How Death Became My Rebirth by Evelyn Florence ( Cassandra ) Chapter 168

How Death Became My Rebirth by Evelyn Florence ( Cassandra ) Chapter 168

Chapter 168 

It was nighttime

Thomas excitedly took his bowl and ran to Cassandra’s kitchen

It wasn’t his fault. He was too hungry and no one in their group could cook

He made soup for lunch. Many of those dishes were diet foods that his agent often gave him, so he had no choice but to eat them

He came to such a show because he didn’t want to eat diet meals anymore. Instead, he wanted to eat big chunks of meat and other fine food with his idol

As a result, he was disillusioned

He didn’t even have the chance to reach fine food

Fortunately, his idol felt sorry for him and asked him to have dinner with them. He mused, As to the rest of my team members, wish you all good. luck.‘ 

When he came over, Cassandra was about to cook the last meal

Four dishes and one soup, perfect

The meat the old lady gave them was very fresh, which was the best choice for roasting

So they had lamp chops, steaks, salad, fish, and vegetable soup

Thomas had never felt this hungry and craving for food before

At the same time, Luna and Jayce smelt the food

Jayce swallowed unconsciously and thought, It smells good

But I don’t know them well. It seems inappropriate for me to have dinner with them like this.” 


Chapter 164 

36 72 

While he was hesitating. Luna smiled and said. It smells so good. What did you cook, diva?

She subconsciously thought that Amelia or one of the guys who cooked it. Anyway, it must have not been Samantha

What’s so great about a lyricist? she thought

Amelia rolled her eyes and looked up at Luna with an insincere smile

These dishes were made by my idol, not me. As for what she cooked, it’s all clear on the table!” 

Luna was speechless

It was Samantha who did it. How could it be? She looked like she knew nothing about cooking

Then we will” 

Thomas said in a timely manner, Samantha, can we have dinner now? I’m so hungry. These dishes are not enough for us.” 

He wanted to break Luna and Jayce’s dream of dining with them

Thomas thought, Luna is a little scheming. She has been looking at Mr. Zelinski all the time, and she must be up to no good

No. I have to stop her

The food was not enough to eat indeed

Jayce didn’t bother himself and left directly. Luna fixed her eyes on Kenneth and found that he totally ignored her, so she turned around and left angrily

[What’s going on? Are they going to isolate others?

[No way, no way. Over some food?

[Samantha doesn’t like Jayce and Luna, right? But they are the most popular idols, don’t they deserve some respect?



[They are here to join the program, not to compete with others. Shouldn’t newcomers be more respectful to seniors?

[Go to hell, Samantha. Why did you treat Luna like that? How much can a person eat? Why don’t you invite her to dinner?

[Hey, watch your mouth! This is a show and there are groups. Thomas can bum dinner off because they have become close since last time. Don’t curse people to death. Didn’t your family teach you how to behave?

[Yeah, it’s not their duty to invite them two to eat. Why should you force something that you can’t do on my idol?

After a meal. Thomas was finally satisfied

At the end of the day, he finally had a full meal

Thomas sighed inwardly. Today’s work has been completed, and I didn’t expect Samantha to make some bread!‘ 

The old lady gave them some flour. Cassandra used it to make some bread

She made 60 loaves of bread and gave Thomas 25 loaves

Take some and put them in your kitchen. Those would cover you for a few days.” 

This dinner tonight was a little offensive to Luna and Jayce. Although she didn’t care about it at all, Amelia and Thomas still needed the attention of 

this circle

Therefore, it was better not to happen in the future because it was hard to explain

Thomas was about to cry with gratitude

[Wow! This is so touching. There’s so much bread, and I saw that 

Samantha gave Thomas some meat.



Chapter 168 

[I saw it too. It’s so nice of Samantha. I’m touched.

EN On 17:25 

[Obviously, Thomas didn’t expect that at all. You can tell it from his reaction. Samantha is so nice.

[At this time, I have to scold the Yates family. What a good girl! How dare you reject her? Asshole!

[You’re being too polite. If it were me, I would say that your family is trash. You don’t deserve my idol! Get out of here!

[There are so many breads. Is Samantha going to let Thomas take the buns for the two boys?

Samantha, you’ve given me too much” 

Who am I to deserve so much?he exclaimed in his heart

Have you forgotten that you have two team members? I guess they didn’t eat much at night. Put some in the kitchen and share some for new members.” 

The phones were returned to them at night. As soon as Thomas put down the bread, he heard the phone ring

Kayden, what’s wrong?” 

At this time, the camera had been turned off

After answering the phone, Thomas couldn’t accept such a fact

What he heard was that Cassandra might be the child of the Yates family. He thought, Then she would be our cousin

It’s impossible. Can the Yates family have such an excellent child

Isn’t she Benjamin’s… 

Is there something wrong with the test?‘ 


Chapter 168 

* 16:45 

When he came up to Cassandra again, Kenneth was also there and they were discussing where to work the next day

Kenneth frowned when he saw Thomas coming over, out of his mind. What are you doing here?” 

Samantha, my grandfather wants to see you. Would you like to go?” 

Cassandra paused and didn’t quite understand what Thomas meant

Thomas seemed to realize that he was a little abrupt. Here’s the thing. My cousin said my grandfather was very excited after seeing you on TV today and mistaken you for someone else

But Grandpa said that you look like my aunt. He is a little inconvenient, so I want you to go over and see him. If he has mistaken you for someone else, let him meet you at least. My cousin and I will apologize to you then.” 

Cassandra was even more confused

Well, who is your cousin?” 

Kenneth said in a deep voice, Kayden.” 

Cassandra said, What a small world.” 

Did he say that?Kenneth couldn’t believe it, wondering, He seldom watches variety shows, so how could he see someone today?‘ 

Thomas said, ……Kayden is at home and watching our show.” 

Kenneth rolled his eyes

Cassandra thought for a while and nodded. Well, I’ll go with you after the recording of this program.” 

Kenneth offered, I’ll go with you.” 

How Death Became My Rebirth by Evelyn Florence ( Cassandra )

How Death Became My Rebirth by Evelyn Florence ( Cassandra )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/20/2024 Native Language: English
How Death Became My Rebirth by Evelyn Florence ( Cassandra ) One could die for many reasons, but it was a whole different story for Cassandra Yates. She died in the hands of her non- biological sister, and she learned how her family gave excuses for her death when Kenneth Zelinski,

How Death Became My Rebirth by Evelyn Florence ( Cassandra )


How Death Became My Rebirth by Evelyn Florence ( Cassandra )



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