Shattered Illusions: Love Lies and Redemption ( Lizetta ) Chapter 260

Shattered Illusions: Love Lies and Redemption ( Lizetta ) Chapter 260

Chapter 260 

Fiona chuckled, Why should I tell you? Mind your own beeswax, just take care of Ms. Hawthorne, will ya?” 

Remington was caught off guard, his head spinning

Whose grandma was she anyway? Lizetta and he haven’t even officially split yet, and instead of playing peacemaker, Fiona was already setting up shop to poach her own grandson’s girl

Wow, Grandma, vea’ve got some serious clout, huh? With connections like that, any guy you give the thumbs up must be topnotch. I’d love to meet him, of course.” 

Lizcita nodded with a grin, clearly excited as she eagerly asked, Got any pics, Grandma?” 

She looked like she couldn’t wait to dive into the dating game, while Remington was pissed off, his handsome face darkening

Fiona nodded, Sure do! Left my phone at home, but I’ll show you as soon as we get back. What’s your type, Liz? A suave bad boy or a clingy sweet boy? Oh, and I heard there’s this new thing called daddylike boyfriendthat’s all the rage. Sounds pretty good, right? Someone to take real good care of you.” 

Remington interjected with a chill, Who could be more daddythan me? I practically raised her.” 

Fiona scoffed, You might look the part, but you’re a deadbeat dad at best. Right now, you’re just fit to be a dad to Evelina’s bun in the oven, so go chill out elsewhere.” 

She turned back to Lizetta, I’m talking about the warm and caring daddy type. As for the cold, stern, clueless flirt who’s secretly a sleazeforget it, too exhausting to deal with!” 

Lizetta listened with a mix of shock and amusement, wondering where Fiona picked up all these trendy phrases

She agreed enthusiastically, I’ll follow your lead, Grandma.” 

Behind them, Remington felt like he was about to freeze over

On the ride home, Fiona chatted excitedly with Lizetta about the matchmaking, even giving detailed introductions of two potential suitors from wellknown families in Zion City, both of whom Remington had heard of

Driving, Remington watched the pair getting more and more excited about the topic, until he suddenly spoke up coolly, Ever heard the saying, Don’t tick off the driver?” 

Fiona looked up and let out a snort of laughter, Oh, you’ve got some nerve! Think you can threaten me? Go on, crash the car if you’ve got the guts.” 

She thought the kid should’ve been fuming by now

Remington felt another stab in the chest when he caught her insinuation

Fiona turned to Lizetta again, Look at him, threatening us! You’re making the smart choice dumping this guy, Liz. I’m all in to support you! Just wait, I’ll show you the pics when we get home!” 

Resigned, Remington sent a text from the car’s central console

Once back at the family mansion, he helped Fiona to her room, where she began searching for her phone

How strange, I’m sure I left my phone right by the bed. Where could it be? Remington, call my phone, will you?” 

Fiona urged him, as he frowned slightly

Grandma, are you seriously planning on finding your granddaughterinlaw a new man?” 

Fiona cackled, Of course, you think I’m here to crack jokes?” 

Suddenly suspicious, she turned and glared at Remington, Wait a minute, my phone was right by the bed. Tell me, did you have someone hide it?” 

Remington didn’t deny it, simply stating, Grandma, save your energy. I won’t let her marry anyone but me.” 

Lizetta, who was preparing a tea for Fiona in the kitchen, came up with the cup in hand, only to stop at the door upon hearing Remington’s emphatic words

Her hand paused on the doorknob, gripping the tray a little tighter




Shattered Illusions: Love, Lies, and Redemption ( Lizetta )

Shattered Illusions: Love, Lies, and Redemption ( Lizetta )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/7/2024 Native Language: English
Shattered Illusions: Love, Lies, and Redemption ( Lizetta ) Remington raised Lizetta, fulfilling all her requests, and Lizetta mistook it for love. It wasn't until two years into their marriage that she realized she was just his most pampered pet, but she had treated him as her whole world.

Shattered Illusions Love, Lies, and Redemption

  When his first love returned, Lizetta insisted on a divorce, to which he scoffed, "Can a cat raised since childhood really leave its owner? You can't escape." Lizetta left resolutely and never looked back. However, Remington went mad. "Mrs. Dashiell! Please, just look at me one more time." He cornered her against the wall, his eyes brimming with love. She smiled gently, "Humans and dogs take different paths. Step aside, don't block my love opportunities." He held her waist tightly, his eyes reddening, "I've reserved the marriage proposal quota for the next 365 days. Liz, marry me again!"  

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