Master of his heart ( Brielle And Max ) Chapter 697

Master of his heart ( Brielle And Max ) Chapter 697

Chapter 697 

Donny was practically bouncing off the walls with excitement, his energy infectious as he handpicked the best candidates in less than half an hour. He pushed open the door and found Brielle lost in thought, staring blankly at the computer screen. He called out softly

hesitant to startle her 

Ms. Haywood?” 

It was puzzling. The crisis at Stellar Stage Entertainment had been resolved, and the company’s reputation was on the mend. Why, then, did Ms. Haywood seem so downcast

Brielle glanced up, quickly composing herself, and resumed her cool, collected demeanor

Something on your mind, Ms. Haywood?” 

Rubbing the bridge of her nose, Brielle shook her head. No, have you finished the casting?” 

Yeah, these are the actors I’ve chosenthe ones who stuck around. They’re all topnotch, clearheaded folk.” 

Brielle skimmed the files and was pleased. These faces could stand up to the scrutiny of the big screen

Donny, have them each play a part, then send me the footage. I’ll review it when I can.” 

After all, the final say still rested in Brielle’s hands

Relief washed over Donny as he registered Brielle’s engagement. He bit his lip, barely containing his enthusiasm

I’ll get right on it.” 

Brielle waved him off, eager to get back to work, but then Donny posed a new question

Ms. Haywood, who should we send to Dorsey International to deliver Stellar Stage Entertainment’s annual report?” 

Despite being a small subsidiary, Stellar Stage Entertainment had protocols to follow, especially with the new year rolling in, which included presenting the year’s plans to the Dorsey International headquarters

Previous managers had treated this task with indifference and sent digital reports, while Dorsey International had taken a laissezfaire approach to its subsidiary, but times had changed. After a day of battling public scorn and achieving a miraculous turnaround, Stellar Stage Entertainment undoubtedly caught the attention of Dorsey International’s executives. A slipshod report might now provoke their dissatisfaction

While Donny knew Brielle had powerful connections at Dorsey International, the extent of those connections was unclear to him, prompting his cautious reminder

Brielle’s hand, which had been massaging her forehead, paused at Donny’s words. In truth, Stellar Stage Entertainment could now operate independently of Dorsey International, with the majority of shares in Brielle’s possession. Brielle’s overseas companies could fund Stellar Stage Entertainment if necessary

But to do so would sever ties with Dorsey Internationala move Brielle was not yet ready to make. Even if the connection with Max was as tenuous as a spider’s thread, Brielle clung to it, wary of letting it snap

The executives, who had been eagerly awaiting their moment outside, burst into the room as though on cue. They were thrilled, barely containing their excitement, certain that Stellar Stage Entertainment was destined for greatness

Ms. Haywood, I could personally deliver the report to Dorsey International.” 

Yes, Ms. Haywood, there’s no need for you to be bothered with 

trivial matters.” 

These were the same executives who had once tried to expose Brielle at Dorsey International, only to learn of her stronghold, which was none other than the CEO of Dorsey International himself

Max, known for his stoic exterior, had shown Brielle an unexpected tenderness, wrapping her in his arms. There were even rumors of a passionate morning encounter in the company corridor

The executives, barely containing their glee, saw this as a golden opportunity to curry favor with Max. A few wellplaced compliments could mean promotions, raises, and a fasttrack to the top of their careers

They were each lost in their daydreams when Brielle stood up. I’ll go myself.” 

The executives hesitated, then rationalized that perhaps she just wanted to see Maxafter all, young love was impatient. They nodded understandingly, no longer vying for the assignment

After Brielle’s departure, Donny eyed the sycophantic executives with disdain. Since being rebuffed by Brielle and voluntarily offering financial penance to appease her, their behavior had been acceptable, but their fawning was difficult to stomach

What’s all this about?Donny inquired, curious despite his distaste for their fair-weather loyalty. He was eager to understand what had transpired during their visit to Dorsey International that had caused such a drastic shift in their attitudes. Their expressions were smug, as if privy to a secret wisdom



Donny, my friend, you wouldn’t understand. When you reach our level, it all becomes clear. Just stick with Ms. Haywood, and you’ll reap the benefits.” 

Yes, we’ve picked the right side. What a day of vindication! Stellar Stage Entertainment is on the rise, no doubt about it.” 

Of course, with the wife of the CEO at the helm, how dim could the future of Stellar Stage Entertainment possibly be

Master of his heart ( Brielle And Max )

Master of his heart ( Brielle And Max )

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Master of his heart ( Brielle And Max ) Caught in the throes of fury against her cheating fiancé, Brielle crafted a bold plot to seduce none other than his uncle. “Is my nephew not good enough for you?”

Master of his heart ( Brielle And Max )

Max inquired, his fingers teasingly grazing her chin. Known throughout town as The Priest, his wrist was adorned with black rosary beads.

Master of his heart ( Brielle And Max )


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