Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother Chapter 453

Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother Chapter 453

Chapter 453 

I took Flynn to a quiet place and sat down. I believe Queenie was sincere when she said those. She wanted to be with you in this life. You know better than anyone else how much 

she loved you

“But, have you made plans for your future? In other words, have you ever considered what kind of life you want to offer her? For example, when are you going to meet her parents? When will you marry her? How many children are you planning to have?” 

He frowned and looked at me, dumbfounded and confused. He seemed to be asking if he didn’t love enough and why he had to consider so much. He had given Queenie all his love

You haven’t considered it, right? In other words, she has no place in your future. I believe you love her, and she sincerely loves you

But, to put it bluntly, you prefer glory, wealth, and superiority over her. You never thought about giving her a home. All you want is a harbor called Queeniewhere you can rest when you’re tired

However, she’s human. She’ll feel pain, disappointment, and despair. What you did hurt her. You asking Queenie to be your mistress is enough to make her lose the confidence to continue loving you

Your actions prompted her to leave. She couldn’t help but give up on you. You can do 

nothing to make it up. Flynn, love can’t be expressed only by words. She requires a sense of belonging and security.” 

Flynn responded, It was my fault. I thought if I cared for her enough, she would know my love and follow me without regrets for the rest of her life. I assumed that if I provided her with sufficient materials, she would have felt at ease

I believed she loved me and would never leave me. I never considered her standpoint. It 

was all my fault. But, Luna, my affection for her is genuine. I’ve never changed.” 

I told him, But you got Daniela pregnant. You gave your marriage and future to her. You’ll have a family with her. Flynn, what remains when you’ve gotten rid of everything in your life? It’s painful for Queenie to suffer without hope. She’s in hell

Have you ever thought about it? In the future, you, Daniela, and your child might run into Queenie with your other child. Daniela’s child calls you daddy, but Queenie’s child can only see you from afar. Daniela calls you hubby, but Queenie can’t


Flynn, how will you feel at that moment? How will Queenie feel? How about that poor child? She’s not a robot. She’s a human who loved you deeply and wanted to give her whole life to you. What have you given her? You can’t tell, can you

No one can live such a life. It took her best effort to get through your hell. Please, let her 

She has to survive.” 

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Flynn frowned again. The pain in his eyes deepened, and he appeared overwhelmed with regret. However, it was all his fault. There was no one he could blame

I patted his shoulder, both reproaching and comforting him. You’re doomed not to be able to bring Queenie happiness. Just let her go.” 

I can’t. That’s five years. She has long been in my heart. How can you ask me to let her go? It’d kill me. I also have to survive.” 

Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother

Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother

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Seduced by My Childhood Sweetheart’s Brother My name’s Luna Lawson, and he’s Felix White.From the moment we were born, the elders in our families had us engaged to one another. I’ve been sure of one thing my whole life—I’m Felix’s future wife.Since we were kids, I’ve thought of him as my god. I did everything I could to follow his instructions and treat him well.But one year, he brings a young lady to me. He gives her a tender and loving gaze, saying, “This is my girlfriend.”I say, “Okay.

Later, Felix says, “Lulu, Lili says she feels insecure because you’ve remained single this whole time.”And so, I start dating Felix’s older brother, Colin White. At first, I think he’s pure of heart and free from desire, but after we get together, he starts seducing me with everything he’s got.I try to flee, but he chases after me. When I get mad, he coaxes me. He laughs when I scold him and feeds me when I’m hungry. He also holds me when I’m cold …I tell him, “Colin, stay away from me. It’s so hot.”He locks me in his embrace and smiles devilishly. “Be good. Let me give you another kiss.”


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