Miss Josafina: Nobody’s Princess ( Josafina and Lauren ) Chapter 36

Miss Josafina: Nobody’s Princess ( Josafina and Lauren ) Chapter 36

Chapter 36 

Lauren was grinding her teeth in anger, but Billy was holding her arm, keeping her from exploding into a tirade

Billy still had that grin plastered on his face. Josie, have a sip of coffee, chill out. Whatever it is, we can talk it out slow and easy.” 

Josefina coughed twice behind her hand before taking a couple of sips of her coffee

That’s when Billy continued, Josie, you know how your mom’s got a short fuse, right? She’s always been like this, so don’t get worked up. I reached out cause I need your help with the family biz.” 

As Josefina kept her lips sealed, Billy pressed on, Josie, if our company is doing well, you can benefit too, right? I mean, sure, your current folks aren’t rolling in dough, but when the time comes for you to tie the knot, me and your mom can throw in a helping hand.” 

Lauren chimed in, When that day comes, we’ll be there for you, make sure your inlaws know they can’t push you around.” 

Ruby added her two cents, Josie, helping out Dad now is like helping yourself, right? Before a girl gets hitched, she’s gotta show her worth, make sure no one underestimates her, you know?” 

Josefina was like, what the heck? Were these three for real

Josefina had to laugh, Who says a woman has to get married? I can’t choose not to? Besides, why would I marry someone who looks down on me? Am I out of my mind?” 

Lauren scoffed at Josefina’s confidence, Easy for you to say, Josefina. After being played by those big shots, you’re still acting like Miss Goody TwoShoes?” 

Josefina’s brow furrowed, her expression turned to ice. So, are you telling me you called me here to sell myself to win over some connections??” 

With the cat out of the bag, Billy told it how it was, Josie, take one for the team, for the family’s sake. Once we’re back on track, I’ve got your back, right?” 

Lauren was blunt, What kind of life can you expect with your biological parents? They ain’t billionaires, and you’re no rich ladies. Face reality, girl, gotta keep your feet on the ground, right?” 

Ruby played the guilt card, Josie, if you help Mom and Dad now, they’ll help you later, and I won’t make a peep

Josefina snorted, Unbelievable. We’re not even family anymore, and you kicked me out, Why should I lift a finger for you? Who do you think you are, so full of yourselves?” 

Since Josefina wasn’t taking the bait, Billy went for the hard sell, Help me broker a deal

and I’ll give you a cool million, how about that?” 

Lauren thought that was too generous, A million is way too much. Give her half and she’ll be over the moon with gratitude.” 

Ruby suggested, Let’s just give her a million. She’s still part of the Antonio clan. Mom, I’m not mad, as long as it helps Mom and Dad, I’m up for anything.” 

Josefina shot back, You’re up for anything, so why don’t you sell yourself?” 

Josefina stood up, sneering with contempt, A million? My pocket money is more than that. What do you take me for?” 

Josefina’s vision doubled, and as the three figures before her blurred, she fainted. Billy caught her just in time

Lauren cursed, Why did you catch her? Let her fall and be done with it.” 

Billy retorted, Are you brainless? If she cracks her skull, how’s she gonna deal? Quick, help her up, Sammuel’s waiting at the hotel.” 

The three of them supported Josefina and took her to the hotel

Miss Josafina: Nobody’s Princess ( Josafina and Lauren )

Miss Josafina: Nobody’s Princess ( Josafina and Lauren )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/7/2024 Native Language: English
Miss Josafina: Nobody's Princess ( Josafina and Lauren ) Picture this - Josefina, a pretend heiress, loathed by her well-off foster parents, and then returned to her real parents. In the blink of an eye, she shapeshifted from a punchline in the world of the rich, to its princess. Suddenly wrapped in the warm embrace of her parents and cherished by her brother, she was now living a dream life. Did Josie fancy a prestigious college education?

Miss Josafina Nobody's Princess

 She got to pick as she pleased! Was Josie feeling a little bored? Companies galore for her to pass the time! Did she desire to drive? Luxury cars of every make at her disposal! What about shopping? A no-limits black card was all hers to play! Ah, but an engagement on the horizon? That one's a little tricky. Whisperings arose about an Oliver Baldwin, a tycoon known for his caprices as unpredictable as the weather itself. "Who's Josie to be tied to such a brute?", they said. The wedding had to be called off! But Oliver disagreed - he'd see anyone who tried to...


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