Ice-Cold Ceo Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward ) Chapter 309

Ice-Cold Ceo Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward ) Chapter 309

Chapter 309 

Carrying a heavy heart, Susan, weighed down by guilt, spent a long time caring for Penny at the hospital before she finally left

Okay, let it go,Ben comforted, softly tousling her hair. We’ll find a way to make it right with her. That’s what counts.” 

Yeah,Susan agreed, attempting to sound more upbeat. I’m the reason she injured her leg. Ben, I see now that I’ve been too smallminded. Going forward, I’m going to be genuinely kind to her.” 

Ben nodded but didn’t say much

He kept his suspicions to himself

Everything would wait until the investigation results were in

Penny was hospitalized for a few days

During this time, Judith and Susan made several trips to the hospital

Ben also spent these days thoroughly investigating the matter

To his surprise, the incident wasn’t a selfstaged drama by Penny

He looked into the owner of the red car involved

A man who had spent his whole life in Coraland, making any ties to Penny pretty much a long shot

Moreover, the surveillance footage showed that the crash was caused by a sudden argument between 

the couple in the car. In anger, the man drove recklessly, and unexpectedly, the brakes failed, leading to 

the accident

If it was intentional, the argument beforehand seemed unnecessary

Moreover, the brake failure was indeed confirmed upon inspection


Chapter 30s 

Considering all other details, Ben believed it was truly an accident

So, Penny really did save Susan

Once everything was clear, even Ben felt a sense of gratitude toward Penny

Without Penny stepping in, who knew where Susan might have ended up

While Penny might have had her own reasons for rescuing Susan, the fact remained that she saved her 


Ben thought to himself, By saving Susan, Penny also saved me

He and his wife truly owed Penny a great debt

The Beef Broth is ready. I’ll take it to the hospital,” said Susan, carefully placing the soup in a thermos

Okay, I’ll come with you,Ben responded

Susan looked at him, slightly puzzled

Ben looked puzzled. Why are you staring at me like that?

Susan arched an eyebrow. Don’t play dumb. The last time I talked about going to the hospital, your 

didn’t object, but you sounded pretty indifferent. Now, you actually sound concerned.” 

Just as Ben understood her, Susan was also attuned to his emotional shifts

Ben couldn’t help but laugh. You can even pick up on that.” 

Of course,” Susan said, lifting her head slightly

Ben spoke candidly, I had someone investigate the incident thoroughly, and it truly was an accident.” 

“It was always an accident,Susan said, then suddenly realizing something, she looked at Ben sharply. Did you initially suspect it was premeditated 


Chapter 309 


Piecing this together with Ben’s response, Susan got it. You think Penny orchestrated the whole accident? Isn’t that kind of farfetched? I mean, if the car had veered just a bit more, she could’ve been crippled.” 

Ben sighed, somewhat resigned. “Maybe I think too ill of people.” 

Susan understood Ben’s concerns and sighed. This time, Penny really saved my life. I don’t know how to repay her.” 

Take your time. There will be an opportunity,Ben reassured her

Susan nodded firmly

When they arrived at the hospital, Judith was also there

Susan passed the Beef Broth to Judith, who then helped Penny with her meal

Penny quietly had her meal and then turned her gaze toward Susan

Susan, you seem very serious today,she observed

Susan forced a smile, not revealing her guilt over Ben’s previous suspicions about Penny

Judith patted Susan’s hand. Susan, don’t overthink it. The driver has been punished; it was just an 


Yes, I’m really fine. I’ll be walking around as soon as the stitches are removed,Penny said with a smile

Penny’s warm smile only intensified Susan’s guilt

Penny sighed

She looked at Judith and Ben. Susan seems troubled. How about I talk to her alone?” 

Ben glanced at Susan.. 

Susan nodded slightly


Chapter 309 

Judith stood up and let out a sigh. I’ll leave you two to talk then.” 

Judith and Ben left, closing the door behind them

Penny looked at Susan with a knowing gaze. Did Mr. Landor always suspect that I orchestrated the accident?” 

Caught by Penny’s words, Susan felt even more guilty. He was just being overly cautious.” 

Penny smiled, Susan, it’s okay. With Mr. Landor’s status, he wouldn’t survive if he weren’t cautious. I don’t mind at all.” 

The more Penny said this, the more awkward Susan felt

Penny’s gaze flickered, and she spoke softly, Susan, you don’t need to feel bad about it. Actually, there’s something I need to tell you.” 

Susan was momentarily stunned, then quickly responded, What is it? Just tell me.” 

Penny asked gently, Have you met Eason before our parents came to Coraland?” 

Susan was caught off guard by Penny’s abrupt shift in conversation. After a brief pause, she answered, Yes, he had visited me earlier. He said I reminded him of his sister and even took a hair sample for

DNA test.” 

Penny lowered her head, her face slightly pale

What’s wrong?Susan asked, puzzled

Penny’s voice was low and small, Susan, I’m sorry. II did something wrong.” 

Susan looked surprised, then quickly said, You don’t need to bring up what happened that night anymore.” 

Penny looked up, her eyes brimming with hope; It’s not about what happened that night.” 

What is it then?Susan was somewhat confused


Chapter 309 

Penny pursed her lips, speaking cautiously, Actually. By then, Eason had already received the test results. The report showed that you and he are biological siblings.” 

Susan nodded, still unclear about what Penny was trying to say

Penny gritted her teeth, her face turning even paler, Back then, Eason mysteriously lost his memory. It was meI secretly kept the test results to myself and erased the memo from his phone. And when I realized Yana was a fraud, I didn’t say a word. I knew she didn’t have what it takes to overshadow the love our parents had for me. But you, you’re different, more capable, and you’ve got a husband like Ben. I couldn’t risk you coming back to the Nicholas family. I was terrified they’d abandon me if they found. their real daughter.” 

Tears clouding her vision, Penny gazed at Susan and said, I’m sorry. I was justreally scared. Since I was five, the Nicholas family has been my whole world. The mere thought of losing them someday filled me with such dread, it made me do all sorts of crazy things.” 

As she spoke, tears began to stream down Penny’s face, and she covered it with her hands. I’ve made so many mistakes, I don’t deserve to be our parentsdaughter or a part of the family. Saving you was just my way of trying to make things right. Losing a leg is a small price to pay for all the wrongs I’ve committed. You don’t have to thank me. Even if it meant losing a leg or my life, it’s the least I could do.” 

Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward )

Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward )

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Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward ) A decade ago, the mastermind behind the Storm Group suddenly passed away, leaving his son, Edward Landor, to take the reins at the tender age of 18. Over ten years, Edward transformed the then-mediocre Storm Group into one of the world's leading financial powerhouses. Rumor had it that Edward was capricious and ruthlessly cruel, with a dark reputation for being a wife's worst nightmare.

Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald

Susian Miller, accustomed to tolerating misfortunes quietly, led a starkly different life compared to her fraternal twin sister, whose appearance and experiences couldn't be more divergent from hers. Not only was she the perpetual blood supply for her sister, More Read

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