Ice-Cold Ceo Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward ) Chapter 296

Ice-Cold Ceo Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward ) Chapter 296

Chapter 296 

The police did not say a word but simply placed a letter and a necklace in front of Susan

Susan pressed her lips and unfolded the letter to read it

The letter was very short

The handwriting was indeed Jane’s, but it became increasingly blurry towards the end. Evidently, by that time, Jane had already taken sleeping pills

The letter read: [I’m about to die. I’ve lost my husband and my daughter, and I have a huge debt waiting 

for me Living has become meaningless. Farewell, world.

Ben also read the letter and furrowed his brow. There doesn’t seem to be anything suspicious about 

the suicide note.” 

The police officer agreed, saying, Yes, based on the letter alone, it does seem like a clear case of 

suicide. But the strange thing is, she was clutching this necklace in her hand.” 

Susan looked at the necklace, her expression slightly dazed

The police officer said, Take a look at this necklace.” 

Susan didn’t move. She closed her eyes and slowly opened them again. No need to look. The necklace is engraved with the word Sus.’ This necklace was a birthday gift from Jane to me in 2013. At that time, I had been giving blood continuously for five years, and I didn’t want to be a blood bag anymore. I packed my luggage and planned to leave quietly. I had planned for several days to leave on my birthday, taking advantage of everyone’s attention being on Yana. But on my birthday, Jane did something unprecedented and gave me a gift. It was this necklace. My name was also engraved on it. I thought perhaps my parents still loved me. From then on, I never thought about escaping again.” 

Later on, she married Ben and didn’t bring anything related to the Miller family with her

This necklace remained there




Chapter 296 

The police officer said, So, this necklace was a birthday gift from Jane. The message behind this necklace seems quite obvious. Jane held onto it before her death, perhaps trying to convey 


Susan lowered her gaze. I don’t know why she did this. But her death has nothing to do with me.” 

But if Jane was murdered, you do have a strong motive.” 

Susan pressed her lips. I’ll cooperate with any investigation.” 

Susan’s attitude was good, and the police felt relieved. As someone with her background, if she caused trouble, it wouldn’t be easy for them

This case was destined to be investigated secretly

After all, the King and Queen of Tonico were still in the country. If they accused their daughter of being a murderer, it would be embarrassing for them

Everyone hoped the investigation would not link back to Susan.. 

Otherwise, it would be troublesome

The questioning ended

Ben and Susan returned home

Susan’s expression seemed even more distant

Ben held her hand. What’s false cannot become true. Jane’s death originally had nothing to do with 


Susan gave a bitter smile, saying, I’m not worried about that. If I didn’t do it, they can’t fabricate 

evidence out of thin air. I’m just feeling a bit sentimental for a moment.” 

Carl was imprisoned

Jane’s death remained unclear


Chapter 296 

Yana and the child’s whereabouts were unknown

They were once considered her closest family

Now, they had fallen into such a situation, making Susan’s emotions understandably complicated

Carl’s imprisonment didn’t stir her emotions too much.. 

After all, Carl had tried to kill her first, and his imprisonment was the consequence of the law

Susan believed that she had no regrets

But Jane died just like that

Susan couldn’t remain calm anymore

If Jane’s death was a suicide, then she had a connection to it as well since she played a role in Jane’s 


But if it was a murder, then she had a feeling that the killer might have been after her as well

While Jane was disliked, in the eyes of the law, her crime did not warrant death

Yet she had died

Suddenly, Susan couldn’t find the words to speak, feeling guilty and fretful

Seeing Susan like this, Ben couldn’t help but comfort her while running his fingers through her hair, Don’t think about it, don’t think about it.” 

The next day, there was a new development

Ben and Susan went to the police station again

Mr. Landor, we’re here to inquire about you today.The chief cut to the chase and placed a photo in front of Ben. Do you recognize this person?” 


Chapter 296 

Ben looked at the photo and furrowed his brows slightly. I don’t know him.” 

Although you may not know him, according to our investigation, he was a security guard under the 

Storm Group.” 


Ben raised his head and realized something

And based on the footage from the villa’s surveillance cameras, he entered the villa before Jane died. Two hours later, he left. Since then, Jane never left the villa. If Jane was murdered, then he is our primary suspect. We immediately started investigating him, but when we found himhe had already 

committed suicide.” 

Ben didn’t know what to say

Everything was pieced together

Jane couldn’t have committed suicide

She must have been murdered. Her death was planned from the start. It was a setup

The setup was for the purpose of targeting him and Susan

Mr. Landor, under the current situation, you and Susan have had conflicts and motives against Jane. Not to mention, you both have the ability to carry out such an act. Furthermore, that person didn’t know Jane, so why did he need to enter the villa and kill Jane? And why did he commit suicide when we 

found him?” 

The chief sighed, saying, Mr. Landor, I have to say, your and Ms. Miller’s suspicion is growing. We have reason to suspect that you hired someone to kill Jane and make it look like a suicide in an attempt to 

cover up your tracks.” 

The police also didn’t want to make such accusations, but the existing evidence only pointed to Ben 

and Susan, so they had to speculate

Ben remained calm. In reality, if I wanted to take her down, I had the means to make her wish she was 

dead. There was no need to resort to such crude methods.” 


Chapter 296 

The chief forced out a bitter chuckle, saying, I understand that. But all evidence points in that direction. We will have to consider you and Susan as suspects. Mr. Landor, I apologize, but for the next few days, we may have to keep you both under surveillance. Please stay at home and wait for further investigation.” 

The police were just doing their job

Ben and Susan didn’t give him a hard time and cooperated, nodding in agreement

As he watched Ben and Susan leave, the chief let out another sigh

He also believed that Ben and Susan had nothing to do with the case.. 

After all, Ben had many ways to deal with Jane without resorting to murder

But the evidence was pointing in their direction

If the police couldn’t find conclusive evidence to prove their innocence, then this case would become 


Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward )

Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward )

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Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward ) A decade ago, the mastermind behind the Storm Group suddenly passed away, leaving his son, Edward Landor, to take the reins at the tender age of 18. Over ten years, Edward transformed the then-mediocre Storm Group into one of the world's leading financial powerhouses. Rumor had it that Edward was capricious and ruthlessly cruel, with a dark reputation for being a wife's worst nightmare.

Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald

Susian Miller, accustomed to tolerating misfortunes quietly, led a starkly different life compared to her fraternal twin sister, whose appearance and experiences couldn't be more divergent from hers. Not only was she the perpetual blood supply for her sister, More Read

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