Submitting To My Billionaire Ex-Wife by Allison Mild ( Genevieve) Chapter 220

Submitting To My Billionaire Ex-Wife by Allison Mild ( Genevieve) Chapter 220

Chapter 220 

Distracted, Quincey nodded. I almost forgot about it. Your dad brought it over. Remember to bring it home with 


Where did Dad get it?Anthony asked

He hired an overseas specialist. It’s quite useful. After all, you are awake. It’s clear your dad still loves you,Quincey replied

Bitterness filled Quincey’s heart. Unfortunately for her, Presley’s attitude toward her wasn’t as pleasant as it 

used to be

Anthony nodded, falling silent momentarily. There’s no hurry to cancel the engagement.” 

How can you not be in a hurry?Quincey questioned

Mom, who will be the woman that Dad will agree for me to marry?Anthony probed

Presley would consider whether the woman’s background would be in the best interest of the Hoffman Group while being on par with the Hoffman family. Most importantly, she needed to be someone who could reverse Hoffman Group’s recent sharp decline in reputation

Anthony said slowly, Genevieve is the best candidate.” 

Quincey was shocked, almost jumping up from her seat. No, absolutely not!” 

She was unable to control Genevieve. Hence, she couldn’t agree to this suggestion

Anthony stopped talking and looked at her calmly. Have a good rest.” 

He understood that everyone had their motives

When Anthony went downstairs, the Thomson family had already left

Presley sat there, waiting for him. He wanted to have a chat with his son

So, when Anthony arrived, Presley said, There’s something you need to know. Louis is back.” 


Emergency calls only

Chapter 220 

Anthony froze, lifting his head abruptly

Meanwhile, Genevieve watched TV with Monica at the hospital, occasionally drifting off. Monica noticed her distraction. With a smile, she told Genevieve to attend to her own affairs

Genevieve felt sorry for Monica. If she hadn’t gone out to answer the phone, no one would have dared to bully 


Hence, she had taken care of Monica obsequiously at the hospital recently

Monica sighed. I’m bored out of my mind, staying in the hospital for so long. I haven’t seen my sisters from the village for a long time. Tell your dad that I need to go back to the village.” 

Genevieve frowned. Grandaunt Monica, why are you in such a hurry to go back? The conditions back in the village will not be as good as they are here. You should wait until you recover before deciding!” 

Nobody knows I’m living in such a good hospital. When I get better, no one will believe me. I have to now and tell them about this!The more Monica talked, the more excited she became. She picked up the phone, wanting to call Darrell and Samantha and get them to send someone to bring her home



Darrell and Samantha rushed over in a hurry. They tried to persuade Monica otherwise, to no avail

In the end, they agreed to let Monica go home after a month. At least she had to wait until the doctor gave her the green light before she could leave

Monica had no choice but to agree with them. But she refused to stay in the hospital anymore, so Darrell immediately took her home without objections. After all, it was no big deal for him to reschedule his matters

When Genevieve took time to go to Lauraine’s ward on the first floor again, she noticed an increase in bodyguards

The woman wondered, Is she trying to deter me? I’m not stupid. Others will have leverage over me if I do anything to her here.‘ 

Genevieve just wanted to see how Lauraine was recovering

Work piled up at the company because Jeffrey wasn’t around


Chapter 220 

Genevieve went to the office and took care of things without stopping

According to Eric from the project department, they could kick start the TuringTech Innovations project already

Jacinta had already made preparations

Genevieve didn’t tarry and assigned someone to keep an eye on the project

In the evening, the video conference of the TuringTech Innovations project began with all participants present. They were Jacinta, Genevieve, Anthony and the project leaders from the three companies

The importance of this project to everyone involved was evident. The initial plans for the project were kept confidential, with only the three of them aware of the details

The video conference lasted until 9 p.m., and the tension reached its breaking point

Anthony was businesslike from beginning to end, and even Jacinta felt more confident

Soon, the conference was over

Genevieve got the driver to send her back to the penthouse on that chilly night

She was exhausted. The butler of the community welcomed her in and pressed the elevator button for her

Genevieve nodded in gratitude before leaning against the elevator

The light shrouded her warmly as soon as the elevator arrived

She lowered her head and casually entered the password

The man hugged her from behind. There was a chill to his body

The warm cedar fragrance enveloped her, saturating her senses. Instantly, she knew exactly who this man was

Genevieve froze as she quickly regained her senses

Her penthouse door opened at the same time

She was about to turn around and push the man away when the man pushed her in domineeringly and closed 


Emergency calls only 

Chapter 220 

the door

His figure stood tall over her as a tremendous sense of pressure washed over her

Genevieve’s voice was cold and distant. Anthony, are you crazy?” 

It seemed like she was going to grab the vase beside her and smash it on his head

She looked at Anthony indifferently

Anthony didn’t move. He just hugged her waist tightly and pulled her closer

The man finally gave in to his wish to see her after holding it in for many days. Genevieve, why don’t you continue to use me? You can do whatever you want.” 

The amnesiac Anthony was far more rational, dominant, and prideful than the Anthony of the past

But now, his memory had returned. The deep affection that was hidden in him had now controlled his life once again. He couldn’t help but miss her, want to see her, and get close to her

Seeing Genevieve through the video did nothing to help with his condition

He came over straight after leaving the company, not having anywhere else to go

If Anthony didn’t come, Genevieve wouldn’t come to him either. By then, both of them would be officially over

Genevieve pushed him away with a frosty expression. Why should I use you? Leave before I get angry.” 

Anthony paused and gazed at her with deep eyes. Gen, my memories have returned.” 

Genevieve was shocked. She looked at him without speaking

She suddenly recalled that the two of them parted unhappily before Lauraine’s ward. Genevieve had vaguely sensed something was wrong with Anthony since then

Anthony put his forehead on hers and said huskily, I remembered everything, Gen. Give me another chance, okay?

Genevieve felt an indescribable pain in her chest that made her uncomfortable


Chapter 220 

She seemed to have never noticed that in the past, Anthony would call her Gen,and the amnesiac Anthony would only call her Genevieve.” 

Genevieve pushed him away and smiled brightly. Anthony, it’s none of my business whether your memories returned or not. What happened in the past can’t be forgotten!” 

There was no relationship between them now

Is it because of Louis?Anthony’s voice was deep and frosty

Genevieve fixed her gaze on him

Anthony pursed his lips. Louis is back. Or, to put it another way, Austin is back.” 

He looked pained and conflicted as if he had fallen from a great height, losing his cool


Presley told him that Louis was Austin, shocking Anthony.. 


Submitting To My Billionaire Ex-Wife by Allison Mild ( Genevieve)

Submitting To My Billionaire Ex-Wife by Allison Mild ( Genevieve)

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 3/29/2024 Native Language: English
Submitting To My Billionaire Ex-Wife by Allison Mild ( Genevieve) Genevieve Lawrence was over the moon when Anthony Hoffman, the man whom she admired for several years, agreed to marry her, albeit in exchange for her bone marrow to save his sister. However, instead of a "happily ever after" life, she suffered mockery and loneliness as Anthony was often absent..

Submitting To My Billionaire Ex-Wife

She endured in silence but the last straw came on their third wedding anniversary when Anthony announced to the world that they had a two-year-old son. A son not borne by Genevieve, but by Anthony's first love, Rosalie Stewart.Not willing to lose the last bit of her dignity, Genevieve gritted her teeth and asked for a divorce despite being pregnant with Anthony's child. But as fate would have it, not only did she lose her marriage, but she also lost her unborn child after a deliberate hit- and-run by Rosalie.Genevieve put the past behind her and prioritized herself. She shone in her career and attracted numerous suitors. On the other hand, Anthony desperately wanted Genevieve to return to his side. Would Genevieve grant Anthony and perhaps herself a second chance at love?

Submitting To My Billionaire Ex-Wife by Allison Mild



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