Shattered Illusions: Love Lies and Redemption ( Lizetta ) Chapter 368

Shattered Illusions: Love Lies and Redemption ( Lizetta ) Chapter 368

Chapter 368 

His kiss softened in a soothing way

As footsteps faded, Lizetta felt her strength leave her; she slid down the wall she was leaning against, but the man wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her close as if trying to merge into her very being. His chin rested on her head as he spoke in a deep voice

You don’t have to worry about it. Whatever you saw with Stella, it won’t affect us; just wait” 

Lizetta couldn’t bear to hear he finish any more. With all her might, she pushed the man away, her force so strong that he stumbled back into the nearby wall

She clenched her teeth and spat out, I don’t want to hear anymore! I need to get away from you! And please, stop interfering with my decisions. Respect my choice.” 

After speaking her mind, Lizetta turned and quickly walked away, though tears betrayed her, falling despite 

her best efforts

Liz, ouch!” 

Remington wanted to follow, but her push had hit his recent wound in the abdomen. Pain shot through. him, causing sweat to break out on his forehead and his handsome face to pale. Clutching his stomach, he found it hard to stand for a moment

By the time the pain subsided enough for him to follow, he saw Lizetta and Jerome walking side by side not far away

Remington stopped dead in his tracks, his handsome face turning icy, a mocking smile touching his lips. 

My private room’s just ahead, thanks Mr. Madden, and I’m really sorry about this.” 

Lizetta hadn’t expected to run into Jerome here. She had been running so fast that she literally bumped 

into him

And now, Jerome had seen her at her most vulnerable, tears and all, making it hard for her to even lift her 


She apologized for her behavior at the concert hall and for her rudeness just now. Jerome’s voice was calm and soothing, It’s okay, but seriously, with you being pregnant and all, if you’re not aiming to give birth to a Hercules, you might want to take it easy.” 

Their first encounter had been her darting into traffic. And now this

Lizetta’s cheeks heated up at his teasing, but she couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of her child being a Hercules, momentarily forgetful of her distress

Jerome’s eyes twinkled with amusement as Lizetta lifted her head

Hercules was born after a superhuman pregnancy, Mr. Madden. Are you planning to keep me in this pregnant role on stage to line your pockets? You truly are a capitalist at heart.” 

Lizetta gave Jerome a thumbsup, her smile brightening her previously distressed face

Jerome raised an eyebrow but didn’t object, simply nodding, Looking forward to seeing you perform.” 

With that, he headed to his room. Lizetta’s smile faded as she composed herself, grateful for the distraction that eased her mood


*Chapter 368 

She took a deep breath and was about to enter her room when she heard a commotion from across the hall. Turning, she saw the door to another private room open

Yolanda emerged, dragging Jenny with her; Lizetta swept a glance inside. Evelina was hopping on one foot, clutching a sweater and gasping from the heat

Clearly, Yolanda had played a titfortat, giving Evelina a taste of her own medicine with a cup of hot water. Elara was fussing over Evelina, and a middleaged man, presumably a guest of the Hawthorne family, looked both shocked and angry. Keyin was trying to calm the chaos

Liz, let’s book it.” 

Seeing Lizetta, Yolanda grabbed her, and the three women made a run for it

As Lezetta was pulled along by Yolanda, her hand instinctively went to her belly, halfwondering if she was indeed going to end up giving birth to a little Hercules


Shattered Illusions: Love, Lies, and Redemption ( Lizetta )

Shattered Illusions: Love, Lies, and Redemption ( Lizetta )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/7/2024 Native Language: English
Shattered Illusions: Love, Lies, and Redemption ( Lizetta ) Remington raised Lizetta, fulfilling all her requests, and Lizetta mistook it for love. It wasn't until two years into their marriage that she realized she was just his most pampered pet, but she had treated him as her whole world.

Shattered Illusions Love, Lies, and Redemption

  When his first love returned, Lizetta insisted on a divorce, to which he scoffed, "Can a cat raised since childhood really leave its owner? You can't escape." Lizetta left resolutely and never looked back. However, Remington went mad. "Mrs. Dashiell! Please, just look at me one more time." He cornered her against the wall, his eyes brimming with love. She smiled gently, "Humans and dogs take different paths. Step aside, don't block my love opportunities." He held her waist tightly, his eyes reddening, "I've reserved the marriage proposal quota for the next 365 days. Liz, marry me again!"  

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