Submitting To My Billionaire Ex-Wife by Allison Mild ( Genevieve) Chapter 154

Submitting To My Billionaire Ex-Wife by Allison Mild ( Genevieve) Chapter 154

Chapter 154 

Louisheart trembled slightly, and he said calmly and gently, I didn’t see your earrings. Why don’t you wear another pair?” 

No. I want to go shopping wearing the clothes I bought yesterday. These are matching jewelry and can’t be changed. And it’s almost time for my appointment,Genevieve replied. A woman’s stubbornness could be used not only in a relationship but also in all aspects, Please come back now and find it for me.She naturally made the request

Louis found it amusing. Instead of being angry, he felt somewhat sweet. But he looked at the time. There was an important meeting today. It was too late. He comforted Genevieve softly, Gen, I can’t go back now. I’ll ask the servant to open the door. Can you find it yourself?” 

Genevieve snorted coldly and complained unreasonably, I knew it. Work is more important than me.Then she handed the phone to the servant

The servant hurriedly took it over, listened to Louiswords, and responded respectfully

Genevieve stood there indifferently, waiting impatiently

The servant hurriedly took her to the study and opened the door with a key. Mrs. Fallon, we can’t go in. Please go ahead.” 

Genevieve frowned and entered impatiently. It’s so annoying. I just want to go out.” 

Genevieve went in, searched around the door first, and then took the chance to close the door

Then she went straight behind the desk and rummaged through the drawers. But there was nothing of value in 


There was just a photo of Austin and Louis in the first drawer. She paused, feeling even more suspicious

The last drawer was full of files. One was marked Anthony,and Genevieve subconsciously opened it. It was the information of Anthony’s social and business circle. Some pictures were secretly photographed while some were publicly released, including Genevieve’s photos. There were also many confidential documents of Hoffman Group

Genevieve was secretly shocked. But then she thought the business world was like a battlefield. The more one knew about the opponents, the higher one’s chance of winning. She thought perhaps there was some competition between the two companies

053% 18:05 

Chapter 154 

She put the file back and turned on the computer. Many encrypted data were set with passwords and couldn’t be opened. One of the folders was also named Anthony.Genevieve was puzzled but didn’t have time to think 

about it

She opened a local disk on the computer. There were many pictures in it, including photos of Louis racing cars and skiing and photos of him together with Yvette

She glanced at them and was about to close it when she saw one of the snapshots. It was Louis standing in front of a chocolate birthday cake, making a wish

Chocolate cake, Genevieve thought. Her palms instantly sweated, and she felt nervous. So the real Louis loves chocolate. This Louis is fake. Then who is he?Genevieve panicked. She was afraid that she would run into trouble. She began to feel uncertain


e servant knocked on the door outside. Have you found it, Mrs. Fallon? Do you need help?” 

Genevieve hurriedly shut off the computer, took the prepared earrings from her pocket, and walked out. She soon regained her composure and smiled happily. Look, I said I dropped it in the study. So it’s behind the bookshelf. You can lock the door now.” 

Fortunately, she had seen the email about this morning’s meeting from behind Louis yesterday. It was a rare opportunity

Yes.The servant happily locked the door and sent Genevieve to the car

Genevieve arrived at the mall and met Amelia. They naturally sat down for a cup of coffee

Genevieve looked at the luxury store’s anniversary event and sighed. There are so many people. How can we get in? I have no mood to shop anymore.” 

Amelia hurriedly said thoughtfully, Don’t worry, Mrs. Fallon. I’ll ask them to

the place. You can go in later.” 

After spending a few days with Genevieve, Amelia had a general understanding of her character. To Amelia, Genevieve was proud and beautiful with a bit of temper but had a good personality. A job like shopping with Genevieve was a pleasure for her. 

Genevieve nodded hesitantly. Okay.” 

Amelia hurried to the luxury store

Soon, somebody in the café quietly sat across from Genevieve and couldn’t help but complain, It’s hard to meet you. Are you a prisoner or a rich lady?” 

Emergency calls only

Chapter 154 

053% 18:05 

You live a more carefree life than I do!Genevieve looked at Yvette in front of her with mixed emotions. She took a sip of coffee and looked at Yvette calmly. He may not be Louis.” 

Yvette’s face darkened, and she looked up at Genevieve 

I saw the photos on the computer in the study and the chocolate birthday cake in the photo. The real Louis is not allergic to chocolate, Genevieve explained lightly, feeling depressed. She had an ominous feeling like a storm was about to come. People were walking around in the shopping mall, but it was none of her business. Her freedom was limited

Yvette gritted her teeth, her face pale. Anything else?” 

No, that’s all I found in the study.Genevieve asked calmly, Have you contacted Uncle Caspian?” 

Yvette frowned and nodded. He told you not to worry. He will find a way to save you.” 

Genevieve breathed a sigh of relief. As long as Caspian knew about it, she wouldn’t be alone. She wondered if Darrell and Samantha knew about it and if it would worry them. She hoped that wouldn’t be the case

Yvette looked at her with mixed feelings. Don’t forget my business.” 

Genevieve looked up. I didn’t forget.” She also wanted to know who Louis was

They saw Amelia heading back after arranging everything. Yvette left the seat in a hurry. Genevieve stood up. Amelia looked at her and said happily, Mrs. Fallon, everything’s settled.” 

It feels good to spend money,Genevieve thought as she leisurely watched the models walking up and down. She picked a lot of clothes and jewelry. She even picked a necklace for Amelia, who was too happy to say anything

Then, Amelia received a call from Louis. She looked at Genevieve happily. Mr. Fallon said he was working nearby and would come to pick you up.” 

Genevieve nodded and said happily, Okay.She then bought a man’s tie. Anyway, it was Louismoney

Genevieve and Amelia waited at the entrance with bags. Soon, Louiscar arrived. The driver carried the bags into the car, and Louis opened the door for Genevieve. Even Amelia admired Louisthoughtfulness and envied Genevieve’s good fortune

Seeing Genevieve in a good mood, Louis was also happy. What did you buy today?” 

I bought a lot and ordered many things to be delivered to the house later,Genevieve replied cheerfully


Chapter 154 

Suddenly, Amelia’s phone rang. She looked at the number, and her expression froze. She glanced at Louis and Genevieve behind her before answering the phone and carefully lowered the volume. After the phone was hung up, she seemed hesitant to speak and kept looking back at Louis

Louis noticed her gaze and looked cold. Tell me.” 

Amelia glanced at Genevieve, thought for a moment, and reported in Remdikian

Louis frowned and glanced at Genevieve. His eyes relaxed slightly when he saw that she didn’t care about their conversation, as if she didn’t understand, but opened the jewelry box and tried the jewelry she had just bought on excitedly

Genevieve listened to their conversation while looking at the expensive jewelry


Submitting To My Billionaire Ex-Wife by Allison Mild ( Genevieve)

Submitting To My Billionaire Ex-Wife by Allison Mild ( Genevieve)

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 3/29/2024 Native Language: English
Submitting To My Billionaire Ex-Wife by Allison Mild ( Genevieve) Genevieve Lawrence was over the moon when Anthony Hoffman, the man whom she admired for several years, agreed to marry her, albeit in exchange for her bone marrow to save his sister. However, instead of a "happily ever after" life, she suffered mockery and loneliness as Anthony was often absent..

Submitting To My Billionaire Ex-Wife

She endured in silence but the last straw came on their third wedding anniversary when Anthony announced to the world that they had a two-year-old son. A son not borne by Genevieve, but by Anthony's first love, Rosalie Stewart.Not willing to lose the last bit of her dignity, Genevieve gritted her teeth and asked for a divorce despite being pregnant with Anthony's child. But as fate would have it, not only did she lose her marriage, but she also lost her unborn child after a deliberate hit- and-run by Rosalie.Genevieve put the past behind her and prioritized herself. She shone in her career and attracted numerous suitors. On the other hand, Anthony desperately wanted Genevieve to return to his side. Would Genevieve grant Anthony and perhaps herself a second chance at love?

Submitting To My Billionaire Ex-Wife by Allison Mild



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