Master of his heart ( Brielle And Max ) Chapter 706

Master of his heart ( Brielle And Max ) Chapter 706

Chapter 706 

After finishing his oatmeal, Andrew was supposed to head to work, but he felt a feverish warmth coursing through his body and a general sense of malaise. He unbuttoned a few buttons of his shirt. His brows furrowed as he slumped onto the couch, tilting his head back to reveal a prominent Adam’s apple

His appearance was undeniably attractive, and this gesture was filled with an alluring charm

Tessa had never had sex with a man, so the sight alone was enough to send a blush spreading across her cheeks

Andrew stretched his legs onto the coffee table, feeling his body grow hotter by the minute, and Tessa slowly approached, placing her hand on his chest

Andrew, did you have a rough night? Do you think you caught a cold?” 

Andrew squinted his eyes. Not only had the previous night been restless, but the past couple of nights had been choppy at best. It never crossed his mind that Tessa might have slipped something into his oatmeal. He thought his body was weak, making him believe he had caught a cold

He stood up to leave, but Tessa would not let him go, quickly wrapping her arms around his waist

Andrew,she whispered

Andrew’s breathing became labored instantly. The hands wrapped around his waist seemed to be dragging him into an abyss. He placed his hand over Tessa’s

A glint of determination flashed in Tessa’s eyes, her cheeks reddening even more, ready for what was to come. This frail body of hers was not exactly eager for pleasure, but she had to persevere

She quickly shed her clothes and closed her eyes, not daring to look at him but guiding his hand across her skin

It had to work

Even the comers of her mouth couldn’t help but curve into a faint smile

Andrew’s eyes reddened instantly at the stimulation. He grasped her chin and pushed her onto the couch

He was about to take off her pants after leaving her breathless from his kisses, but his phone rang at that very moment. It was a call from the church, cautiously inquiring if he really intended to reserve a spot

The church had found out through the news, but Andrew himself hadn’t placed any order with them. They were free the following day, and if Andrew wanted to have his wedding there, they had to prepare overnight. After all, a highprofile wedding could not afford to look shabby

Mr. Clements, we have several marital packages available; you’re welcome to come and see for yourself.” 

Andrew felt even more breathless, grinding his teeth. Pick the most expensive one.” 

He hung up and was about to proceed with Tessa when the phone rang again. Sweat was beading on Andrew’s forehead. He felt a mounting irritation with the incessant interruptions. Yet, he couldn’t ignore the call, and suddenly, he snapped to attentionit was Aubree’s special ringtone

He let go of Tessa, restraining himself at this crucial moment. He fastened his belt, still feeling an unbearable heat throughout his body, but the ringtone was like a spell, briefly bringing him back to his senses

He took a deep breath and answered. What is it?” 

But the call wasn’t from Aubree herself. It was from a hotel attendant. Hello, are you Miss Clement’s brother? Miss Clements left her phone at the hotel, and we can’t reach her at the moment, so we had to contact the emergency contact she listed.” 

Andrew was taken aback, and with that reminder, he suddenly wondered where Aubree was staying now that her place had been sold

He remembered her mentioning sleeping with four men, and he felt a burning rage. Taking a deep breath, he responded, Please keep it for now. I’ll come by shortly.” 

The hotel attendant nodded, gave him an address, and hung up

Andrew grabbed his coat to leave and saw Tessa lying naked on the couch. Tessa was shaking all over, feeling utterly humiliated. They had come this close, just one step away. How could Andrew hold back

She bit her lip so hard she could taste blood

Andrew covered her with a blanket and left a kiss on her lips. I’m going to pick something up. I’ll be right back.” 

Just that kiss made him feel like he was on fire, longing to have her, but the last shred of sanity in his mind pulled at him

He got up, his voice hoarse. Tessa, I’m afraid of hurting you.” 

Tessa wanted to cry. She wasn’t afraid of getting hurt. She just wanted Andrew now. But before she could say anything, Andrew was already out the door


He had intended to drive himself but was suddenly aware of the unusual heat in his body. Andrew’s brows knitted tightly, and he immediately suspected the cause, feeling a twinge of disappointment

In such a short span, this was the second time Tessa had resorted to such means

When he arrived at the hotel, he retrieved Aubree’s phone and inquired which room she had checked into

Normally, hotel staff should not give out room keys to anyone but the guest, but after hearing he was Aubree’s brother and only wanted to retum her phone, they made an exception

Master of his heart ( Brielle And Max )

Master of his heart ( Brielle And Max )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/20/2024
Master of his heart ( Brielle And Max ) Caught in the throes of fury against her cheating fiancé, Brielle crafted a bold plot to seduce none other than his uncle. “Is my nephew not good enough for you?”

Master of his heart ( Brielle And Max )

Max inquired, his fingers teasingly grazing her chin. Known throughout town as The Priest, his wrist was adorned with black rosary beads.

Master of his heart ( Brielle And Max )


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