Master of his heart ( Brielle And Max ) Chapter 635

Master of his heart ( Brielle And Max ) Chapter 635

Chapter 635 

She fumbled with her phone, her fingers shaking so badly that she couldn’t dial a single digit. Tears welled up, mixing with the blood she hastily wiped from the corner of her mouth

The whole world seemed to be conspiring against her

With gritted teeth, Tessa collapsed onto the bed and succumbed to a fitful sleep

That night, Andrew didn’t come home

The next morning at seven, government officials arrived at the hospital where Zaiden was working to conduct an inspection

By nine, Zaiden was escorted to the police station

At ten, the Rowland family’s stocks hit rock bottom, and the media went into a frenzy covering Zaiden’s scandal

The atrocities that Zaiden had committed were beyond repulsive, igniting public outrage like wildfire, with people practically itching to mete out medieval justice on the Rowlands

With the official news reports detailing Zaiden’s misdeeds in stark black and white, more victimsfamilies started speaking out on social media platforms. The Rowland family’s reputation tanked, and they became the city’s pariahs

It was clear to all: the Rowland family was beyond salvation

At this crucial juncture, Tessa, who had always been at the core of the Rowland family, was nowhere to be reached. The Rowlands were desperate for her help, but Tessa had effectively vanished

They thought of seeking her out at the Clements residence, but given the bad blood between the two families, the Clements flatout refused to arrange a meeting

In this moment of crisis, Tessa wasn’t just being condemned by the public; in the eyes of the Rowland family, she was a cowardly traitor

Brielle watched the news unfold online with a serene expression and a slight smirk playing on her lips. A bit of her frustration dissipated, but clearly, this wasn’t the ending Tessa deserved

Closing her laptop, she knew that no one could save the Rowlands now. Andrew might protect Tessa temporarily, but once he found out what she had done, his selfloathing would only intensify. Death by a thousand cuts was far more painful than a swift execution

Tessa was utterly alone now, clinging to Andrew as her lifeline. And if Andrew, her straw of salvation, chose to abandon her, it would be Tessa’s personal hell

Brielle would let the despicable pair torment each other, and she didn’t even need to lift a finger

Breathing a sigh of relief, Brielle turned her back on the socalled Rowland and Clements 



Chapter 635 

drama, focusing instead on Stellar Stage Entertainment’s portfolio

That morning, Max had deliberately skipped his usual visit to Dorsey International and ignored the Rowland family’s debacle, leisurely finishing breakfast with Brielle. Just as he was about to suggest a stroll around the upscale Premier Palace, his phone rangan urgent call from the nursing home

His brows knit together, and his complexion soured instantly. The calls from the nursing home had escalated from once every three days to three times a day

Martha was endlessly inventing new ways to make trouble, hellbent on challenging Max. Caught between Brielle, Martha, and a recently concluded overseas acquisition, Max felt he hadn’t had a moment’s peace

He was running a fever last night and now, he had zero desire to take this call, but the phone persisted as if it would keep ringing until he answered

Seeing the fatigue in his eyes, Brielle’s heart ached. Yet, this was the harsh reality they had to face. She had been preoccupied with the Rowland family crisis, and now, she was reminded of the rocky path they still had to tread

Max eventually headed to the nursing home, while Brielle spent some time at home reviewing documents before heading to Stellar Stage Entertainment

There was no immediate rush, at least not until Aubree returned in two months. She just needed to handle her current tasks well

Stellar Stage Entertainment was in the early stages of producing its first movie, and there was still a lot to be done. The remaining funds needed to be allocated to hiring more coaches to ensure that the artists willing to stay with Stellar Stage would receive ample training. Before they could shine, they needed to be in top form

Brielle stayed at Stellar Stage Entertainment until evening. She also took a call from John, who reported that everything was going smoothly abroad and that Aubree and Ricardo were proving to be exceptionally talented

A warmth flickered in Brielle’s eyes. After a moment’s thought, she reminded John, John, Aubree’s my friend. If there’s anything off about her, you let me know right away.” 

John readily agreed

After working late, Brielle drove off, remembering the potted plants Aubree had been nurturing in her house. She decided to stop by and water them but was dismayed to find Aubree’s door defaced with malicious graffitivile insults likely scrawled by troublemaking neighbors during Aubree’s absence

A frown creased Brielle’s forehead. She called John, suggesting he ask Aubree if she wanted to sell the house

John passed the phone to Aubree, who was resting, and he waited

Chapter 635 

Aubree fell silent for a minute upon hearing the suggestion to sell. Brielle knew Aubree was struggling to let go

Master of his heart ( Brielle And Max )

Master of his heart ( Brielle And Max )

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Master of his heart ( Brielle And Max ) Caught in the throes of fury against her cheating fiancé, Brielle crafted a bold plot to seduce none other than his uncle. “Is my nephew not good enough for you?”

Master of his heart ( Brielle And Max )

Max inquired, his fingers teasingly grazing her chin. Known throughout town as The Priest, his wrist was adorned with black rosary beads.

Master of his heart ( Brielle And Max )


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