Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth Chapter 44

Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth Chapter 44

Chapter 44 

Leslie’s company was located in the heart of the city. A casual meal there would easily cost around 30 to 40 dollars. Dining out regularly would cost a significant amount of money in a month. To avoid wastage, Aurelia transferred the remaining dishes into the blue lunch box

She evenly distributed the food between the two lunch boxes. Even taking into consideration that Leslie was a man and might need a little bit more to eat

Since he didn’t seem to favor oily dishes, Aurelia opted to keep a larger portion of the beef stew for herselfgiven her fondness for it. The distribution was more on accommodating his food preferences than her being stingy

Why does he have to be so picky about food?she mused

As Aurelia was arranging the beef slices, she suddenly heard footsteps behind her. She swiftly covered the lunch box and placed it in the bag

After preparing everything, she walked out of the kitchen with two bowls of corn soup

Good morning, Mr. Synder.” 

Morning,Leslie replied as he took his seat

Though his expression remained composed, his face was undeniably pleasant to behold. Aurelia couldn’t resist stealing a glance at him. Yet, fearing a repeat of last night’s scalding situation, she promptly averted her gaze and offered a bowl of corn soup to Leslie

Let’s eat. The panfried ravioli isn’t too heavy, it’s not very oily.” 

Okay, thanks.” 

Leaving aside everything else, Leslie’s politeness made Aurelia feel at ease. It felt her efforts were acknowledged

Leslie leisurely tasted a spoonful of the corn soup. It was rich in flavor and thick in consistency, which was soothing to his stomach

as though 

He then tried a piece of fried ravioli. The outer layer was crispy, and the meat filling inside was juicy. They were notably superior to the crumbly ravioli Linda used to prepare

Despite being a simple breakfast, especially for someone accustomed to coffee and bread, Leslie had to concede that Aurelia’s culinary skills were beyond reproach

He couldn’t help but look at Aurelia. She maintained her oldfashioned attire, and her face naturally flushed without any makeup. The freckles on her nose added a playful charm to her 


Are you feeling hot?” 

Huh?Aurelia felt a twinge of guilt and quickly clarified, The heat is from cooking in the kitchen.” 

Umm.Leslie glanced toward the kitchen. Since he never used the stove, he had no idea how hot it could get while cooking

Under his watchful gaze, Aurelia put down her spoon and declared, I’m done eating. I’m off 

Chapter 44 

to work.” 

Leslie nodded faintly. Okay, just leave it. I’ll wash it later.” 


Aurelia rose and headed into the kitchen, carrying two packed lunch boxes along with her

Meals around your workplace must be pretty expensive, right? I’ve made lunch for you. If 


youDon’t like them, you can just get something else to eat.With that, she left the blue bag 

and turned to leave

Before slipping on her high heels, Aurelia meticulously wiped the shoe surface with a cloth. She seemed to cherish the pair of heels very much

Leslie was about to thank her when he observed her intense care for those old heels. He then abruptly recalled what her colleague had said. These heels were a gift from her exboyfriend, and she had been wearing them for three years

Among the ladies Leslie knew, none had worn a pair of shoes for that long. Especially shoes that were showing signs of wear and tear. It spoke volumes about Aurelia’s love for Seth. Leslie wondered, If she loved him so much, why marry me? Was it for money?” 

After changing her heels, Aurelia politely said, Goodbye, Mr. Synder

Leslie’s expression darkened. He nodded but said nothing

This abrupt change left Aurelia in puzzlement. Weren’t things fine earlier? Well, perhaps it’s his personalitycold, distant, and odd.” 

She didn’t inquire further and hurried out for fear that she might have missed the subway

Leslie heard the door close and lost his appetite with his thoughts earlier. He then rolled his sleeves up and carried the dishes into the kitchen

The moment he stepped inside, he was engulfed in intense heat. Despite the opened window, the stifling atmosphere lingered

With his brow furrowed, he put the dishes into the sink and started washing them. As he prepared to wipe the counter, he noticed that Aurelia had already tidied up. She only left the dishes for him to wash

Listening to the running water, he found himself unable to fathom Aurelia’s thoughts

Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth

Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth

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Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth – Aurelia Simmons wants to borrow money from her boyfriend to pay for her ailing mother’s hospital bills. To her dismay, she finds out that her boyfriend’s waiting for her mother to die so that he can take advantage of her when she’s all alone. She breaks up with him without hesitation and instead marries a friend’s Sen.Aurelia initially thinks her husband is a workaholic programmer with a cold personality and a steady job. She expects them to keep their distance from each other after marriage.

Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth

Who would’ve expected him to become increasingly clingy the more time they spend with each other? In every important meeting, Aurelia sees her husband there. Did computer programmers have such wide job scopes nowadays? It’s only when an incredibly important president of a company goes on stage to give a speech at Seacester’s most prestigious business conference that Aurelia realizes the president looks exactly like her husband. When faced with another woman’s blatant seduction, the president shows off his wedding ring in front of all the cameras focused on him. “I’m married, so leave me alone.”Aurelia glared at his ring. Wasn’t that the one she’d given to him?It looked like she’d have to teach him a lesson for lying to her!   Conclusion Well, that’s the review and how to read the novel Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth Full Episode. This novel is a novel that is suitable to read for those of you who like Romance genre novels. What do you think about this novel? Is it fun to read? Please comment in the comments column below.


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