Meeting The One For Me ( Nathan Franklin ) Chapter 265

Meeting The One For Me ( Nathan Franklin ) Chapter 265

Chapter 265 

Nathan was drenched in sweat. He lifted his drooping head and looked at Edmond with bloodshot eyes like a lost child. Audrey doesn’t want me anymore. She hates me! I lost Audrey!” 

Nathan didn’t know what to do. Audrey had once asked him if he would regret it when he regained his memory

He now had an answer. He regretted it so much he wished he could kill himself

Audrey was his entire youth, his entire world! But he had destroyed his world with his own two hands

Why wasn’t I the one in the coma after the accident all those years ago? How could I-Nathan’s emotions completely collapsed

He pulled at his hair. How could I forget about Audrey? How could I treat her like that!” 

Edmond had never seen Nathan like this before. He firmly grasped Nathan’s shoulder, picking up the broken phone from the ground

He helped Nathan up and guided him toward the car. Just look at yourself. If you want to win Ms. Yeomans back, you have to have some dignity first! If you keep acting like this, not just Ms. Yeomans, I’m afraid no woman will want to be with you!” 

Edmond opened the car’s rear door and pushed Nathan inside. Just as he was about to drive away, he noticed the broken phone in his hand

Seeing it was a call from Hugo, he cleared his throat and answered, Hello, Mr. Stewart.” 

Hello? Edmond? Where’s Nathan?” 

Edmond glanced at Nathan, sitting in the back seat with his eyes closed and tears streaming down his face. Mr. Franklin has regained his memory. He just saw Ms. Yeomans

Ms. Yeomans refused to acknowledge Mr. Franklin, and Mr. Franklin chased after her car. His emotions are not very stable right now.” 

Regained his memory?Hugo was stunned

Since Audrey emerged from her vegetative state, Hugo had witnessed the mess between Nathan and Audrey. He also knew about Nathan’s animosity toward Audrey

He had hoped that Nathan would regain his memory so he could fully understand the consequences of his actions

Chapter 265 


But there had been no signs of Nathan regaining his memory after so many years. Hugo had thought that Nathan would never recover his memory

He regained his memory so suddenly?” 

It wasn’t suddenEdmond sighed. One night, Mr. Franklin went to the nightclub and saw his cousin, Joseph, being bullied. He intervened but ended up getting hit on the head with an ashtray

After that, he regained his memory and even went to call off the engagement with Ms. Doyle!” 

Hugo hadn’t expected so much to happen in between

Is Audrey in Mythravia now?Hugo asked


Hugo wanted to ask for Audrey’s contact information but hesitated, thinking that Nathan might not have it either, given their relationship

Instead, he said, I’m in Mythravia right now. Where are you? I’ll go find Nathan.” 

I’m currently taking Mr. Franklin back to the Mythravia villa. You can come see him,came Edmond’s reply


After ending the call, Edmond drove Nathan home

Audrey received a call from Ryan just as she was about to arrive downstairs

She explained the situation and asked why her phone had been on silent the whole day

Yeah, I know. I put it on silent for you in the dressing room today, and you probably forgot 

to turn it back on.” 

The bodyguard following Audrey hurriedly pressed the elevator button to go up

Audrey nodded in thanks and said into the phone, You’re heading back to Mr. Lambert Senior’s place later? He probably has something to instruct you. Mr. Lambert Senior is getting older, so please be more considerate toward him.” 

Meeting The One For Me ( Nathan Franklin )

Meeting The One For Me ( Nathan Franklin )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/12/2024 Native Language: English
Meeting The One For Me ( Nathan Franklin ) Everyone knew that Sheysea City's most infamous rich kid, Nathan Franklin, was madly in love with his genius childhood sweetheart, Audrey Yeomans. But after an accident, Audrey falls into a coma, and Nathan loses his memories

Meeting The One For Me ( Nathan Franklin )

Two years later, Audrey wakes up from her coma. At this point, Nathan already has another lover. For the sake of his new lover, he forces Audrey to agree to a divorce. Audrey leaves after being thoroughly disappointed. Five years later, Audrey is about to marry someone else when Nathan shows up at her door. "I remember everything now, Audrey. You can't marry someone else!" An adorable child says, "Mommy, don't talk to the bad guy. Daddy will get jealous!" After that, the child reaches for Ryan Lambert, who has just gotten out of his car. "Carry me, Daddy!"


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