Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call Chapter 53

Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call Chapter 53

Chapter 53 

Megan kept Cora’s predicament to herself

Joseph thought Cora was just out on some errand for a couple of days, leaving the nurses in charge for a while. When he caught Megan daydreaming, he couldn’t help but say, You should head on home! The nurses have got it covered here.” 

Megan shook her head. She didn’t want to go anywhere right now, she just wanted to stay put

The night was serene

Joseph, being a patient, eventually couldn’t resist sleep any longer

Megan sat alone on the rickety chair, lost in her own world. A faint red mark graced her cheek, a souvenir from Cressida’s mother’s slap Outside the hospital room, separated by a pane of transparent glass, Sullivan stood quietly 

He observed the wound on Megan’s profile, her distant 

gaze, and the numbness in her ey out of Mrs. Lambert’s house, tired but spirited when she spoke

eyes.…. He remembered how she looked coming 

Tve always been like that! It was just you never noticed.” 

Sullivan, that $200,000 doesn’t cover sleeping with you. Remember, I’m all about keeping it professional.” 

Back then, Megan was alive with spirit

In truth, Sullivan knew that if he let go, Megan would quickly come back to life. But then she wouldn’t be Mrs. Lowry anymore. She might become Begonia’s or Bennett’s wife… 

Caught between pleasing others and pleasing himself. Sullivan chose to please himself

He left quietly, believing Megan would come to him

She was always so clever

The wind was strong at the hospital’s rooftop

At the edge of the sky, a hint of light began to show

Megan watched the faint glimmers, knowing full well that dawn was breaking, yet the light couldn’t penetrate the darkness in her heart

Her brother once said that life is full of choices, but Megan now felt she had none. She had no choice but to turn to Sullivan 

Even if his mistress had set Cora up, she would have to swallow her pride and ask for his help, fully aware of the price. Sullivan only wanted her for his camal desires and to maintain the facade of a marriage

In the dim light, a tall figure stood behind her

He had been with her for a long time

Megan turned her head unintentionally and was surprised to find Begonia there, looking travelworn as though he had just hurried back. His gaze was gentle and warm, offering a hint of comfort

Megan felt a lump in her throat

No words were needed; she could guess why he had come back so suddenly! But she couldn’t afford to be vulnerable, at least, not in front of Begonia, because she didn’t want to drag him into her mess anymore. His selfless acts were debts she could never repay. She didn’t want to be a burden to a good man

So, Megan mustered a faint smile and said to Begonia, It’s been a while, Begonia.” 

Side by side, they watched the sunrise, the dawn’s early light…. 

The morning breeze tousled Megan’s hair, and she turned to say nonchalantly, I’ve thought long and hard and decided to return to Sullivan. Being Mrs. Lowry isn’t so bad, after all. No need to struggle or live in fear! A woman needs a place to call home, and being alone is just too hard.” 

Having said that, she looked straight at him

Begonia did the same

Their eyes met, a silent exchange of bitterness, helplessness, and his sympathy

Unbeknownst to them, this moment was captured from a perfect angle that made the photos looking quite intimate. And they were sent to Sullivan’s phone early in the morning

At six in the morning, Sullivan, clad in a crisp white robe, reclined on his bed, staring at those photos

The rooftop in the morning light, a man and a woman locked in a deep gaze, an atmosphere filled with an indescribable sentiment


especially the love brimming in Begonia’s eyes as he looked at Megan 

Sullivan stared for a long while, his expression dark and unreadable

At eight in the moming

Megan helped Joseph with breakfast and exchanged a few words with the nurse before leaving. As she left, she discreetly handed over an envelope with two thousand dollars inside

Stepping out of the hospital, she dialed Sullivan’s number

Sullivan was driving when he answered her call, yet he remained silent 

Beth were quiet 

Finally, Megan broke the silence, Sullivan, I need to see you” 

His voice was cold. Wanna come back home, Mrs. Lowry? The lobsters are in season. Lilith’s cooking is top notch. How about you join me for dinner and we can enjoy them together?” 

Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call

Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call

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Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call" Married for three years, Sullivan Lowry had treated Megan like an old shoe while cherishing his mistress like a gem. He ignored, mistreated, and abused her, making their marriage feel more like a prison..

Missing Mrs. Lowry The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call

Sullivan! Until one stormy night, he abandoned a pregnant Megan to go overseas with his mistress. As Megan lay on the floor bleeding, she crawled to call for an ambulance… Only then did she understand that someone’s heart could never be

warmed. Megan drafted a divorce agreement and quietly left.

Two years later, Megan returned home, attracting a host of suitors. However, her ex-husband, Sullivan, pinned her against the door, growing increasingly desperate, “Mrs. Lowry, I didn’t sign the divorce agreement yet! Don’t think about being with someone else!”


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