Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth Chapter 169

Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth Chapter 169

Chapter 169

“This has been selected by our vice director. I designed a total of three and she thought this looks the best. I can show it to you.”

Then, Aurelia attached the screenshots of her conversation with Kimberly.

“Ms. Simmons, our boss signed a contract with you, not your vice director. I personally think those two that were destroyed looked way better. I’ll go ask our boss and director about this. Please wait.”

Aurelia maintained the attitude of an employee who was walking on eggshells, so it was not wrong of her to post the conversation in the work group chat.

Kimberly’s words were indeed repulsive and Jason clearly appreciated Aurelia’s artistic senses. The boss practically exploded with anger and wrote. “The one who signed the contract will be responsible for the project! If you don’t know how to do things around here, just quit!”

He was referring to Aurelia and Kimberly.

The boss rarely lost his temper in the group chat and one could easily tell that he was fuming.

Aurelia immediately replied. “Noted.”

After a while, Kimberly followed suit and replied. “Noted.”

Aurelia looked up and found Kimberly’s expression darkening.

She had been far too gentle with Kimberly in the best and let too many things slide. Because of that, Kimberly mistakenly thought that she was easy to bully.

Starting from this moment onward, she would have everyone know what Kimberly was doing every time she tried to bully her.

Although the workgroup seldom engaged in casual chats, everyone had their own small groups in private.

With each person sharing tidbits of information, the events of today were sure to spread.

Aurelia was curious to see who would end up being the laughingstock.

Just then, Kimberly’s phone rang.

She glanced at her phone, then glared at Aurelia before walking into her office.

As she closed the door, her voice was still audible to everyone. “Boss, it’s not like that. I just …”

“Take your time to explain, Kimberly,” Aurelia thought.

At least Kimberly wouldn’t dare to intervene in the planning from now on.

Aurelia sent a message to Jason. “Thank you.”

“No problem. The boss gave us an order to cooperate with anything you ask for, Ms. Simmons.

Jason replied.

“Huh? I don’t think I know your boss, right?”

“You will get to know each other.”

Aurelia stared at the message in confusion, but she didn’t want to press further.

Ending the conversation, she continued working until the end of the day when her phone vibrated.

It was a call from Linda.

“Mom, what’s up?”

“Nothing much. I happened to be near your company. Didn’t we agree to have a nice meal together?”

“Sure, I’m coming down right away,” Aurelia said.

After hanging up, Aurelia grabbed her bag and clocked out.

Downstairs, Linda was seen dressed in an elegant black dress that exuded grace and charm.

Aurelia quickly went to greet her. “Mom, think about where you want to eat. I’ll send a message to Mr. Synder.”

“It’s fine. I’ve already contacted him. How else would I know you and him are going on a date tomorrow?” Linda chuckled.

“It’s not a date, just dinner,” Aurelia hurriedly explained.

“Same thing. Let’s go, we have many places to visit today.”

Aurelia was bewildered but followed her mother out of the office.

After a simple dinner, they headed to the mall.

As soon as they entered the luxury shopping mall, Aurelia immediately wanted to turn back and tried to pull Linda with her.

“Mom, I just bought some new clothes. We really don’t need go shopping.”

Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth

Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth

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Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth – Aurelia Simmons wants to borrow money from her boyfriend to pay for her ailing mother’s hospital bills. To her dismay, she finds out that her boyfriend’s waiting for her mother to die so that he can take advantage of her when she’s all alone. She breaks up with him without hesitation and instead marries a friend’s Sen.Aurelia initially thinks her husband is a workaholic programmer with a cold personality and a steady job. She expects them to keep their distance from each other after marriage.

Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth

Who would’ve expected him to become increasingly clingy the more time they spend with each other? In every important meeting, Aurelia sees her husband there. Did computer programmers have such wide job scopes nowadays? It’s only when an incredibly important president of a company goes on stage to give a speech at Seacester’s most prestigious business conference that Aurelia realizes the president looks exactly like her husband. When faced with another woman’s blatant seduction, the president shows off his wedding ring in front of all the cameras focused on him. “I’m married, so leave me alone.”Aurelia glared at his ring. Wasn’t that the one she’d given to him?It looked like she’d have to teach him a lesson for lying to her!   Conclusion Well, that’s the review and how to read the novel Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth Full Episode. This novel is a novel that is suitable to read for those of you who like Romance genre novels. What do you think about this novel? Is it fun to read? Please comment in the comments column below.


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