Reborn In a Murderer’s Embrace ( Dexter ) Chapter 299

Reborn In a Murderer’s Embrace ( Dexter ) Chapter 299

Chapter 299 

Chapter 299 

My steps faltered, and I turned back to look at Dexter

I don’t remember ever having a dog” 

I was lying through my teeth

Dexter looked taken aback for a second before he swiftly changed the subject. Phoebe, if you don’t remember, then let it go. It’s not worth dwelling on, and it’s not exactly a fond memory.” 

I stepped into my room and quickly shut the door before Dexter could follow


Leaning against the door, I pulled out my phone, determined to log into account. I knew my parents had maintained a social media profile to chronicle my upbringing

PhoebeDexter’s voice didn’t fade from the other side of the 

voor He 

ed like he had a world of 

things to say

But I really didn’t want to hear it

Phoebe, I’m sorry, I know it’s too late for words now, but I” 

Mr. Fitzgerald, Miss Melody took a nasty fall from the attic, looks pretty bad.” 

Dexter hadn’t even finished, and Melody had pulled one of her stunts. Her way of vying for attention was nothing short of juvenile

Sure enough, Dexter’s concern shifted to Melody

Busy man indeed

I couldn’t help but find amusement in how he scurried about for Melody, dancing to her tune without a second thought

I was itching to see the look on Dexter’s face when he’d find out that it wasn’t Melody, but Phoebe who had saved him back then

Years ago, it was I who had distracted the kidnappers, but when Dexter came to, it was Melody he saw I had been discovered by the kidnappers and was knocked out cold, landing me in the hospital for days. By the time I came to, Dexter and Melody were an item

What a joke. Back then, I was naive enough to take it hard for quite a while

Logging into the account, I sprawled on my bed, scrolling through the posts

From day one of my life, my parents documented my life

Our little princess has arrived.On the day of my birth, the photo they posted featured four of us: myself, my parents, and Damian

And the person holding me was Damian. Despite his smile, he looked downright eerie, giving me the chills 

just looking at him

Our little princess is a prodigy, walking so young.And there Damian was again, lurking in the background. My parents seemed overly comfortable leaving me alone with Damian



Chapter 299 

Phoebe doesn’t smile much, not even for Dad’s antics. Doctor says she might be on the autism spectrum, Damian thinks it’s just a personality mismatch.” 

No matter what, we’re in this together. We won’t give up on Phoebe 

Phoebe’s one now, and the therapy seems to be working. No developmental delays, normal intelligence, but her personality isoff.” 

Phoebe, age two, decided to feed the goldfish to the cat today.” 

Phoebe’s behavior is getting stranger. Today in the bathroom, there was blood everywhere. She’s only two and had used a paring knife to kill a snake.That post’s photo showed just me, but I could see a foot in the doorway. It was Damian’s, confirming he was there

1 sifted through the records, picking out the anomalies

A twoyearold killing a snake? Quite the fearless tot

Damian came by today; he says he’s quite fond of Phoebe.” 

From what I could tell, every time there was an incident with me before the age of five, Damian was present. 


I tried to keep reading, but a wave of dizziness washed over me

An odd fragrance filled the room, heady and disorienting

Thankfully, having been exposed to my fair share of underhanded tricks, I had developed a bit of resistance

I managed to stuff the aromatic diffuser on my bedside table with some tissues

After shaking my head to clear it, I lay down and pretended to sleep

Miss, dinner is ready,the housekeeper called from beyond the door

Silence was my only response


The sound from outside ceased

Not long after, the housekeeper returned. Miss, it’s time for dinner.” 

Still, I didn’t make a sound

Once again, she left. Before long, I heard the sound of a car pulling into the Fitzgerald family’s driveway

I got up and peeked out the window. Sure enough, a car had parked, and out stepped Damian

Instinctively, my grip tightened on the curtain, hiding behind it

Damian was back

Had Dexter sent for him? On the surface, he seemed to be repenting, but was he actually conspiring with Damian to erase my memories

Miss, it’s time for dinner,the housekeeper called out again after a while



Reborn In a Murderer’s Embrace ( Dexter )

Reborn In a Murderer’s Embrace ( Dexter )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/16/2024 Native Language: English
Reborn In a Murderer's Embrace ( Dexter ) For a decade, my heart blazed with love for Dexter, only for him to cold-heartedly manipulate me, using me as bait to trap the twisted murderer who targeted his new infatuation. 

Reborn In a Murderer's Embrace

Reborn In a Murderer's Embrace ( Dexter )


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