Taming the Billionaire CEO ( Daniel Monroe ) Chapter 34

Taming the Billionaire CEO ( Daniel Monroe ) Chapter 34


He had been so occupied with his thoughts that he had forgotten about his scars and taken off his shirt in front of her. That is none of your business,he spat, his grip on her wrist tightening

She searched his eyes, but all she could see was anger and an emotion she couldn’t decipher. Davis, you can 

I said it’s nothing,he hissed

She winced when his grip on her wrist further tightened. You’re hurting me, Davis.” 

He immediately let go of her arm and wore his shirt. You didn’t see anything tonight,he told her as he grabbed a shirt and shorts from the closet, And I apologize for hurting you,he said and without waiting for her response, scampered into the bathroom

She rubbed her now red wrist as she stared after him. I probably shouldn’t have touched him,she muttered with a sigh as she changed into her nightwear and sat at the edge of the bed

Who exactly is Davis Solorante

She wondered as she stared at the bathroom door

She looked away when the sound of running water stopped. You didn’t see anything tonight, Anna. It’s none of your business,she reminded herself and focused on what she wanted to ask him

Why aren’t you sleeping?he questioned, his brows knitted together in 

suspicion as his lips pursed together. I already told you to forget about whatever you saw.” 

And what did I see?she raised her brow, staring at him blankly. He nodded his head in satisfaction as he dried his hair with a towel. Good.” 

She cleared her throat as she sat up straight. Are you and Giovanni close friends?she questioned, watching his expression to see if he’d give off anything but his expression remained the same

Why do you ask?he asked as he dropped the towel in the laundry basket and turned to face her, a blank expression on his face

She let out a low groan, Can’t you just answer my question?” 

I just didwith a question,he pointed out, making her massage her temples

Why did I think getting an answer out of you would be easy?she mumbled incoherently

His lips curled in a frown when he didn’t catch what she said. What was that?She cleared her throat, shaking her head softly. Nothing,she said

He crossed his arms and stared at her, Why are you suddenly Interested in my relationship with Giovanni?he questioned

It was pointless of her to beat around the bush. He wasn’t going to tell her what she wanted to know unless she said the real reason behind her question

When I returned his car, he complimented me, saying my acting is goodenough to convince one that I’m truly married to you when I’m not,she looked him in the eye. Which is why I want to know if you told him about it and if so, why didn’t you tell me?” 

Davis rubbed his temples. I didn’t tell anyone about it and Giovanni isnot someone I want you to be associated with. He’s not going to tell anyone, okay? As for how he found out, I have no idea but I wouldn’t be too worried. Just be careful around him.” 

You two aren’t friends, are you?she stated

It doesn’t matter, just listen to me and go to sleep,he snapped, shoving her out of the way as he walked to the bed

She watched him settle in bed, her lips pursed together on a thin line with a deep frown on her face. I don’t know what is going on with them both, but I’m going to find out about it all, including the scars

She joined him in bed, careful not to touch him or cross over to his side. ” 

Goodnight,she said softly, trying not to think about him being next to her in 


When she didn’t receive a response, she sighed and turned her back on him. Goodnight to me,she whispered and shut her eyes


Could you keep it down and stop moving so much?Anna moaned tiredly, her eyes shut as she tried going back to sleep. She was a light sleeper and so Davis’s constant moans and movement had woken her up

Unsure of what he was doing, she kept her eyes shut not wanting to see if it was what she was thinking

Help,she heard him say, a soft cry escaping his lips as his movements became 

less controlled

She faced his side of the bed and opened one of her eyes to see his eyes closed and his brows furrowed together in pain. She sat up in a hurry, fear spreading its 

roots through her. Davis,she cooed with worry as perspiration dripped down 

his face

He didn’t respond and kept moaning in pain

Help,he muttered again, this time louder and the pain he felt was more 


She moved closer to him and placed his head on her chest. You’re going to be okay,she cooed as she wrapped her arm around his side. Nothing is going to happen to you, okay?” 

After a while, his movements reduced and he went back to sleep. Finally,she heaved a sigh of relief as she watched his chest rise and fall. Is this why he doesn’t sleep here? Does he experience this frequently

She let out a loud yawn and tried to move away from him to her side of the bed, but she realized his arms were wrapped around her and the more she tried to move, the tighter his grip was

Fine, you win,she said softly as she let out a loud yawn, her eyes fluttering close. Just don’t kill me when you wake up


What the hell!Davis cursed softly so as not to wake Anna when he found her head on his chest and their limbs interlocked. His lips curled downwards in a deep frown as he carefully tried to get out of bed

Just like Anna, he kept to his side of the bed so how did they get into such at scandalous position? Considering they were married, it wasn’t scandalous, but it was still an odd position for him

You’re awake,Anna moaned as her eyes fluttered open. Good morning,she gave him a wide smile that made him stop moving

He had seen her sleep and wake up, but watching her wake in his arms made. something in him stir. He was a man with blood flowing through him, after all

He cleared his throat and looked away from her. And why exactly are you in my arms?he asked as he successfully unlocked their arms

She raised a brow and shook her head. You don’t remember?she asked as she pulled away from him and sat up

Remember what?he asked slowly, scanning her body, hoping it wasn’t what 

he was thinking. We didn’t” 

She tittered at his insinuation. No, we didn’t have sex, Davis. Neither of us drank last night so I’m quite certain we’d remember If we had such intimate relations.” 

He cleared his throat, hiding his embarrassment with a frown. That wasn’t what I insinuated, but that’s good to know,he said as he got out of bed. So, what don’t I remember?” 

YouKnowing him, he’d probably overreact and never spend the night here. again the moment I tell him about it. You came on me first and wouldn’t let go.He stared at her like she had grown two horns. You don’t possibly expect me to believe that, do you?” He said, his nose scrunched up. I think I’ll have to reconsider sleeping next to you.” 

She rolled her eyes. It was half the truth after all

She reached over to the side of the table, picked up her phone and opened her chat with Giovanni who had left her on read, probably because he already answered her question

Let’s meet. She dropped her phone with a heavy sigh. She had to know more about Davis one way or the other

Taming the Billionaire CEO ( Daniel Monroe )

Taming the Billionaire CEO ( Daniel Monroe )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/6/2024 Native Language: English
Taming the Billionaire CEO ( Daniel Monroe )" Betrayed and Abandoned by her husband, Daniel Monroe, and his family whom she had given everything for, Anna Monroe takes it upon herself to make them pay the ultimate price for their betrayal.

Taming the Billionaire CEO Daniel Monroe

   Fueled by her revenge, she teams up with Davis Solorante, a well-known yet unknown business Tycoon whose hatred for the Monroes mirrored hers. 


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