How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch ) Chapter 536

How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch ) Chapter 536

Chapter 536 

Larry said in a deep voice, All right. You can sit down first.” 

Calvin was in a dilemma: He glared at Gilda and had no choice but to sit clown

Gilda left in time. When she closed the door, Larry said, Just do as Jackson told you. You are responsible for this project. Go to Lahti City first.” 

Calvin was unwilling to refuse, but he couldn’t. He grabbed the glass in front of him and drank a sip

Gilda showed a satisfied smile and walked quickly to the elevator

The assistant ran after her and said, Ms. Lynch, did you do anything?” 

Gilda shrugged and said. What can I do? Well, I’m leaving. See you.” 

She smiled secretly with joy

As soon as Gilda entered the elevator, Calvin rushed out of the conference room with his belly covered and looked for the toilet in a panic

After the meeting, Yolanda was the first to rush out and find her. What are you doing? How did Ms. Lynch become Mr. Moore’s assistant?” 

TI can’t stop Ms. Lynch… 

Larry finally came out. He glanced at Calvin’s back and sighed, That girl is always for you.” 

Jackson was in a good mood. He followed behind him and asked, Or else?” 

I’m also on your side. Larry thought for a while and said. If you are willing to give up the fl, I’ll resign from Southland

“Is this favored over the other?Jackson chuckled, I won’t embarrass my father. I can do it myself.” 

Please tell my father not to make things difficult for my mother when he visits Mrs. Harrington.” 

Visit? What do you mean? What did she do to AhHeng!” 

Jackson didn’t say anything. He strode past Larry and left

Yolanda followed, Ms. Lynch is very bold.” 

Jackson didn’t say anything. He asked for her phone and called Gilda

Jackson answered the phone quickly and said in a cheerful voice, Jackson!” 

Jackson smiled and asked, Did you go to the airport?” 

“Yes, how about it? Did Calvin get hurt?” 

You drugged me

It’s just a laxative. He won’t die, so I don’t want to see his glory.Gilda added, Two packs!” 

Jackson smiled even harder, That’s why you came here.” 



He divorced his infertile wife. Five months later, his exwife was pregnant

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Chapter 586 

Of course. He bullied you and Aunt Helen. I have to vent my anger

Thank you, Gilly. I’m very happy.” 

Gilda was overjoyed. After laughing, she said, Jackson, don’t worry. I can stay here alone in Allath.” 

Jackson walked to the window. It was a cloudless day today

Well, I’ll settle the matter as soon as possible.” 

After hanging up the phone, Yolanda stood behind him and said, Mr. Moore has been assigned to take charge of the project in Lahti City this time. It seems to be a step forward, but it is actually a step back. Mr. Foster, if you don’t leave here, the board will definitely vote for you.” 

Jackson was silent for a moment, and his fingers rested on the railing

I’ll stay.” 

But not for a long time.” 

Yolanda was stunned

In Calvin’s office

He looked pale and leaned back in his chair, weak. The female assistant who was going to apply for the job stood beside him, trembling

Who the hell is that woman?” 

His men were terrified, SheShe’s not here to apply for an assistant.” 

You don’t have to tell me. Let me ask you who she is!” 

“I’ve checked it out. It seems to be brought by Mr. Fu!His subordinate handed over the surveillance video. It was Gilda following Jackson into the scene. They were side by side, and their temperaments were particularly similar

How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch )

How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch )

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How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch ) Married for three years, Gilda's life remained untouched by the warmth of intimacy. 

How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch )


How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch )


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