Meeting The One For Me ( Nathan Franklin ) Chapter 263

Meeting The One For Me ( Nathan Franklin ) Chapter 263

Chapter 263 

Chapter 263 

So she’s the one Ryan instructed Peter to protect!Daniel’s lips curved into a sinister smile. No wonder Ryan was moved. She truly is a rare beauty. Her temperament and appearance are impeccable!” 

Daniel raised the car window and turned to his subordinate sitting in the passenger to Evelyn. Thank her for helping me bring Ms. Yeomans out!Alright, transfer the 

After watching Peter and Evelyn get into the car, Audrey looked toward Nathan on the platform

With one hand in her pocket, she adjusted her shoulder bag and walked toward Nathan. Daniel glanced in Audrey’s direction again before starting to leave. But seeing Audrey approach Nathan, he quickly said to the driver, Wait a moment!” 

Nathan saw Audrey approaching him, and he felt his breath quicken. He hurried down the steps, not wanting to pause for even a momentrushing toward Audrey

However, when he was four or five steps away from Audrey, he noticed the cigarette still between his fingers. He stomped it out with his foot, and he looked up to see Audrey already standing before him

Nathan’s eyes were red, his breath erratic, and his movements clumsy like a child. He looked like the boy who had once madly loved Audrey

His tightly clenched hand couldn’t help but tremble slightly, his throat choked upunable to even utter Audrey’s name

In his youth, he had imagined countless times what they would be like after graduation, picturing scenes of picking Audrey up from the lab after workalmost like the present 


But it was different; they shouldn’t be at the police station, and Audrey shouldn’t be walking 

toward him

Watching Audrey standing before him, her long hair tousled by the breeze, Nathan’s lips quivered. He wanted to force a smile, but tears fell first

He quickly lowered his head to hide them, wiping them away with his thumb. He then licked his lips before smiling at Audrey

Daniel lowered the car window and took a photo with his phone, his brows raised

Chapter 263 


After examining the photo carefully, Daniel smiled sinisterly again. He passed the phone to his subordinate in the passenger seat. Run a check on this guy!” 

Daniel glanced in Audrey and Nathan’s direction before saying, Let’s go!” 

Nathan.Audrey’s tone was calm and indifferent, colder than when speaking to a stranger. Can you please stay out of my life?” 

Nathan felt a stab in his heart and explained anxiously, No, I really didn’t know he was your bodyguard. I thought he was flirting with female students while dating you. I was just really upset.” 

Does this concern you?Audrey’s voice was icy as she tucked her hair behind her ear

She crossed her arms as she looked at him. What right do you have to interfere in my affairs?” 

Nathan’s breath hitched hearing this, tears falling uncontrollably as his eyes and nose

turned red

He lowered his gaze and wiped away the tears with the back of his hand. His voice was thick and nasally when he said, I know I have no right, but even if we’re just friends, I-” 

What kind of friends are we?Audrey countered. Have you forgotten everything you’ve done to me? How much I despise you? Does none of that register in your mind?” 

Nathan looked at Audrey, trying to speak but finding it difficult. Tears filled his eyes, and he clenched his fists, turning his head away

The things he had done to Audrey in the past caused him immense pain, something he couldn’t even bear to think about

He wished he could turn back time and erase the person he used to be

Meeting The One For Me ( Nathan Franklin )

Meeting The One For Me ( Nathan Franklin )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/12/2024 Native Language: English
Meeting The One For Me ( Nathan Franklin ) Everyone knew that Sheysea City's most infamous rich kid, Nathan Franklin, was madly in love with his genius childhood sweetheart, Audrey Yeomans. But after an accident, Audrey falls into a coma, and Nathan loses his memories

Meeting The One For Me ( Nathan Franklin )

Two years later, Audrey wakes up from her coma. At this point, Nathan already has another lover. For the sake of his new lover, he forces Audrey to agree to a divorce. Audrey leaves after being thoroughly disappointed. Five years later, Audrey is about to marry someone else when Nathan shows up at her door. "I remember everything now, Audrey. You can't marry someone else!" An adorable child says, "Mommy, don't talk to the bad guy. Daddy will get jealous!" After that, the child reaches for Ryan Lambert, who has just gotten out of his car. "Carry me, Daddy!"


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