Summer’s S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill ) Chapter 15

Summer’s S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill ) Chapter 15

Chapter 15 

Alick saw Summer’s expression and believed more firmly that it was his other son who pretended to be Sanford 

and saved Summer that day

Why didn’t he find out that Summer was so cunning before

Alick said in a low voice, Not long after I left with Sanford that day, you hired someone to hack into the monitoring system of the Hotel Caesar. At the same time, you asked your child to disguise himself as Sanford and sneak into the hotel to save you. Am I right?” 

Summer tried to calm herself down

Alick threw a blurry photo to Summer

The boy in the photo wore a baseball cap, a brown windbreaker, and a pair of jeans

Summer was dumbfounded. How could it be possible? Ballard had deleted all the records. Where did this photo come from? Was there someone lurking not far away that day

Was Toby also exposed

Seeing that Summer didn’t say anything, Alick continued, Bill has caught the hacker. Summer, hand over the child. I can let you go.” 

Summer turned her neck stiffly. What did you say?” 

Hand over the child. I won’t pursue the matter that you lied to me in the past four years.” 

Summer licked her lips and said, Last sentence.” 

It was rare for Alick to have a good temper. He repeated it

The corners of Summer’s mouth lifted slightly. She almost fell into Alick’s trap. Ballard was the hacker. It showed that what Alick said just now was just his speculation

Mr. Hill, you have my baby. What else do you want?” 

Emergency calls only 

Chapter 15 


D68% 17:53 

Summer recalled what Alick had just said. It turned out that her eldest son’s name was Sanford, Sanford Hill

Since he couldn’t fool her, Alick quickly changed his attitude

What’s this?” 

Summer looked at the documents that Alick didn’t touch. What trick did Alick want to play again

The Sanford’s birth certificate.” 

Alick crossed his hands on the table and fixed his eyes on Summer

Summer felt bitter

Even though she knew it was a trap, she was willing to jump into it without hesitation

In these photos, Summer observed Sanford’s growth

Meanwhile, Alick said to Summer, I know Sanford has a brother” 

No, he didn’t know. Summer had mixed feelings. Sanford not only had a brother, but also a sister

Sanford always asked me when you would go home after he met you that day.” 

Summer’s heart ached

Go home?Summer asked with a sneer


You are still my wife legally.” 

Alick was intrigued by Summer’s expression. Why didn’t he notice it before

Somehow, Alick wanted to tease Summer

As expected, Summer’s face changed

If she had heard the news a few years ago, she would have been overjoyed. Now she just wanted to stay away from Alick. Marriage was a shackle to her.. 

Emergency calls onlyDOO

Chapter 15 

So what?Summer was a lack of confidence




Come home with me.” 

In an instant, Summer’s face turned pale. Did Alick want to lock her up

But she was more reluctant to let her children stay with Alick. Summer calmed down a little bit

Alick used Sanford as a bargaining chip to ask Summer to go home with him. Summer wouldn’t refuse him

In the car heading to the Hill’s villa, Summer was lost in thought. If she had refused Alick’s proposal just now, he would have been angry from embarrassment

Summer sighed. When she came to her senses, she had already entered the Hill’s villa in Euldon

Seeing the familiar scene again, Summer felt time passed quickly

Sanford stood in front of the window on the second floor. Summer smiled at Sanford, but he pulled the curtain 


Summer was sad about her son’s attitude. But thinking that she would spend more time with her son, she felt


Summer followed the housekeeper into the house

Alick didn’t come back with Summer. Alick hated her. So how could he let her live a happy life

Getting along with him for four years, Summer guessed that Alick wanted to use her to lure Ballard out. 

Fortunately, before meeting Alick, Summer asked Fay to take care of her children and watch out for Alick

Summer looked at the closed door on the second floor and sighed. What she needed to do most now was to let 

Sanford admit her as his mother

Summer encouraged herself

The housekeeper led Summer in and left. She didn’t know where the servants had gone. There was Summer and 

Sanford in the villa


Chapter 15 

It was almost lunchtime, but no servant prepared a meal


Summer sat on the sofa for a while and wanted to go out to look for the housekeeper, only to find that the door was locked from the outside


Summer found the ingredients in the fridge

As time passed, Summer couldn’t wait any longer. She rolled up her sleeves and made three dishes and one 


In addition, Summer thought that children liked fried chicken. In order to curry favor with the eldest son, she took out a portion of pickled chicken

Summer began to fry the chicken. At this time, Sanford opened the door a crack

Summer was so busy that she didn’t notice that Sanford had already gone downstairs. He even walked around the table, looked at the dishes she had cooked, and even smelled them

Summer took out the fried chicken and put it on the plate. Suddenly, she heard a voice of unwillingness behind 


Why are you here? Where is Alverta?” 

Summer’s S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill )

Summer’s S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/22/2024 Native Language: English
Summer's S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill ) Summer White had been an orphan since childhood. The closest person to her should be her husband, Jonathan Hill, whom she has only met twice since they married.

Summer's Sexy Back with Two Babies by Danielle

Four years ago, Summer suffered from severe bleeding during childbirth and was on the verge of death, but the attending doctor saved her life. The doctor was her college classmate and discovered that the culprit for her difficult childbirth was actually her husband. He took it upon himself to announce Summer’s death to get her out of the miserable marriage.Alick Hill was the young heir of the prestigious Hill family. Due to a drunken encounter with Summer, he got her pregnant. Consequently, Alick’s grandfather ordered him to marry Summer. As a rebellious but devoted grandson, Alick dared not go against his ailing grandfather. He saw the marriage as a mere tool, planning to nullify the marriage as soon as Summer gave birth to the kids.In Euldon, four years later, Summer White, who had now changed her name to Rachel Wright, was playing with two cute kids.

Summer's Sexy Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin


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