Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call Chapter 118

Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call Chapter 118

Chapter 118 

Megan couldn’t help feeling slighted. No sooner had they been intimate than he announced he had to work late at the office, a session that apparently lasted all night

What kind of work takes all night

She didn’t want to overthink it, but deep down, Megan had an inkling that Sullivan’s overtime was for a woman. Ironing his shirts, she couldn’t help but recall the words he’d whispered in her ear that night which promised he wouldn’t see Cressida again.. 

Lost in thought, footsteps echoed in the stairwell

It should be Sullivan

Wom from his overnight endeavors, Sullivan looked a touch haggard as he enveloped her in a hug from behind, the faint scent of antiseptic clinging to him was the one only belonged to the hospital

His embrace was tender, but for Megan, it was like a slap in the face he’d been to the hospital, so he’d seen Cressida

The saddest part? His promises had lasted barely a week

Megan didn’t confront him; that felt too cheap

Eyes downcast, she murmured softly, Bianca called early, reminding you of an important meeting this morning. She said to make sure 

you’re on time.” 

Sullivan’s hand paused on her slender waist. Why’d she call you?he asked

With a faint smile, Megan teased, She didn’t keep you company during your allnighter? Perhaps your phone was off.” 

He checked his phone to find it dead. Powering it back on, he saw four missed calls from Bianca but none from Megan. Despite his absence all night, she hadn’t called once. His smile faded, You trust me that much?” 

Megan hung the freshly pressed shirt. Turning to him with a light smile, she played the part of the dutiful wife, You said you wanted to be a faithful husband, right? Then I trust you!” 

He moved to kiss her, drawn by her softness in the bathrobe

Megan turned her face away unnoticed. Her gentle voice was the epitome of a supportive wife, Better take a quick shower, or you’ll be late! If you’re tired at lunch, take a nap.” 

Glancing at the time, Sullivan realized she was right he was running late. He planted a quick kiss on her lips and headed for the 


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In the bright closet, Megan’s face was as pale as paper, managing only a weak smile after a long while. She thought it was not that big 

of a deal

It was just her heart, quietly stirring again only to be shredded once more by him. It didn’t hurt much, just a dull ache. At least he wasn’t as harsh with her anymore

Megan picked up his suit and began ironing, numbing herself to the emotions. She played the affectionate wife, navigating a marriage that seemed loving on the surface while working towards her own goals

Paxton was busy preparing for a concert, and Megan 


from home, would meet with him. Her violin skills were flourishing

Luke, after listening, couldn’t help but tell Paxton, You’re going to be an overnight sensation!” 

Paxton, ever modest, insisted, Can’t get cocky! Stay humble!” 

In her spare time, Megan inquired about the buyer of a certain villa, but despite her persistence, the agents remained tightlipped, only mentioning it was purchased by a wellknown tycoon from Borough City and advised her to give up hope

Megan returned home in the evening

Sullivan was already there, watching her get out of the car in the twilight. He pulled her into his arms without a care for the driver’s presence, his voice a tender chuckle, I’ve been waiting for you! Been busy lately?” 

His gentleness was still there

Megan couldn’t help but wonder if he turned to her for physical comfort due to Cressida’s poor health, which made it impossible for her to fulfill his needs, and also for the prospect of children

Was this Sullivan’s idea of a favor? 

Yet outwardly, she was all gentleness, Aren’t you the busy one? You’ve hardly spent two nights at home this week. I know you’re busy with work, but others might start gossiping and saying you’re having an affair!” 


Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call

Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call

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Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call" Married for three years, Sullivan Lowry had treated Megan like an old shoe while cherishing his mistress like a gem. He ignored, mistreated, and abused her, making their marriage feel more like a prison..

Missing Mrs. Lowry The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call

Sullivan! Until one stormy night, he abandoned a pregnant Megan to go overseas with his mistress. As Megan lay on the floor bleeding, she crawled to call for an ambulance… Only then did she understand that someone’s heart could never be

warmed. Megan drafted a divorce agreement and quietly left.

Two years later, Megan returned home, attracting a host of suitors. However, her ex-husband, Sullivan, pinned her against the door, growing increasingly desperate, “Mrs. Lowry, I didn’t sign the divorce agreement yet! Don’t think about being with someone else!”


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