Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and Joseph ) Chapter 423

Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and Joseph ) Chapter 423

Chapter 423 Reading Together Makes My Heart Beat Faster 

The proximity to Jonathan caused her heart to race, its rhythm seemingly reverberating in her ears. Lost in the moment’s intensity, she suddenly pulled back, swiftly diverting the conversation to another topic

Have you sent Christopher back?she asked, regretting it almost immediately

Mentioning Christopher instantly cast a pall over the mood, leaving both of them uneasy and causing a wave of queasiness to wash over her. Despite the discomfort it stirred, her heart’s anxiousness seemed to subside, recognizing the pressing need to address the issue promptly. She was worried that Jonathan might be upset as he checked his phone. He’s already on the plane.she said

Angela breathed a sigh of relief, That’s good.” 

By changing the subject, she felt less nervous. Although, the thought of Florence using Christopher to threaten Jonathan still made her 

uncomfortable. Christopher repulsed her, and she knew Jonathan disliked him even more

Will Christopher try to come back again?she asked, wanting assurance to good riddance of such scum

Don’t worry, he won’t,Jonathan reassured her, hugging her tightly. She noted that it seemed to be his favorite spot

With Christopher out of the picture, Angela felt a sense of relief

Jonathan asked, Ready for bed?in a husky voice, but Angel declined as she wanted to read a bit longer


Chapter 423 Reading Together Makes My Heart Beat Faster 

She looked at him with wide eyes, and he suggested they switch to reading something else together. Feeling bewildered, Angela followed him to the study room, leaning against his chest as they walked. Despite the initial adjustment period, she had grown accustomed to his touch

Jonathan guided her to the bookshelf in the study room, where she absentmindedly picked up a book, unaware of his intentions. Just as she was about to inquire about his choice, he effortlessly swept her off her feet and out of the study

To her surprise, she asked, Aren’t you going to choose a book too?” 

We’ll read it together.” 

Slowly, it dawned on her what he meant about reading together.” 

Should I pick a different book?she asked, still thinking if he might mean something else and not the reason why she was blushing so heavily


Realizing his plan, she quickly grabbed a medicine book before they settled to read together

Jonathan walked straight to the balcony without looking back. No need to change.” 

Once Jonathan settled, Angela was on the balcony, covering her legs with a blanket while zoning out

He casually grabbed a blanket and draped it over her legs, allowing her to lean more comfortably against him. As Angela adjusted to a more comfortable position, she opened the book to the bookmarked page, but Jonathan took the book from her before she could start reading, saying, I’ll turn the pages for you.” 


Chapter 123 Reading Together Makes My Heart Beat Faster 

He hid her hand under the soft blanket before Angela could react to Jonathan’s words

The last rays of the setting sun vanished below the horizon. The balcony light flickered on, and Angela nestled in his arms like a content cat. She observed his hand holding the book, occasionally flipping through the 


At first, she would ask him to turn the pages for her, but over time, she grew lazier and began lightly tapping him with her knuckles instead. Her hand remained tucked under the blanket, with even her fingertips warmed by the cozy embrace. When she needed to turn the page, she simply moved her knuckles to signal him to do it. It was undoubtedly a moment of comfort for both of them, but the relaxation also made her lazy about reading

Just as her eyes started to droop from laziness, Jonathan’s captivating voice whispered into her car, instantly sparking her attention

Is it that boring?” 

Feeling his kiss on her earlobe, the warmth against her ear instantly dispelled half of her drowsiness. Although the drowsiness faded, the laziness that she had allowed lingered. Accompanying the laziness was the flutter brought by his warm breath. Angela turned her head and boldly kissed his cheek. After a brief touch, she pulled away

The book is not interesting at all. I’m done reading,she said

Reading was her idea, but she found it hard to focus when snuggling with Jonathan. Despite recognizing every word in the book, the sentences. seemed elusive to her restless mind

Shall we sleep then?Jonathan’s dark eyes gleamed brightly, even more so than usual, as he gazed at Angela


Chapter 423 Reading Together Makes My Heart Beat Faster 

Angela was about to respond when suddenly a phone rang in the room

Her phone rang at that moment, dampening the mood. Jonathan’s expression darkened, almost urging Angela to ignore it. Unfortunately, she was quicker and rising from his embrace to retrieve her phone that she had casually set aside

Jonathan observed Angela’s back as she answered the phone, then rose and approached her with glowering eyes. Seeing it was a landline number, she answered without much thought. However, upon hearing Joseph’s voice, she promptly ended the call

Who was that, and why did you hang up?Jonathan inquired, setting his book aside when he saw Angela disconnect the call

Angela appeared unsettled. It was Joseph.” 

Joseph had been bothering her repeatedly. She had clarified her stance in their last conversation, so she couldn’t understand why he was calling again. Hence, without missing a beat, she hung up immediately

Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and  Joseph )

Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and Joseph )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/18/2024 Native Language: English
Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and Joseph ) In her old life, Angela Kins got snatched as a baby and only made it back home at age ten. Everybody thought she hit the jackpot with wealthy parents, four awesome brothers, and a good-looking fiancé. Angela herself totally bought into this fake fairytale. But, the love from her parents, the care from her bros, and the sweetness from her fiancé? Not meant for her.

Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and  Joseph )

All that was showered on the adopted daughter who took on her identity for over a decade. The Kins Family dissed and mocked Angela big time, keeping her stuck in a tiny utility room while the impostor enjoyed a princess-like setup. Later on, she got hit with stomach cancer. And when she was on her deathbed, instead of feeling sad for her daughter's tough luck, her mom was bizarrely relieved because Angela's death meant her adopted kid would score a kidney. After her rebirth, Angela decided to ditch the old baggage..  

She said bye to family drama and romantic mess, choosing to rock a carefree and happy life on her own terms. But guess what? She had no clue she'd become a magnet for the attention of her ex-fiancé's big-shot older brother. This guy, with his tough rep, turned out to be a real softie. Behind closed doors, he clung to Angela, throwing sweet words and teasing her. Angela wanted out, realizing that being all mushy with guys could spell a lifetime of trouble.

Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and  Joseph )


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