I Love You Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard ) CHAPTER 399

I Love You Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard ) CHAPTER 399

Chapter 399 

At the next moment, Bonnie’s eyes widened with rage. She asked coldly, Are you tricking me?” 

Ivor panicked when he saw her reaction. I was just trying to spook you.” 

Bonnie huffed and balled her fists. After a couple of seconds of silence, she shoved him aside 

aggressively. “I can’t stand it when people lie to my face.” 

I’m sorry. I was just-” 

That’s enough. I don’t want to hear it. Do you think it’s funny trying to play me for a fool? Well, I think it’s 


Slipping out of bed, she straightened up her swimsuit and left without glancing at him

Bonnie!He panted lightly, took off after her, and held her waist

I know I’m childish. I shouldn’t have resorted to getting your love and concern this way. Now that I think about it, I realize it’s childish and something I’d never have done normally. I’ve no idea why I did 

something like this. Perhaps being in love does mean acting like a fool.” 

Let me go.She said with a blank expression

Instead of doing what she said, he wrapped his arms around her waist tighter

I would’ve been pissed off if I were you too. After all, I shouldn’t toy with something like this. Isn’t it true that what matters is that we learn from our mistakes? Please forgive me, Bonnie. Give me one more 

chance. I swear, I won’t do something like this ever again.” 

However, she was pissed off right now. So, all she wanted was some privacy and silence

I won’t repeat myself. Let me go. Otherwise, you won’t see me again

It felt as if someone had stabbed him in the heart, and the blood in his veins was frozen. Even his breaths 

grew weaker

Is this how it feels to break up with the lady you love?” 

I’m going to count to three. One!” 

He let go of her immediately, not willing to risk it

Then, she left the villa without so much as a glance at him. He watched as she went and couldn’t help but 

feel disheartened

Buzz buzz buzzGed was calling him

Ged hit him with a barrage of questions when he answered the phone

How did it go, Ivor? Did you manage to win her heart? Hahaha! I know I’m right! If you want to win a lady’s heart, you’ll have to sleep with her. She’ll give it to you after that. You don’t even have to ask

Chapte: 395 

Don’t you think you owe me a big one? How about some reward for your matchmaker?” 

He said a lot. Then, he realized Ivor was eerily quiet

vor? Why aren’t you saying anything

Hello? Can you hear me


She broke up with me.It was a brief response, but it was enough to silence Ged

He didn’t find his voice until after a long time. Break up? Are you sure that’s the right word? You guys weren’t even a couple in the first place.” 

He intended it as a joke to liven up the conversation. The next thing he knew, he felt Ivor’s signature 

coldness through the phone

Ahem! That was just a joke. Let’s get serious now. What on earth happened? Did you do everything like I said? It should’ve worked. How did it backfire on you?” 

Ivor took a deep breath. His face was grim, and his eyes were filled with misery

Stay put. I’ll be there in a minute.Ged hung up the phone and rushed over to his friend’s side


I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard )

I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/23/2024 Native Language: English
I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard ) Bonnie Shepard, a country girl, is the talk of the town. Rumors say she's a loser who loves fighting and fooling around.Her fiancé dumps her, and the esteemed Knight family distances themselves, causing the Shepards no small embarrassment..

I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard )

Chapter 1 It was the middle of summer. Inside the Shepard Villa, a young woman sat on an expensive leather sofa, lazily enjoying her bubblegum. Her flawless skin seemed to glisten under the sunlight. She was as beautiful as a work of art. She puffed and blew a bubble even larger than her face. "Bonnie’s just not good enough for me, okay? I'm canceling the wedding!" The man standing in the doorway threw the young woman a disgusted look. Bonnie's mother, Vera Shepard, was alarmed.
I Love You, Miss Genius ( Bonnie Shepard )


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