Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and Joseph ) Chapter 475

Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and Joseph ) Chapter 475

Chapter 475 It Would Be Worth It 

Chapter 475 It Would Be Worth It 

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In the car, Scarlet anxiously fixed her gaze on the cab ahead, asking, Are Zacharias and Fanny really going to the hospital?” 

James remained silent, his expression grim. He, too, was watching the cab ahead, lost in thought

Hugh, the driver, seeing James deep in contemplation, answered Scarlet, Yes, Madam Scarlet, this road indeed leads to that private hospital.” 

James had previously briefed Scarlet about Zachariascontact with the private hospital. It was this clear explanation of the stakes involved that convinced Scarlet to wait outside instead of immediately confronting Zacharias for answers

What should we do then? How do we handle this?Scarlet was at a loss, then suddenly asserted, We can’t let Zacharias find out! Hurry, catch up to them and stop them!” 

She was adamant about keeping Zacharias in the dark, unwilling to see him actually donate his kidney

Hugh, feeling uncomfortable, said, Madam Scarlet, it’s difficult to overtake here. We should handle it at the hospital.” 

Initially, Hugh was reluctant to bring Scarlet along, fearing she might complicate matters

However, James was concerned that leaving her with Zacharias might also lead to problems. So, he took Scarlet out early in the morning to divert her attention and visit Joseph to ensure they were not missing any crucial information

Scarlet seemed to sense something was amiss and returned quickly without meeting Zacharias

Eventually, James decided it was best to keep her with him

It’ll be too late by the time we reach the hospital!Scarlet insisted

With no choice, Hugh said, Madam Scarlet, it won’t be too late. We can switch the test results.” 

James added, Mom, don’t worry about it. Hugh and I planned to replace the results with a negative match after they come out.” 

Although it might take some effort, James believed it would be worth it. Ensuring both Zacharias and Fanny give up on the idea after this test was crucial



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Chapter 475 It Would Be Worth It 

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Hearing Jamesplan, Scarlet finally understood, yet remained apprehensive. James, can we really keep it a secret?” 

Despite understanding Jamesintentions and knowing that success would lessen their worries, Scarlet couldn’t fully ease her mind

James reassured her with a nod, Mom, trust me.” 

Taking a deep breath, Scarlet agreed to proceed with the plan

After a moment of silence in the car, still on their way to the hospital, she broached another concern, Is there really no news about a kidney donor?” 

She feared that even if they managed to deceive them this time, Zacharias might try again in the future

The only viable solution to the problem was finding a kidney donor

Days had passed without any news, leaving them anxious

James shook his head. Mom, the waiting list is too long; it’s beyond our control.” 

Hearing the helplessness in her son’s voice, Scarlet didn’t 

press further

Soon, Zacharias and Fanny were at the hospital for compatibility testing

Despite paying for expedited processing, they were told the results wouldn’t be available until the next day, which disappointed Zacharias

You said the results would be quick,” Zacharias noted to the doctor, a friend with whom he had only recently reconnected

The doctor shrugged. You were too late. Had you arrived earlier this morning, we could have had the results by tonight. Now, it will be tomorrow. The lab technicians need rest, too.” 

Fanny felt waiting one more day was acceptable, especially since she never expected to get a transplant in Northland

She hoped to return to Riverdon with Zacharias, relying on Christopher’s support. With Christopher present, even if the Kins Family did not support her receiving Zachariaskidney, Christopher could take care of her whenever needed

Zacharias, the results will be out tomorrow. There’s no need to hurry,Fanny reassured

Zacharias glanced at the doctor again, considering the possibility of James and Scarlet returning soon, and suggested, Let’s 

go home.” 




10:36 Mon, 22 Apr 

Chapter 475 It Would Be Worth it 

Once they left the hospital, they quickly made their way back home

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On the way back, Zacharias made Fanny promise not to tell James and Scarlet about their hospital visit, to which she readily agreed

After Zacharias and Fanny left the hospital, Hugh led James to see the doctor Zacharias had met earlier

When Scarlet saw the doctor greeting Hugh and mentioning Zacharias and Fanny, she rushed to confirm. Did they really come for compatibility testing?” 

Yes,replied the doctor

She felt a mix of anxiety and anger, wondering how Fanny could agree to come with Zacharias for a match without changing her expression when leaving

Scarlet, both anxious and angry, questioned further, Did Fanny do it voluntarily? Did she know?” 

She couldn’t comprehend why Fanny would agree to compatibility testing with her brother, knowing well that Zachariashealth wouldn’t withstand losing a kidney

Upon hearing the doctor’s confirmation that Fanny was aware, she felt faint and nearly collapsed, but James caught her in time, quickly changing the subject

Please take care of the test results,James said to the doctor while supporting Scarlet

The doctor smiled. I will do as Hugh requested.” 

Noticing Scarlet’s poor condition, Hugh asked, Should we do a checkup for your mom?” 

James declined, No need, I’ll take her to see Joseph.” 

Scarlet insisted, Let’s go to see Joseph.” 

Their excuse for the outing was indeed to visit Joseph, who was still detained, and Scarlet was worried about him

After sending them off, Hugh gestured to James for a call, indicating they would communicate later

Once the couple had left, Hugh asked the doctor for a detailed account of Zacharias and Fanny’s visit, intending to finalize the timing of the test results after consulting with James

The doctor agreed and recounted everything without omission

Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and  Joseph )

Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and Joseph )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/18/2024 Native Language: English
Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and Joseph ) In her old life, Angela Kins got snatched as a baby and only made it back home at age ten. Everybody thought she hit the jackpot with wealthy parents, four awesome brothers, and a good-looking fiancé. Angela herself totally bought into this fake fairytale. But, the love from her parents, the care from her bros, and the sweetness from her fiancé? Not meant for her.

Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and  Joseph )

All that was showered on the adopted daughter who took on her identity for over a decade. The Kins Family dissed and mocked Angela big time, keeping her stuck in a tiny utility room while the impostor enjoyed a princess-like setup. Later on, she got hit with stomach cancer. And when she was on her deathbed, instead of feeling sad for her daughter's tough luck, her mom was bizarrely relieved because Angela's death meant her adopted kid would score a kidney. After her rebirth, Angela decided to ditch the old baggage..  

She said bye to family drama and romantic mess, choosing to rock a carefree and happy life on her own terms. But guess what? She had no clue she'd become a magnet for the attention of her ex-fiancé's big-shot older brother. This guy, with his tough rep, turned out to be a real softie. Behind closed doors, he clung to Angela, throwing sweet words and teasing her. Angela wanted out, realizing that being all mushy with guys could spell a lifetime of trouble.

Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and  Joseph )


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