Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth Chapter 191

Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth Chapter 191

Chapter 191 

With Seth’s testimony, the police officer headed to Aurelia’s company

While at the police station, Aurelia learned from the group chat that Kimberly was taken away while she was still discussing Aurelia’s alleged misconduct in the office

If Aurelia hadn’t given Seth hints, why would he come here? Men who can’t get what they want go crazy,Kimberly said

Strangely, Kimberly was portraying Seth as a devoted man and Aurelia as a woman who toyed with his emotions

Once the police officer came and explained their presence, Kimbely’s face turned pale

She claimed to be innocent and fell flat on her face in front of everyone out of panic

Pictures of her disheveled state were promptly posted in the group chat

Aurelia looked at the photos and couldn’t help but smile

Soon, Kimberly was brought to the police station as well

Upon meeting, she and Seth immediately started blaming each other

Officer, she provoked me into looking for Aurelia. It’s all her fault. This has nothing to do with me.” 

Seth, speak with evidence. Why would I provoke you?” 

Kimberly leisurely took out a mirror to touch up her makeup, showing no signs of panic in contrast to her behavior in the office

Seth took out his phone and dialed back a certain number

Kimberly, just you wait. I’ll expose you right away!” 

Haha, expose me? Be careful or I’ll sue you for defamation.Kimberly sneered

He dialed the number three times, but there was no answer

There was no ringtone or vibration from Kimberly’s side

Seth widened his eyes

Impossible! She was the one who called me.” 

The police officer glanced at Seth, then at Kimberly


In the end, he decided to investigate the phone number

Sitting nearby, Aurelia could tell that there was more to the story. 

As expected, the investigation revealed that the number belonged to a middle aged woman

However, she had never registered this number and didn’t know Seth or Kimberly, so she was completely unaware of what had happened

Kimberly slowly put down the powder in her hand with a triumphant look

She wasn’t foolish

She wouldn’t possibly use her own personal number to stir up trouble

She had someone buy this number for her online, making it convenient for various purposes without any connection to her real identity

She learned this trick from Jackson

Kimberly feigned surprise and said, Seth, could you have encountered a scam call by any chance? Scammers nowadays are very cunning. They can be really well -versed in your personal matters.” 

Impossible! It was you!Seth pointed at Kimberly

Kimberly glanced at Aurelia and clicked her tongue

Aurelia, look at your exboyfriend. How can he blame others? It’s no wonder you don’t like him.” 

Aurelia paused

Not only was Kimberly mocking her and Seth, but she was also instigating Seth 

even more

Seth was an egocentric man and he couldn’t tolerate being questioned by


He jumped from his seat in rage

The police officer acted swiftly and pushed him back to his seat

Behave. Don’t move around!” 

Seth was startled and didn’t dare to move

Seeing that he couldn’t shift the blame to Kimberly, he turned to look at Aurelia

Aurelia, I was wrong. I just did that because I love you too much. You can’t do this to me.” 




Kimberly continued to tease, Wow, Aurelia. Just look at how devoted Seth is to you. Why would you do this against a man who loves you so much?” 

The mockery on her expression was so evident that it became clear she desperately wanted words about this drama to get to Aurelia’s husband

If she couldn’t obtain that man, neither could Aurelia

Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth

Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth

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Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth – Aurelia Simmons wants to borrow money from her boyfriend to pay for her ailing mother’s hospital bills. To her dismay, she finds out that her boyfriend’s waiting for her mother to die so that he can take advantage of her when she’s all alone. She breaks up with him without hesitation and instead marries a friend’s Sen.Aurelia initially thinks her husband is a workaholic programmer with a cold personality and a steady job. She expects them to keep their distance from each other after marriage.

Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth

Who would’ve expected him to become increasingly clingy the more time they spend with each other? In every important meeting, Aurelia sees her husband there. Did computer programmers have such wide job scopes nowadays? It’s only when an incredibly important president of a company goes on stage to give a speech at Seacester’s most prestigious business conference that Aurelia realizes the president looks exactly like her husband. When faced with another woman’s blatant seduction, the president shows off his wedding ring in front of all the cameras focused on him. “I’m married, so leave me alone.”Aurelia glared at his ring. Wasn’t that the one she’d given to him?It looked like she’d have to teach him a lesson for lying to her!   Conclusion Well, that’s the review and how to read the novel Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth Full Episode. This novel is a novel that is suitable to read for those of you who like Romance genre novels. What do you think about this novel? Is it fun to read? Please comment in the comments column below.


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