Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth Chapter 50

Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth Chapter 50

Chapter 50

pay attention, but after a few minutes, it turned into everyone secretly talking about you. I really don’t know how it turned out like this!” 

Don’t worry, I believe you. Can you find the first person who mentioned me in the group chat?Aurelia comforted Millie

Millie was two years younger than Aurelia. They’ve known each other for over a year now, since her internship

Aurelia knew very well what kind of person Millie was. She was sure that Millie wasn’t someone who would stab her in the back

Millie scrolled through the group’s messages anxiously

However, with 476 members in the group chat, the messages were overwhelming

It took her five minutes to find the source of the message

It was someone with an avatar of a white rose. The profile of that account was obviously fake

Millie said helplessly, This should be someone’s side account. It’s impossible to trace who’s. behind this since anyone can join this group. Except for a few familiar names from here, the rest of them are strangers.” 

Aurelia stared at the profile picture and sighed lightly. It was obvious that the person had deliberately hidden their identity

Everyone in

the group was a veteran at gossiping. They never mentioned any names in the discussions. Even if she were to question them one by one, they would just deny that they had been talking about her

In the workplace, private discussions like these were common. The best way to approach it was to feign ignorance. After all, everyone had their own rumors

Forget it. I can’t control what other people say. A few comments won’t affect my salary anyway.Aurelia said, waving her hand

Aurelia,tly, you shouldn’t have married someone else out of spite,Millie said empathetically

I didn’t 

Is that im out of spite. I’m genuinely dong rai ve 


you call doing well? Alright, I’ve said my piece. You won’t listen anyway. It’s fine. as long as you’re happy,Millie sighed

Let’s go. The lunch break is over. Let’s get back to work.Aurelia immediately changed the subject

She really didn’t want to be the subject of someone else’s gossip

Some people in the group spoke as if they were life mentors, but in reality, their own lives 

were a mess

Rather than feeling sorry for her, they seemed to take pleasure in her misfortune. The more they argued with others, the more energetic they became

Millie pursed her lips and followed Aurelia to the office

Before she reached the door, she pointed at her phone with wide eyes

Chapter 50 

Aurelia, Seth just spoke.” 

Seth? Why is he in our community chat?Aurelia exclaimed

Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth

Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth

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Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth – Aurelia Simmons wants to borrow money from her boyfriend to pay for her ailing mother’s hospital bills. To her dismay, she finds out that her boyfriend’s waiting for her mother to die so that he can take advantage of her when she’s all alone. She breaks up with him without hesitation and instead marries a friend’s Sen.Aurelia initially thinks her husband is a workaholic programmer with a cold personality and a steady job. She expects them to keep their distance from each other after marriage.

Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth

Who would’ve expected him to become increasingly clingy the more time they spend with each other? In every important meeting, Aurelia sees her husband there. Did computer programmers have such wide job scopes nowadays? It’s only when an incredibly important president of a company goes on stage to give a speech at Seacester’s most prestigious business conference that Aurelia realizes the president looks exactly like her husband. When faced with another woman’s blatant seduction, the president shows off his wedding ring in front of all the cameras focused on him. “I’m married, so leave me alone.”Aurelia glared at his ring. Wasn’t that the one she’d given to him?It looked like she’d have to teach him a lesson for lying to her!   Conclusion Well, that’s the review and how to read the novel Married in a Flash Embarking on the Journey to Wealth Full Episode. This novel is a novel that is suitable to read for those of you who like Romance genre novels. What do you think about this novel? Is it fun to read? Please comment in the comments column below.


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