Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call Chapter 37

Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call Chapter 37

Chapter 37 

Megan trembled in his arms, her mind a whirlpool of the notsosweet memories s that haunted the past three years. Her body felt nearly 

dysfunctional from the emotional toll 

Sullivan was on the brink of claiming her completely when his phone enpted with a persistent ring

Annoyed, he grabbed the device and saw Bianca’s name flashing on the screen. With a moment’s hesitation, he answered, but his tone was brusque, What’s so important that it can’t wait till moming?” 

On the other end, Bianca’s voice was laced with urgency Mr. Lowry, Cressida’s back in Borough City!” 

Sullivan’s brow furrowed slightly. He glanced at Megan, then got up and stepped outside to continue the call, but not before Megan caught the gist of Bianca’s announcement

Cressida was back in Borough City. Sullivan’s mistress had made her grand return, and for Megan, the official Mrs. Lowry in name, it was a slap in the face

After a brief two minutes, Sullivan returned, his expression taut

Cressida had made quite the entrance, surrounded by paparazzi at the airport, where she had the misfortune of breaking her leg, again. And to add insult to injury, her parents had announced to the media that their Baldwin family was now inlaws with the illustrious Lowry Group 

This was undoubtedly a scandal of epic proportions

Sullivan had to handle it personally, and that included dealing with Cressida

As he dressed, he glanced at Megan, who lay limp 

p on the bed, and said in a detached tone, Got an emergency, you should get some sleep. Ill be back in the morning to take you home.” 

Megan tumed her back to him, silent

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Sullivan took one last look at her before grabbing silence of the night 

his cos 

coat and hastily leaving. Soon, the sound of a car engine revving up 

p filled the 

Megan knew he wouldn’t return that evening. She thought about the past, how each time Sullivan visited Cressida in Harmony City, she would be consumed by jealousy, often losing sleep. But now, Megan realized she no longer cared

His coldness, his cruelty, all the ways he had wronged her they didn’t matter anymore

Not loving Sullivan was indeed a relief

The sky was barely lit when Sullivan walked into the hospital room at Pinecrest Hospital

Cressida, in her hospital gown, leaned against the pillows, her doe eyes filled with adoration as she looked at Sullivan 

He sat on the couch, scrolling through his phone, checking for any messages from Megan


one came 

Bianca entered the room, leaned towards Sullivan, and whispered. The media’s been handled, Mr. Lowry. Nothing will leak that 


Sullivan looked at her, then pocketed his phone. He was about to respond when Cressida, watching his face carefully, said, I’m sorry, Mr. Lowry. My father thought we were an item. He assumed a wedding was in the cards when he spoke to the press!” 

Before Sullivan could reply, Bianca couldn’t contain her irritation. Ms. Baldwin, it seems you’ve forgotten that Mr. Lowry is a married man. Where did you get the idea that you were in a relationship with him, let alone that he would marry you?” 

Normally, Bianca would use Cressida to needle Megan, but now seeing Cressida’s manipulative attempt to gauge Sullivan’s stance, Bianca lost her cool. She wouldn’t tolerate such lowly tactics from anyone who dared set sights on Sullivan 

Her agitation was evident, and Sullivan gave her a sharp look. Bianca remembered his previous warnings and promptly stepped back, pressing her lips together

Cressida was adept at reading the room. With trembling lips and eyes brimming with tears, she appealed, Bianca, you’ve got it all wrong. I never thought I was dating Mr. Lowry. I’m aware he has a wife. His kindness to me…. was only because I once unwittingly awoke him. All I want is to heal my leg and learn from Paxton. I dare not hope for anything more. Bianca, you wouldn’t hold that against me, would you?” 

Blanca was seething, now fully aware of Cressida’s cunning. Every word was innocent, yet each was a dagger aimed at her! Bianca turned to Sullivan, seeking his cue

Sullivan was already in a foul mood, thanks to the Baldwin family’s blunder. He faced Cressida with an expression void of warmth Until these matters are settled, I suggest your parents watch their tongues. They should know what can and cannot be said!” 

The Reborn Wife Strikes Back ( Gordon Holmes’ )

The Reborn Wife Strikes Back ( Gordon Holmes’ )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 4/22/2024 Native Language: English
The Reborn Wife Strikes Back ( Gordon Holmes' )" I die the day before Gordon Holmes' marriage to his true love.I spent ten years of my life loving him. I gave up everything to be with him, but all I got in return was a bruised and battered heart.But he's not even willing to see me for the last time before my death.

The Reborn Wife Strikes Back

His true love even throws me into the sea to feed me to the fish. When I'm given a second chance at life, divorcing Gordon is the only thing I want to do. Love is nothing compared to my career, and I'm better off loving myself than wasting it on someone who doesn't deserve it. But this time around, the bastard turns a new leaf and follows me everywhere I go."I'm not fucking around with you, Gordon. I swear to God I've given up on you. I'm perfectly fine with getting a divorce at any time!" You went to such lengths to make me yours, Taylor. How dare you refuse to take responsibility now?"My career is all I want to focus on in this life; I can chat up a handsome young man if I want some excitement. Unfortunately for me, Gordon clings to me and refuses to let go. He even forgets about his true love...


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