Ice-Cold Ceo Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward ) Chapter 318

Ice-Cold Ceo Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward ) Chapter 318

Chapter 318 

After a while… 

Ben received a call from Thomas

Thomas was so excited that his voice trembled

Ben, you’re my savior!” 

Hearing this, Ben was speechless

Thomas said excitedly. Thanks to your advice, Theresa has agreed to date me.” 

Ben was at a loss for words

How could he not know what idea he had come up with

Meanwhile, Thomas kept expressing his gratitude profusely

Ben replied coolly, No need to thank me, it was nothing.” 

But Thomas’s gratitude intensified, and he went on, Finding someone experienced like you was the right choice. If you ever quit being a CEO, you could totally start a class teaching how to woo girls.” 

You flatter me,Ben replied

No, no, you deserve the praise.Thomas continued with his flowery words

Eventually, he said, You should’ve seen me today. I cooked noodles for Theresa at her place, and she was so moved that she practically begged to be my girlfriend. I had to reluctantly agree after a great deal of persuasion.” 

After boasting, Thomas hung up

Ben was left bewildered


Chapter 318 

How could he successfully pursue her

Ben mused to himself, Do I really have such a talent?” 

In the evening… 

Ben and Susan were heading home together

As soon as they got in the car, they said at the same time, Thomas and Theresa are together.” 

They exchanged a glance

Susan asked, Did you know? Can you free up some time tomorrow?” 

Tomorrow?Ben was momentarily taken aback. I can get some time. What’s up?” 

You don’t know?Susan said, Theresa said that she and Thomas are going to sign a dating contract. She wants us to witness it.” 

A dating contract?Ben was somewhat perplexed

Susan then briefly explained the contents of this contract.. 

Recalling Thomas’s exaggerated boasts from their earlier phone conversation, Ben couldn’t help but

burst into laughter

What are you laughing at?Susan asked, somewhat puzzled

Nothing,Ben replied coolly. I just remembered something amusing.” 

Susan gave him a perplexed look but didn’t inquire further

The next day… 

Thomas got up before dawn and dressed meticulously, ready for his big day

Once he felt that it was the appropriate time, he left his house


Emergency calls ʊnny 

Chapter 318 

Going to the Austin residence again?Mrs. Smith asked with a smile

Not today. I’m meeting Theresa for a date,Thomas replied, brimming with pride

At that, Mrs. Smith’s eyes lit up. She agreed to go out with you?” 

Thomas said, After today, we’ll officially be boyfriend and girlfriend.” 

As for the threemonth deadline… 

Thomas didn’t take it to heart at all

He was confident that he could extend the contract forever

Good, good, go on then,Mrs. Smith said excitedly, shooing him out

In the end, Thomas was driven out of the house

At the agreedupon café… 

Thomas arrived an hour early

But Theresa hadn’t arrived yet

Thomas ordered some food first and then waited there with a happy expression. 

About 30 minutes later, Theresa arrived

She had even arrived in advance, so she didn’t expect Thomas to arrive earlier than her

She couldn’t help but be stunned. So early?” 

Thomas grinned and said, It’s our first date, so I had to be early. Theresa, do you have the contract ready? I can sign it anytime.” 

Just wait a moment,she said


Chapter 318 

Thomas wondered, Wait a minute?‘ 

Then Theresa stood up and waved towards the entrance. Susan, over here.” 

At that moment, a bad feeling crept into Thomas’s heart

He turned to see Ben looking at him with a halfsmile

Then, Susan and Ben joined them at the table

Ben raised an eyebrow, asking, Crying and begging? You had to refuse several times?” 


Susan and Theresalooked at each other blankly. They didn’t know what Ben was talking about

Thomas’s face went pale

Thomas quickly tried to defuse the situation. It’s all a misunderstanding, Ben. What would you like to drink? I’ll order for you.” 

He desperately signaled Ben with his eyes

Ben smiled and didn’t press Thomas further, smoothly changing the subject

At that moment, Theresa took out a contract and said, Thomas, to ensure that this contract is enforced, I specifically asked Susan and Mr. Landor to be our witnesses.” 

Her serious demeanor made Thomas equally earnest. Okay.” 

Please review the contract, and if there’s any issue, feel free to bring it up.She then handed him the 


Thomas read through it carefully

The contract essentially contained three terms


Emergency calls only 

Chapter 318 

  1. During the relationship, intimate actions are limited to holding hands
  2. The relationship will not be announced on public social media
  3. If either party wishes to terminate the contract within three months, It ends Immediately

And at the end of the three months, if either party refuses to renew it, it’s considered an unconditional 


These three items were not hard to accept

Thomas agreed right away

With Ben and Susan witnessing, Theresa and Thomas each signed their names, followed by Ben and Susan signing as witnesses

The contract was now officially in effect

There were three copies of the contract

Theresa, Thomas, and Susan and Ben put away a copy each

After securing her copy, Theresa sighed in relief


The presence of this formal contract a sense of rationality in this relationship

These three months were a buffer period

The two of them could escape at any time

Go ahead with your date, Ben and I will be leaving now.Susan stood up, ready to leave

Wait.Theresa grabbed Susan’s arm, looking at her imploringly. Why don’t we double date?” 

She felt unexpectedly nervous

She had been on a date with Thomas before.. 


Chapter 318 

All their past dates were either full of bickering or arguing

Now that they were an official couple, things should change, right

Theresa felt unprepared for the shift

Thomas desperately signaled Ben not to agree

Ben, with a smile, sat down calmly with Susan. Actually, it’s been a while since Susan and I were on

date too.” 

Susan looked at Ben curiously, whispering, Are we really going to be the third wheel here?” 

Ben replied coolly, Don’t you want to enjoy the show?” 

Hearing that, Susan was speechless

Who in the world doesn’t enjoy a good spectacle

Susan immediately straightened up. Right, Ben and I will seize the opportunity to have a date too.” 

Okay.” Theresa sighed in relief

Thomas gave Ben a look of despair

Ben pretended not to see it

Thomas sighed, resigning himself to the situation

They had some coffee in the cafe

Ben raised an eyebrow, asking, What’s next on the agenda?” 

Thomas had actually planned an activity. He cleared his throat and said, There’s a classical orchestral performance this morning. But I didn’t know that you guys were coming, so I only bought two tickets. And, this orchestra is quite famous, so all the tickets are sold out now.” 



Chapter 318 

Thomas hinted frantically: So, you’d better not be the third wheel

It’s fine.Ben smiled slightly. Which orchestra is it? I’ll see if I can get two more tickets.” 

Thomas was at a loss for words

What orchestra is it?Theresa also looked at Thomas

Thomas grudgingly mentioned the name of the orchestra

Ben made a call and easily obtained the tickets

Thomas was utterly frustrated

So this is what friendship is

This is what a bro is!‘ 

He really felt like he had made a blind choice

Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward )

Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward )

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Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward ) A decade ago, the mastermind behind the Storm Group suddenly passed away, leaving his son, Edward Landor, to take the reins at the tender age of 18. Over ten years, Edward transformed the then-mediocre Storm Group into one of the world's leading financial powerhouses. Rumor had it that Edward was capricious and ruthlessly cruel, with a dark reputation for being a wife's worst nightmare.

Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald

Susian Miller, accustomed to tolerating misfortunes quietly, led a starkly different life compared to her fraternal twin sister, whose appearance and experiences couldn't be more divergent from hers. Not only was she the perpetual blood supply for her sister, More Read

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