Meeting The One For Me ( Nathan Franklin ) Chapter 272

Meeting The One For Me ( Nathan Franklin ) Chapter 272

Chapter 272 

It was unclear if Samuel spoke less to Audrey than he did with Ryan because she had her back 

to Hugo

Hugo speculated that there was some cooperation between the Lambert family and the Logan familyperhaps requiring a marriage alliancewhich was why George had Ryan bring Audrey over

Hugo frowned, contemplating whether or not to call Nathan and advise him to avoid causing any trouble

Audrey quickly noticed Hugo’s frequent glances toward her

She smiled and said to the group, I see a friend over there. I’ll go say hello and be back in a bit.” 

Ryan also noticed Hugo and nodded. Go ahead.” 

As Audrey left, Samuel spoke to Ryan with a smile. I heard she’s a relative from your original family. Grandpa wasn’t initially pleased, but considering you’re the future heir of the Lambert Corporation and she’s the founder of Evergreen Biotech, he agreed.” 

You two aren’t compatible,Ryan remarked without hesitation

Samuel was surprised. Lambert Corporation is going to collaborate with the Logan Group soon. I thought the reason the Lambert family took her in as an adopted daughter and had you bring her here was for a marriage alliance. I didn’t expect you to be protective of her.” 

The Lambert family does want Audrey to marry into your family, but the condition is Audrey has to be interested in you. However, Audrey obviously isn’t interested.Ryan’s lips curled into a smile. And you’re not worthy of her.” 

Ryan was satisfied by Audrey’s clear and distant attitude toward Samuel just now

Even if she’s your relative, you shouldn’t be so protective of her!Samuel was somewhat irritated

I’m a widower, and she has two children. How am I not worthy? I don’t even have children. yet! Or do you think our family can’t compare to Evergreen Biotech?” 

The glory of the Logan family lies in the past and present, while the glory of Evergreen Biotech lies in the futureRyan’s voice trailed off

Samuel didn’t immediately argue with Ryan. Instead, he looked at Audrey, lost in thought

Chapter 272 

The future, huh

It’s been a while!Audrey greeted Hugo with a smile, her demeanor calm and composed

It certainly has!Hugo quickly put down his glass. His ears turned slightly red as he sincerely replied, It’s been a few years, and you’ve become even more radiant.” 

I heard that you ultimately didn’t join the family business, and your law firm has now expanded nationwide,Audrey remarked, showing that she was aware of Hugo’s situation. Mm.Hugo nodded with a smile. My parents are quite worried. My sister refuses to leave the hospital to inherit the family business, and I refuse to go back despite running a law firm. It’s tough on my dad, who’s getting on in years and still has to worry about the 

Stewart Group.” 

Doing what you love and achieving success at the same time, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart will be proud of you,Audrey said with a smile

Hugo glanced at Ryan and Samuel in the distance, then leaned closer to Audrey. He 

whispered, Audrey, be careful. Over the years, the Lambert family hasn’t allowed Ryan to have any contact with you

Suddenly letting Ryan bring you to the banquet and introducing you to SamuelI feel it might be related to the imminent cooperation between Logan Group and Lambert 

Corporation. They might want you to enter a marriage alliance.” 

I know.Audrey smiled

Grandpa told me about it, but he didn’t pressure me. He’s just concerned about my lifelong affairs. This time, he also specifically invited you here. He said if I’m not satisfied with 

Samuel, perhaps I can consider youconsidering we grew up together.Audrey didn’t seem to interpret George’s intentions as negatively as Hugo did

Meeting The One For Me ( Nathan Franklin )

Meeting The One For Me ( Nathan Franklin )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/12/2024 Native Language: English
Meeting The One For Me ( Nathan Franklin ) Everyone knew that Sheysea City's most infamous rich kid, Nathan Franklin, was madly in love with his genius childhood sweetheart, Audrey Yeomans. But after an accident, Audrey falls into a coma, and Nathan loses his memories

Meeting The One For Me ( Nathan Franklin )

Two years later, Audrey wakes up from her coma. At this point, Nathan already has another lover. For the sake of his new lover, he forces Audrey to agree to a divorce. Audrey leaves after being thoroughly disappointed. Five years later, Audrey is about to marry someone else when Nathan shows up at her door. "I remember everything now, Audrey. You can't marry someone else!" An adorable child says, "Mommy, don't talk to the bad guy. Daddy will get jealous!" After that, the child reaches for Ryan Lambert, who has just gotten out of his car. "Carry me, Daddy!"


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