I Love You Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard ) CHAPTER 374

I Love You Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard ) CHAPTER 374

Chapter 374 


Alfie gasped and exclaimed, Whoa! I would have never expected Bonnie to be the nation’s leading researcher! She’s Ms. Bonita? Well, I’m proud to be her fellow student.” 

I agree with you wholeheartedly.” 

Me, too!” 

Me, three!” 

Meanwhile, Bonnie looked into the rearview mirror and noticed several cars tailing Jim’s. ” 


What’s wrong?Jim asked puzzlingly

Bonnie lifted her chin at the rearview mirror and asked, Do you notice the cars tailing us?” 

I did, but I thought it was just a coincidence.” 

After some thought, Bonnie pointed at a nearby alley and said, Turn here. Usually, no one passes through it. We’ll know if they’re following us if they turn in, too.” 

You got it.Jim was eager to see who was foolish enough to try something funny with them. Now that he thought about it, it had been a while since he punched someone

A white car followed Jim, and the driver told Trystan, who was in the backseat, They turned into the alley. Should I keep following?” 

Obviously, you idiot! That bitch ruined my family business. I want to show her that she messed with the wrong guy!Trystan was furious when he recalled his boxing club turning to dust

Jim looked into the rearview mirror and said, Yep, they’re following us.” 

Bonnie rubbed her chin and analyzed the situation. It’s probably Trystan and his gang.” 

The white car sped up a moment later and motioned to ram into Jim’s car. It seemed they were going for the kill in the isolated alley. However, Jim had prepared for it. He swerved his car at the last second and avoided the white car

Suddenly, six cars surrounded Jim and blocked all possible escape routes. Trystan’s gang exited their vehicles and closed on Jim’s. They were even holding weapons

Trystan barked, I’ll count to three, and then we’ll smash your car if you don’t get out now!” 

The driver’s side door swung open, and Trystan froze when he saw Jim. Although ordinary 

Chapter 374 


folks might not recognize the latter, he was a boxing club owner. Naturally, Trystan knew who the King of Combat was

MMaster Jim!Trystan was so stunned that he stuttered. Even his gang looked like they had just seen a ghost

In the flesh,Jim responded. Then, he cracked his neck and knuckles, ready to kick some 


Trystan was terrified as he stammered again, IIt was all a misunderstanding, Master Jim!” 

A misunderstanding, huh?Jim looked around and said, You’re all armed and tried to ram into my car. You’ve even surrounded me. How is it a misunderstanding? Do I look like a fool to you?” 

NNot at all, sir! It was an honest misunderstanding. We got the wrong person. YYou’re not the one we’re looking for!Trystan slapped one of his guys. You idiot! You told me she was in this fucking car, didn’t you?!” 

Trystan slapped the guy so hard that the latter felt dizzy. Feeling helpless and mistreated, the guy said, I didn’t get it wrong. I saw her getting into this car, and we’ve been tailing 

her ever since

Come on, you know I’m better than that. I’ve never made such a rookie mistake. I swear I saw her entering this car.” 

Trystan knew his guy well. However, the former panicked even more after hearing what the guy said. Trystan slowly turned and looked at the car’s backseat

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I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard )

I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/23/2024 Native Language: English
I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard ) Bonnie Shepard, a country girl, is the talk of the town. Rumors say she's a loser who loves fighting and fooling around.Her fiancé dumps her, and the esteemed Knight family distances themselves, causing the Shepards no small embarrassment..

I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard )

Chapter 1 It was the middle of summer. Inside the Shepard Villa, a young woman sat on an expensive leather sofa, lazily enjoying her bubblegum. Her flawless skin seemed to glisten under the sunlight. She was as beautiful as a work of art. She puffed and blew a bubble even larger than her face. "Bonnie’s just not good enough for me, okay? I'm canceling the wedding!" The man standing in the doorway threw the young woman a disgusted look. Bonnie's mother, Vera Shepard, was alarmed.
I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard )


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