How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch ) Chapter 307

How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch ) Chapter 307

Chapter 307 

However, as soon as Vivian finished speaking, she saw the live broadcast in the office

Her eyes were wide e open and she was stunned

Wellhow is that possible?Vivian muttered to herself in disbelief

Gilda is the daughter of the Lynch family

Then I must have offended the person I shouldn’t have!thought Vivian

Vivian was furious and regretted what she had done

Seeing this, Jaydon snapped, Look at what you’ve done. The cooperation with Glory Corporation is so ruined now. Do you know how much money the company will lose?” 

Vivian trembled

But what she was thinking about was not the company’s loss, but Gilda’s. She had offended Gilda. If Gilda wanted to get even with her, it would be as easy as crushing an ant

Mr. Acosta! Daisy did it all by herself. It has nothing to do with me. Now that she’s fired, please calm down” 

Hearing this, Jaydon sighed

What was done was done. Everything was a foregone conclusion. Forget it. You can leave.” 

Vivian was relieved and left the office in disgrace

As soon as she went out, Vivian made a phone call. Prepare some highend gifts. They must be the best ones. I’ll come and get them right away.” 

After hanging up the phone, Vivian didn’t have the mood to work and left the company quickly

Meanwhile, after the signing ceremony, there was a cocktail party arranged by Badford Group

As the most distinguished guests at this cocktail party, Gilda and Jackson naturally enjoyed the highest courtesy

Llandre’s businessmen, big and small, all came to propose a toast to them

Ms. Lynch, you are so impressive. You are successful in business. I really admire you.” 

It is a blessing that Glory Corporation has settled in Llandre. In the future, we need to support each other more in business, Ms. Lynch.” 

We all know Ms. Lynch’s ability, and we hope to cooperate with Glory Corporation.” 

Those people kept flattering Gilda


Chapter 307 

Gilda smiled and drank several glasses of wine

Her cheeks were slightly red. Seeing this, Jackson quickly helped her with a few glasses of wine

At that moment, someone couldn’t help joking

Mr. Moore is such a good partner for Ms. Lynch, which is the icing on the cake. What a happy life!” 

Gilda’s cheeks turned redder

She glanced at Jackson cautiously. Seeing that Jackson didn’t change his mood, she felt a little disappointed. But the next second, Jackson said, It is my honor to be hand in hand with Ms. Lynch.” 

A smile suddenly appeared on Gilda’s face. She pulled Jackson over and whispered, Jackson, I’m tired. Let’s go out for some fresh air,” 

Jackson nodded and greeted the guests around him. Then they slipped out of the party

The fresh air rushed in, and Gilda felt much soberer

She turned around and looked at Jackson

Then she asked, Jackson, would you mind if they said that?” 

Jackson raised his eyebrows and was confused

But after meeting her eyes, he shook his head gently. Actually, what they said is exactly what I thought.” 

Gilda’s heart was pounding, and it became more obvious in this silent space

Jackson looked at her affectionately. He seemed to have a lot of things to say, but in the end, he just said, But Gilly, when can you give me a chance to walk into your heart?” 


How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch )

How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch )

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How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch ) Married for three years, Gilda's life remained untouched by the warmth of intimacy. 

How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch )


How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch )


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