen

Maximilian thought, She looks so much like Leanna. How are Leonardo and Lina doing these years? Leanna’s identity is very mysterious and hard to guess. Leonardo followed her all over the world and suddenly disappeared. Their baby disappeared too… 


In the shooting place, the host said, You’re all on your own from now on. This time, there are no supplies at the beginning. Good luck.” 

After saying that, the host left

The director said in a voiceover, Hello, everyone. Let’s welcome new members to join us. This time, as always, we have to rely on our hands to work. Now in July, we can help farmers pick crops and fruits. In the next half month, what you can eat depends on your efforts. Come on!” 


Chapter 166 

Amelia and Thomas were speechless

They thought at the same time, We have to work to get food. But if there is no food after hard work, what should we do

Thomas was a little panicked at this time. At least for now, he felt that Luna and Jayce didn’t seem to be good at cooking 

Thomas shouted in his heart, What’s the fun of this show

Cassandra was calm because it wasn’t a problem for her

Cassandra looked at Thomas and said nothing to him. Amelia, Kenneth, let’s go.” 

On her way here, she saw someone picking tomatoes. It was such a big field that she thought they could go and have a look there

Mostly, Cassandra wanted to eat tomatoes

Amelia was lively and beautiful. She strode and took Cassandra’s hand. Samantha, where are we going?” 

Kenneth’s brows twitched, and he wanted to set Amelia and Cassandra 


He thought, Amelia is holding Casshand! I haven’t had such a chance!” 

Soon they went to the field of tomatoes and watched the three people. picking tomatoes in the field. Though tiring, they looked happy

Amelia asked, Do you need any help? Let’s help you” 

Amelia was the diplomat of their team. She was responsible for greeting and making contact with strangers. Cassandra and Kenneth were just doing the hard work

A man looked at the three of them. He knew that someone was here to shoot a show. However, he thought the three didn’t seem to be able to do farm work


Chapter 166 

The man thought, Don’t ruin my crops, please! It’s all for sale

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Cassandra also saw the worry in the man’s heart. Don’t worry, sir. I can do all these jobs. I grew up in the countryside and won’t spoil the vegetables.” 

The farmer glanced at the three and said, Okay, you can pick them with me. But be careful. Just pick the red ones and put the bad ones on the 


Then he gave them each a basket

They had to gather lots of tomatoes and sell them, so there were many baskets prepared

Kenneth remembered that he used to stay at Cassandra’s house and go to the field with her during the day to pick up cucumbers and tomatoes to 


No matter how delicious the food Kenneth tasted later, it was not as sweet as the vegetables and fruits planted on that land

Cassandra and Kenneth picked up the tomatoes quickly. Soon, they filled one basket and another, which made the farmers happy

The man thought, They really helped us!‘ 

Until lunchtime, Amelia asked the old man if he could give them some vegetables and bread because they had to make lunch by themselves

However, the old man invited them home for dinner

Girls and boys, let’s go to my home for dinner. My wife is cooking at home. She happened to have cooked fish today. If you don’t mind, you can come and eat with us!” 

Cassandra glanced at Kenneth, wondering if he wanted to eat there. She walked to him and asked in a low voice, Can you? I remember there are a lot of things you can’t eat. Will there be something you can’t eat…” 

Kenneth felt warm in his heart. He didn’t expect Cassandra to keep it in 


Chapter 166 

mind all the time. It’s okay. I brought antiallergy medicine. Maybe it won’t be necessary.” 


[Wow! What’s the relationship between Samantha and this handsome guy? They are so intimate!

[I admit that I am a little bit jealous, but to be honest, they’re a good match!

[I have the same feeling! I think they’re like a couple.

[Come on, don’t be foolish! It’s impossible for them to cross paths in real life. Samantha doesn’t know everybody.




How Death Became My Rebirth by Evelyn Florence ( Cassandra )

How Death Became My Rebirth by Evelyn Florence ( Cassandra )

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How Death Became My Rebirth by Evelyn Florence ( Cassandra ) One could die for many reasons, but it was a whole different story for Cassandra Yates. She died in the hands of her non- biological sister, and she learned how her family gave excuses for her death when Kenneth Zelinski,

How Death Became My Rebirth by Evelyn Florence ( Cassandra )


How Death Became My Rebirth by Evelyn Florence ( Cassandra )



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