Shattered Illusions: Love Lies and Redemption ( Lizetta ) Chapter 360

Shattered Illusions: Love Lies and Redemption ( Lizetta ) Chapter 360

Chapter 360 

Remington’s brows furrowed as he stepped forward, positioning himself in front of Lizetta

Lizetta took a step back, looking up at him with a calmness in her eyes that made Remington distinctly uncomfortable. It was as if she was looking at a stranger, through and through

Once upon a time, she would never look at him that way. Remington tensed up, his handsome face turning cold

I’m not going back with you, nor will I listen to you and give up my chance with the dance troupe. I’ve already gone out of my way to save Mr. Dachrell’s face in public. Can’t you, for once, drop your domineering attitude and let me be?” 

Lizetta spoke, feeling both suffocated and frustrated. She took a step to leave and reached for her phone to call Yolanda, who was nowhere to be found

But in the next second, Remington caught her wrist and gently pulled her towards him. Lizetta stumbled into his embrace, her waist clasped by him, enveloped by his familiar scent of woodsy cologne

Whether it was her sensitivity or just her imagination, she thought she detected a faint whiff of women’s perfume

Lizetta frowned in disgust, tuming her head away as she struggled to free herself, “Let me gol 

Lizetta, why exactly are you making a fuss here?Remington snapped, his grip on her firm as he forced her to look at him, leaving no room for escape

Lizetta’s eyes turned red as she stared back at him, feeling utterly exhausted

Me? Making a fuss? Remington, it’s clearly you who’s been causing all the trouble!” 

He was the one who made promises of a happy life together but quickly forgot as he got entangled with past flame, who disregarded her feelings, meddled in her career under the guise of being a husband, and who even forcefully brought her back when she went abroad, using his injury to guilttrip her into submission

She was left wondering if he ever truly cared for her at all. As these thoughts flooded her mind, tears blurred her vision once more

She suddenly looked down, not wanting him to see her vulnerability. But Remington saw it anyway, and his grip loosened slightly in 


He leaned in, pressing his forehead against hers, trying to explain

Tm just womed about your health. With the dance rehearsals, performances, and tours, how can I not worry when you’re about to start showing? Isn’t Joy more important than dancing

He said this as he gently kissed her forehead, his voice soft and coaxing. But Lizetta pushed him away, feeling his affections were nothing but pretense 

Stop pretending: I know everything.” 

Her expression was cold, devoid of any warmth or affection, her reaction completely unexpected by Remington 

Remington’s frown deepened, Know what?” 

He had thought Lizetta’s mood was due to a moming spat with Hanna, taking it out on him. But clearly, there was something else he 

was unaware of

At the sight of him still playing ignorant, Lizetta’s lips curled into a scornful smile, In your old room, I opened that wooden box in the closet and saw everything inside! I know about Stella

Your concern for the West family’s affairs, your interest in Evelina’s baby carrying the West family bloodline, it isn’t just about Quinn, is it? It’s for Stella, right?” 

Lizetta finished accusingly, her gaze fixed on Remington. She was determined to see how he would try to deny or conceal the truth, watching for any sign of guilt or evasion on his face


Shattered Illusions: Love, Lies, and Redemption ( Lizetta )

Shattered Illusions: Love, Lies, and Redemption ( Lizetta )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/7/2024 Native Language: English
Shattered Illusions: Love, Lies, and Redemption ( Lizetta ) Remington raised Lizetta, fulfilling all her requests, and Lizetta mistook it for love. It wasn't until two years into their marriage that she realized she was just his most pampered pet, but she had treated him as her whole world.

Shattered Illusions Love, Lies, and Redemption

  When his first love returned, Lizetta insisted on a divorce, to which he scoffed, "Can a cat raised since childhood really leave its owner? You can't escape." Lizetta left resolutely and never looked back. However, Remington went mad. "Mrs. Dashiell! Please, just look at me one more time." He cornered her against the wall, his eyes brimming with love. She smiled gently, "Humans and dogs take different paths. Step aside, don't block my love opportunities." He held her waist tightly, his eyes reddening, "I've reserved the marriage proposal quota for the next 365 days. Liz, marry me again!"  

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