How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch ) Chapter 635

How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch ) Chapter 635

Chapter 635 

Helen asked, Are you blaming me, Jackson?” 

That’s not what I meant.” 


I have no choice. When thought that he betrayed our marriage and had a child with another woman, I hated him. I hate them repeatedly day and night. I wish they would die. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t even see him 


Helen gritted her teeth and couldn’t help trembling


Jackson knew how hard it was to deal with Helen’s embarrassment for so many years. He held Helen’s hand and said in a tired voice, I see. Let me handle this.” 

I’m sorry. Because of me, you can’t let go and do what you want to do. Now that you can’t control the fl, there is no way to reunite with Gilda.Helen looked at him and felt guilty

She knew that her son’s career and relationship had been hard these years

Larry was right about one thing

If the two love each other for a long time, they won’t stay together day and night.Jackson stood up and said, Gilda is not a petty person.” 

Back in the bedroom, he took a shower and called back Gilda’s video

It was daytime, and Allath was in the car. Have you had dinner?” 

I’ve had a working meal.Jackson looked at her on the phone and asked, Where are you going?” 

There is a job outside.” Gilda prevaricated and leaned closer to the camera, I just put on makeup. Does it look 


Goodlooking, good spirit.He had a smile on his lips

Gilda didn’t see any emotional problems. She seemed not to be affected by the text message and had no 

intention of telling him about it

Go to sleep. It’s getting late, Frencia. Have a good rest.” 

Jackson didn’t know it. After hanging up the phone, Jeffrey came over with a joke and said, Why don’t you tell 

Chapter 635 

him that you are going back to Frencia? I also learned to make surprises.” 

The car was driving in the direction of the airport

Gilda said angrily, Don’t talk nonsense. I made time to go home with you to see grandpa.” 

Jeffrey laughed louder, If Jackson was not here, would you agree to go back with me so quickly?” 

That’s enough.Gilda covered his mouth and said, It’s all your fault for coming to see me. It makes heart 



It was the end of the year, and most projects had been completed. Gilda almost dealt with them, so she left with 


It’s also the airport

Calvin stepped on the private plane. The woman saw him off and cried, You’ve never been to places like Allath. You will endure hardships!” 

Worried?Calvin smiled and wiped her tears, Take care of yourself. What can happen to me as a man?” 

Finally, she was taken away by her assistant

As soon as she turned around, Calvin’s smile disappeared. He called her in disgust and said, Give me a sum of 


Receiving the reply, he unplugged his phone card and inserted a new one

The aircraft took off

When he landed in Allath, a man dressed in business clothes stood at the exit. Mr. Moore, I’m your assistant during my stay in Allath. My surname is Wilson.” 


They walked out of the VIP channel together. Calvin said angrily, Help me find someone named Gilda.

Ms. Lynch from Glory Corporation?Bunsen blurted out

Do you know each other?

Everyone in Allath knows Gilda. She is good at handling several big projects.” 

Calvin stood still and looked at her playfully, That’s interesting.” 

He stood with his back to him, unaware that two young men and women were passing by. The woman’s face was

bright and vigorous

Wait for me, Matthias.” 

How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch )

How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch )

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How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch ) Married for three years, Gilda's life remained untouched by the warmth of intimacy. 

How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch )


How My Ex Became My Next by Kirk Stanley ( Gilda Lynch )


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