Ice-Cold Ceo Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward ) Chapter 288

Ice-Cold Ceo Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward ) Chapter 288

Chapter 288 

Okay, okay.Alexander and Judith were so excited that their eyes turned red, and it looked like they were about to start crying

Susan felt a bit awkward and quickly said, Please don’t cry yet.” 

Judith wiped away her tears and said, We won’t cry, we won’t cry. You’re such a kind child.” 

She thought she hadn’t really done anything particularly kind, but seeing Alexander and Judith like this, she knew that she was probably their daughter after all

Susan sighed, feeling a bit complicated

As everyone sat down in the Landor residence, Judith looked at Susan with eager eyes

Alexander and Eason’s gaze was not as intense, but still extremely burning

Feeling a bit uncomfortable under their intense 

to them

gaze, Susan poured a cup of coffee and tried to hand it 

But Judith quickly took it and said, You’re not feeling well. You shouldn’t be pouring coffee for us.” 

Susan smiled and said, I’m not that delicate.” 

She tried to pour again, but Alexander rushed to stop her

Susan was surprised by his dramatic behavior

Eason also earnestly said, Sister, please sit and rest. We don’t deserve to have coffee poured by you

We’ll do it ourselves.” 

Susan was speechless

But Judith gave Eason an approving gaze


Feeling helpless, Jusum 

The room fell silent at her question

Everyone from the Nicholas family seemed unsure of how to speak

Susan looked at them and said, Just tell me what’s on your mind.” 

Susan, II actuallyJudith tried to say something but couldn’t bring herself to finish the sentence

She looked at Susan’s pale face and felt a pang of heartache

If it weren’t for her mistaking the identity of her daughter, how could Carl have borrowed the Nicholas family’s power to force Susan to give blood

She had been forced to donate blood by the Miller family since she was a child

Susan, who had finally escaped that fate by marrying a reliable husband, was once again forced to 

donate blood

Her body had never fully recovered, and it was all because of them

How could Judith face her daughter and ask her to come back to them

After all, Susan had been living a good life

The appearance of her biological parents actually brought calamity upon her instead

Unable to speak, Judith could only wipe away her tears and lower her head

Alexander hugged Judith’s trembling shoulders and took a deep breath before saying, Susan, you probably already guessed it. Youyou’re not Carl’s biological child. You’re my child.” 

Ben had told her. 

Susan had already anticipated this and remained silent



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Chapter 288 

She lowered her head in silence

Susan,Alexander said, In the last few days, I went to the hospital where your mother gave birth, and after an indepth investigation, I have probably figured out what happened back then.” 

Susan trembled slightly. She was indeed quite curious about what happened back then

Judith and Eason couldn’t help but look at Alexander

Judith was completely unaware, and while Eason knew that Alexander had been investigating, he didn’t 

know the details

Alexander pressed down the pain in his heart and continued, “Carl and Jane said that they found the child by the roadside, but that was a lie

Back then, Jane and Judith gave birth in the same hospital.” 

Judith trembled and looked suddenly at Alexander

Alexander tightly held her hand and said, Susan and Yana were born on the same day. However, when- Yana was born, she was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. Jane caused a scene at the hospital because of this. People with this condition cannot get injured or bleed, and if they do, they need immediate blood transfusions. It’s manageable for most people, but Yana has a very rare blood type. The Miller family was not wealthy at the time and couldn’t afford to find a suitable blood source for her.” 

Susan pressed her lips, already having guessed the whole story

She thought, How ridiculous. I have lived my first half of life so ridiculously.” 

And then?Judith asked, trembling

Alexander hugged her tightly before continuing, At that time, Judith was in the emergency room, which was not far from Jane’s delivery room. She must have heard the nurses say that Judith had the 

same special blood type as her. She couldn’t help but wonder if Judith had passed on the blood type to her daughter as well. So, she had Carl steal Judith’s child.” 

Tears streamed down Judith’s face



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Emergency calls 

Chapter 288 

She felt a deep sense of hatred welling up inside her

She had treated Yana as her own daughter and treated Jane as a benefactor

These past few days, she had felt a strange sense of distance from Yana

But she had believed she had taken good care of them. 

The result was that these two were nothing but big liars

They had made her biological child suffer for so many years

Now, they wanted to take her identity

Judith thought they were so shameless

Susan.Alexander looked at Susan anxiously. Youyou’re the child that was stolen, the daughter we’ve been searching for over twenty years.” 

Susan listened and then fell silent

Susanwhat do you think?Alexander was getting anxious

Susan looked up and said calmly, I understand.” 

Then, there was no more to be said

The members of the Nicholas family were stunned

Judith grabbed Susan’s hand, tears in her eyes. Susan, it was foolish of Mom to be deceived by such despicable people and let you suffer for so many years. Please, Mom is begging you, come back with us. If you come back with us, Mom will do everything to make it up to you, and never let you suffer again.” 

Alexander also said, Susan, come back with us, and you’ll be the most respected princess in Tonico! All the people of Tonico will love and respect you just like they do us.” 

Ben frowned slightly, feeling a bit nervous



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Chapter 288 

He thought, Alexander hasn’t mentioned that he wants to take Susan back to Tonico

If I had known, I wouldn’t have cooperated with his ploy.” 

Susan glanced at Ben, then suddenly smiled

She held Ben’s hand

Ben looked at her and suddenly felt at ease

Susan turned to Alexander and said calmly, I’m sorry, but I can’t go back to Tonico with you. I have my own life here. A princessstatus is not enough for me to give up everything I cherish.” 

Then she looked at Judith, As for your offer of compensation, I don’t need it. All the suffering I’ve endured for over twenty years has already been compensated by someone else.” 

As she spoke, her gaze softened

Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward )

Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/25/2024 Native Language: English
Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward ) A decade ago, the mastermind behind the Storm Group suddenly passed away, leaving his son, Edward Landor, to take the reins at the tender age of 18. Over ten years, Edward transformed the then-mediocre Storm Group into one of the world's leading financial powerhouses. Rumor had it that Edward was capricious and ruthlessly cruel, with a dark reputation for being a wife's worst nightmare.

Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald

Susian Miller, accustomed to tolerating misfortunes quietly, led a starkly different life compared to her fraternal twin sister, whose appearance and experiences couldn't be more divergent from hers. Not only was she the perpetual blood supply for her sister, More Read

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