I Love You Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard ) CHAPTER 377

I Love You Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard ) CHAPTER 377

Chapter 377 

Of course, Mr. Ivor. I sent someone to watch the film set. I’ll tell you when Bonnie goes 


Good job, Floyd.” 


The following day, the director invited Bonnie to ask about the open casting. Since she was the novel’s author, and the characters were hers, Bonnie would be lying if she said she did not care about the casting. Naturally, she agreed to meet him

That afternoon, she went to the film set and bumped into someone from her past. Trina was as surprised as Bonnie. Moreover, the former had a bad feeling about their chance encounter

After some thought, Trina approached her former stepsister and asked, Are you here for the female lead role, too, Bonnie?” 

I probably won’t stand a chance if Bonnie’s also after the lead role. She’s just too beautiful

after all.‘ 

No, I’m not,Bonnie replied dryly

Oh, are you just trying to catch me off guard?Trina did not believe Bonnie because the open casting for the female lead role was today. She thought it could not be a coincidence that she ran into Bonnie now

Bonnie hated it whenever people doubted her. She smirked and said, You got me there. I’m 

here for the audition.” 

Damn it! She’s here for the lead role, after all!” 

Trina began to panic as she asked, Aren’t you already rich? You don’t need this role, do you?” 

Bonnie replied indifferently, That’s none of your business.” 

She turned and left immediately after, unwilling to waste a second more on Trina. The latter gritted her teeth and chased after Bonnie, saying, Bonnie, this role is huge for me. It’ll help my future. Can you please skip the audition?” 

Bonnie stopped and casually looked at Trina. I thought I was clear about it, Trina. We’re strangers to each other, even if we cross paths. If you’re going to keep bugging me, I’ll get you kicked out of Pyralis University again. Then, your future will be utterly ruined.” 

Chapter 197 

Her words were so intimidating that Trina paled

Bonnie continued to walk away, ignoring her former stepsister. Soon after, Bonnie anw Nancy approaching Nancy offered Bonnte a cup of bubble tea and said, Mr. Orpheus told me you love bubble tea, so I bought you one. I hope you like it, Ms. Bonnie” 

Bonnie took the bubble tea and saw the guilt in Nancy’s eyes 

Nancy must’ve waited for me here for a long time.” 

Noticing Bonnie’s silence, Nancy explained, Ththe bubble tea is fine, I swear! I can take a sip if you don’t believe me

As she motioned to do it, Bonnie stopped her and said, I thought you said you bought it for me. I can’t drink it once you’ve sipped it, right?” 

Nancy became mistyeyed. She stammered, Ththank you.” 

You have it backward, Nancy. I should be thanking you for the drink. Thanks for being so thoughtful,Bonnie responded warmly

Nancy was moved when she saw how friendly Bonnie was. Then, the former noticed Trina glaring at Bonnie and asked, Do you know that lady over there, Ms. Bonnie?” 

Bonnie did not have to turn around to know who Nancy was referring to. She said, Sheone of the Shepards. Her name’s Trina 

Nancy’s eyes widened with shock when she heard that

I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard )

I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/23/2024 Native Language: English
I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard ) Bonnie Shepard, a country girl, is the talk of the town. Rumors say she's a loser who loves fighting and fooling around.Her fiancé dumps her, and the esteemed Knight family distances themselves, causing the Shepards no small embarrassment..

I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard )

Chapter 1 It was the middle of summer. Inside the Shepard Villa, a young woman sat on an expensive leather sofa, lazily enjoying her bubblegum. Her flawless skin seemed to glisten under the sunlight. She was as beautiful as a work of art. She puffed and blew a bubble even larger than her face. "Bonnie’s just not good enough for me, okay? I'm canceling the wedding!" The man standing in the doorway threw the young woman a disgusted look. Bonnie's mother, Vera Shepard, was alarmed.
I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard )


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