Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call Chapter 185

Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call Chapter 185

Chapter 185 

As noon approached, Megan was discovered by the housekeeper

In broad daylight, the study’s lights were still on. Megan lay sprawled across the dark oak desk, clad only in a black bathrobe, with many marks on her body already dried

Her eyes were tightly shut, and tears dried up. She lay motionless, her cheeks unnaturally flushed, her body burning hot to the touch

The housekeeper gasped in horror, Madam is running a fever!” 

With years of experience behind her, the housekeeper knew exactly what had happened. She hurriedly dialed Sullivan’s cellphone, but it just rang and rang, with no answer

At that moment, Sullivan was in a meeting with the top executives of the Lowry Group

The group was planning a massive project that Sullivan wanted to develop, but the conservative executives and shareholders thought it was too risky, with nearly half of them opposing. The meeting had already dragged on for over 10 hours

Unable to reach him, the housekeeper had no choice but to call the driver

Considering Megan’s dignity, two housekeepers gingerly dressed her and wrapped her in a coat for warmth. Throughout, they hardly dared to look at her body, feeling that Sullivan had been too harsh, lacking the gentle touch expected of a man

As Megan was helped up, something fell from her palm

It was a pair of cufflinks. They fell onto the dark carpet, glittering like the tears of a lover

Once in the car, Megan slipped into semiconsciousness

The housekeeper took her temperature 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Terrified, she tried Sullivan’s phone again, but still no answer. The elderly housekeeper couldn’t help but cry, fearing that this might be the end 

for Mrs. 

The driver floored it, racing to the hospital

Half an hour later, they finally arrived at the Lowry Hospital, owned by the Lowry family itself. Normally, admission to a special room would be immediate, without the need for registration or waiting, but the driver was informed that the Lowry Hospital’s special room was currently occupied

Who it was, the nurse wouldn’t say

Supporting Megan, the driver was ready to burst, Our Madam is the wife of the Lowry Group’s head. If she doesn’t qualify for this room, then who does?” 

Megan felt terribly sick, but a part of her was tense, urging her to see who was inside. Perhaps she already knew the answer, but she needed to see for herself, to let her heart die

The moment the door opened, she saw Cressida on the bed

Looking at the person on the verge of fading away, yet with a tranquil expression, eating fruit slices 


Chapter 185 

handed by Dahlia, she cooed, Sullivan said he’d try to see me in the evening! Mom, I think he still cares 

for me.” 

Megan blinked gently. She was nearly at her breaking point, but she didn’t disturb them. Instead, she turned to the driver, Leo, arrange for a regular room, please.” 

The driver and the housekeeper had tears in their eyes, sympathizing with her plight

Supported by others, Megan walked painfully down the hallway, each step aching. This pain was given by Sullivan, yet the person he tenderly cared for was in the special room, feeling sweet even in her final 


Disgusting! Truly disgusting

Sullivan claimed Cressida wasn’t his lover, yet he had her stay in the special room. Then what was his wife to him? What was she

Megan stopped in her tracks

Suddenly, she looked out the window, where thin snow piled on the winter branches, presenting a bleak 


She then vividly remembered that night at Quinn Haven, with wintersweet in bloom, tender and delicate. That night, she had felt a slight affection toward him

Turns out, it was only ever her own downfall from the beginning

What did it matter that she was framed back then or that he found out? In his eyes, her place remained the same as ever, merely an object for release, just a pretty plaything

Chapter 186 

Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call

Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call

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Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call" Married for three years, Sullivan Lowry had treated Megan like an old shoe while cherishing his mistress like a gem. He ignored, mistreated, and abused her, making their marriage feel more like a prison..

Missing Mrs. Lowry The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call

Sullivan! Until one stormy night, he abandoned a pregnant Megan to go overseas with his mistress. As Megan lay on the floor bleeding, she crawled to call for an ambulance… Only then did she understand that someone’s heart could never be

warmed. Megan drafted a divorce agreement and quietly left.

Two years later, Megan returned home, attracting a host of suitors. However, her ex-husband, Sullivan, pinned her against the door, growing increasingly desperate, “Mrs. Lowry, I didn’t sign the divorce agreement yet! Don’t think about being with someone else!”


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