How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch ) Chapter 626

How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch ) Chapter 626

Chapter 626 

Gilda was so surprised that she didn’t expect Jackson to remember all of them

How much is it?” 

The price of more than 20 million dollars was not a small amount

But he thought it was worthwhile. Do you like it?” 

Jackson stared at Gilda with tenderness in his eyes

Like is likeHow much is it?” 

She knows, it must be expensive. Although they were not short of money, it was not an ordinary thing

Jackson took the necklace and leaned down to put it on for her. The price is not a problem, but what you like is the most important.” 

They looked intimate, just like a passionate couple

Jackson put it on for her and turned around. Let Elmer see if it looks good.” 

The gem was huge, and Gilda’s skin was fair. It would look very good if she wore it. Elmer squinted and noticed the hickey below her collarbone. He looked away for a moment

Ms. Lynch is born beautiful and looks good in anything 

Elmer stood up and said, Thank you for your help. I have something else to do. Help yourself.” 

He left in time and closed the door. Marty greeted him. Why do you look so pale? What happened?” 

Tm wearing a mask. Can you tell?” 

Your aura is almost murderous. You don’t need to see it.” Did Ms. Lynch offend you?” 

Elmer didn’t answer. He handed over the gift and said, Put it away

As soon as Marty left, Elmer looked up and met Jensen in the opposite bakery. He sat on the ground like a peeping wolf

Inside the door, Gilda put away the necklace and didn’t want to show off. Why do I think he is not very happy today?” 

Jackson lowered his eyes and thought, Where were we?” 

Selene, you said she was around?” 

When I go back to Frencia this time, I will leave Peterson here to deal with the followup matters and protect you. At least I can guarantee your safety.” 

He was serious and Gilda laughed. I have bodyguards around me, so I don’t need you to keep Peterson here.” 

Jackson poured out the tea and made a new pot. What do you like to drink?” 


I’ll book some and save them here. Maybe I can come back in the future.” 

He changed the subject, but Gilda couldn’t do anything about it. She held her face and watched him wash the tea, rinse the water, make the soup, soak, and rebrew a series of actions. Her fingers and bones were clearly defined, and her technique was smooth, which could be called a visual feast

She took out her phone to take photos and watched the scene repeatedly

Shoot what?” 

As a souvenir, I don’t know when the next time I see you.” 

Jackson couldn’t help laughing

It’s been so many years. Didn’t you say hello to me when you saw me?” 

In the next room, two men with similar height and posture were sitting opposite each other. Jensen took a sip of tea and said. slowly

Looking at them carefully, they were just a little bit similar in appearance. Elmer was cold and unreserved, while Jensen was soft and deep, who had been used to flirting with people in vanity fairs

Twelcome Mr. Harrington to the opening ceremony of the Velvet Cup, and I don’t know anything else.” 

Petals fall on purpose, but water runs mercilessly. You run this teahouse because you resent me.” 

Jensen clenched his fingers under his body with mixed emotions

What do you hate? You and your mother occupy the Harrington family’s nest, or you know that she loves me, but still marry her?” 

Elmer talked about the pain point calmly

Jensen patted the table. “I didn’t know at that time! Plus, something has happened to you….” 

Jensen, I don’t want to investigate the past. It’s boring for you to come here. Elmer interrupted him

Is that so? Then why did you open this teahouse to welcome and send people here? Didn’t you go against me” 

“I want to live.Elmer interrupted again, I’m no longer a policeman.” 

Jensen was stunned


How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch )

How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/9/2024 Native Language: English
How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch ) Married for three years, Gilda's life remained untouched by the warmth of intimacy. 

How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch )


How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch )


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