Chapter TwentyFour: I am only looking out for you

Why the tone, Angela? I thought you’d be happy for me.” 

You just got out of a broken marriage; I don’t think it is wise to just jump on another. What will people say?” 

For once, I don’t care about that. I love him, and he loves me too.” 

Do you know anything more about him?” 

I will, with time.” 

I just arrived in town; meet me at the cafeteria. We have a lot to talk about.” 

At about 12:30 p.m., Angela and I were seated at the cafeteria, both having smoothies and tacos for lunch. There was a robbery last night, and everybody in the cafeteria was talking about it. It seemed that the arm robber was identified as a lady. She had disguised herself as a topclass business tycoon with a fake ID, attacked the bank with a pistol, and gotten away with over fifty pounds

Do you know what those ladies over there are talking about? It seems there was a robbery attack last night.Angela sipped her smoothie

Yeah, I think there was a robbery last night, and according to an eyewitness, it was a lady, and she singlehandedly attacked the bank.I replied

Whoa! That’s one powerful lady,she commended

I think most people are now taking this powerful woman stunt over the edge. If I’m brave enough to expose a man as powerful as Thomas in public, then they can do anything.” 

You are just an inspiration; you should be proud.” 

I am proud, but not when they rob banks like this 

This is just the beginning; there will be more woman power drama by then, and you’d know we have. a lot of women who are capable of a lot.” 

I wouldn’t want to wait and see what happened then

How have you been?” 

I was happy until someone scolded me over the phone.” 

You know I am only looking out for you. I don’t want anything to happen to you again. You passed through a lot.” 

But that is all in the past now. I survived, didn’t I?” 

Yeah, you did, and I’m happy that you did. The news was a shock to me. I didn’t expect it.” 

I didn’t expect it as well; it just happened, and agreeing to marry him was the best thing at that 

Chapter Twenty Four Fam only looking out for you


What about now?” 

It feels like the best decision I made.” 

Wait! Is that a diamond ring I see on your finger?Angela almost shouted



This is so beautiful; even more beautiful than the one Collins gave me.She exclaimed, checking out. the ring on my finger

Yeah, I know, right? It’s so beautiful.” 

But c’mon, I hate to be the joy killer, but don’t you think it’s too soon? I mean, you barely know this guy, and you’ve been dating for how long now? A year?Angela leaned back on her seat

Yeah, I’ve been thinking though, but I really love this guy, and he gets me too; I think I can trust him. Maybe the wedding plans would let me know more about his family.” 

Yeah, he would definitely introduce you to his family. I’m proud of you, even if I still feel a bit off about this.” 

I understand your fears; they are valid, but it will be fine.” 

You’ve got yourself a charming prince. So, what next? Have you told your son yet?” 

No, I haven’t really told anyone about this, but it’s all over the internet, and I think he should have seen it.

I still think you should tell him yourself.” 

I will, but I’ve not been able to reach for a while now. I want him to come home. I miss my son. Speaking of which, I would be moving back to my home. Thomas has finally left with Catherine. I have everything to myself now.” 

Oh, I’ll miss you so much.” 

And lest I forget, the house down two blocks is yours.” 

What?She gasped

Yes, I know you’ve always wanted something for your NGO. You can make use of it for the time being until something more promising comes up.” 

This is wonderful, Regina; I’m loving the woman you have become.” 

I know right; I am free and most especially happy.” 

I was thinking about something, though.” 

What’s that?” 

Chapter TercityFour Fam only looking out for you

Now that everything is finally in place, you should rest.” 

Rest? Why do I need to rest now when my life is just beginning?” 

I mean, you are the owner of five top multibilliondollar companies. You literally don’t need to work again. You should be protected and kept safe.” 

C’mon, Angela, you worry too much

I think you should let capable hands handle your company for you. All you have to do is oversee everything from a distance.” 

Well, I’ll think about that. You know, I just took hold of everything. I need to get acquainted with it all before putting people in charge.” 

I understand.” 


Thanks for always looking out for me.” 

Now that’s settled, then, drink up! This is on me.‘ 

The next day was a bit rough and hectic for me, as I had missed out on work lately and rescheduled lots of appointments with clients. The thought of Evans made me smile, and from time to time I took quick glances at the diamond ring, which widened my smile. In about an hour, there was a ring from the telephone on the desk

Hello, ma’am, there is someone here to see you,the female voice said

Who is it, please? I kind of have a lot to do here.” 

He said his name is Evans, a medical doctor.Jane replied

As I heard the name Evans, a smile carved its way onto my lips. I have been distracted lately by this same man, but I needed a distraction from my rough day

Please let him in.Just as I replied, I dropped the call

Evans walked in looking as charming as ever

I held him in a tight embrace; it’s the first time I’ve seen him since he put the ring on my finger, and he rained several kisses on my lips and cheeks

You didn’t tell me you were coming.” 

I offered him a seat

Yeah, I was in the neighborhood, so I decided to come over and see how you are doing; you look like you’ll do well with a massage.He said it, almost smiling

Yeah, I’ve been so distracted lately that I have so much work to do; I’ll be working late today. I have. meetings with clients that have been previously rescheduled, pending emails, and lots of files to work 

Chapter TwentyFour: I am only looking out for you



I don’t know if I should be apologizing for being your distraction. It sounds sweet. But I’m sorry for the stress. You should let someone manage the company for you.” 

I am beginning to consider that.” 

Let me make it up to you; let’s go out during the weekend,he offered

You want to make it up to me by taking me out on another date? silly.” 

you are so 

We got into an outburst of laughter

I have something for you, Regina.” 



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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/9/2024 Native Language: English
REGINA MILES- A BILLIONAIRE STORY ( Thomas Miles ) Regina Miles, the wife of Thomas Miles, a billionaire,


is scared to move on from her past love. She meets Evans, a much younger Medical Doctor who is willing to take her on a new path of finding true love. What happen..



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