Taming the Billionaire CEO ( Daniel Monroe ) Chapter 36

Taming the Billionaire CEO ( Daniel Monroe ) Chapter 36


Livid, that’s a rather interesting word to use,Tom commented, If I may ask, Renee, what exactly do you mean when you say he was livid? How exactly did he react?” 


Renee sat up straight, letting out a heavy sigh. There’s no one who wouldn’t get mad when they find out the source of their joy was nothing but a lie. Just like husband, my fatherinlaw and the entire family weren’t happy about it-” 

But despite that, they didn’t attack me or make my situation worse. On the contrary, they were quite supportiveshe wiped a tear that was trickling down her face and sniffed, -Even though they were affected by it badly, they didn’t hate me for it, especially my husband,she concluded with a smile

I’ve caused them a lot of pain and trouble, and I hope the public sees that this is all me and they aren’t involved in any way,she said with a pleading tone

With a slow, disbelieving shake of the head, Tom said, I must say the Monroes truly live up to their reputation. It’s impressive they didn’t abandon you after the damage your actions causedalthough I wouldn’t call it abandoning if they did 

Now that that’s been cleared, let’s move on to the next questions,Tom said 

with a wide smile

Bring it on,Renee said with a light chuckle


Now that I’ve destroyed Renee’s career to some degree, what next

Anna sighed as she leaned back on the couch, grabbing a handful of chips from the bag of potato chips in her hand

And how exactly do I take Daniel’s company and leave him with nothing? It probably won’t be easy with the amount of influence he has, even with the help of Davis

She sunk further into the couch as though she was trying to become one with it. Regardless of how hard it would be, she had to take the company from Daniel without destroying it. She had to destroy while keeping the company safe from the destruction

Aish! What a sly fox!Lily exclaimed, grabbing a handful of chips and throwing it at the big screen. How can she talk about always telling the truth when she and Daniel are lying about being married? She’s something, isn’t she?Lily 

asked through a mouthful of chips

When she didn’t receive an answer from Anna, she turned to her to see her absentmindedly chewing. Anna?she called her. Not receiving a response, she waved her hand in her face. Are you still in there?” 

Who knows,Anna breathed, sitting up straight

Why do you look distraught?Lily questioned with concern but to her surprise, Anna burst into laughter instead. Did I say something funny?” 

Anna raised a brow, Why do you look so distraught? You’ve been reading the word of the day, haven’t you?she said with a chuckle

Well, yes,Lily said bashfully before squinting her eyes, Don’t even try to change the topic. Is it Renee’s interview that made you look like this?she asked, her eyebrows drawing together

It can’t be that because I haven’t been paying attention to all they’ve been saying since they went live.” 

Lily drew closer to her, Then what is it? Is it Davis?” 

No, it’s not,she answered and sat up straight, facing Lily. It’s just” 

It’s justLily repeated as she stared at her expectantly

Anna let out a sigh. I don’t know if it’ll be possible for me to take over Daniel’s company-” 

His company! What for? Why would you want to take over his company?Lily asked, her brows knitted together

Anna rolled her eyes. You make it sound as though I just announced that I intend to marry him again,she joked, but Lily didn’t get the joke because, in a split second, she was in front of Anna

Is that an indirect announcement?she exclaimed, with a deep frown on her 


It’s a joke, Lily. Quit exaggerating,she squalled, glaring at her. Seriously, Lily, it’s getting annoying.” 

Lily’s shoulders dropped. I’m sorry, I just get so angry when I hear 

you mentio 

thatthatI don’t even know what to call him, but I hate when you talk about him unless you’re dissing him or plotting his downfall,she said in a monotone voice

I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but I’m glad you’re on my side,Anna said with a wide smile, trying to lift her mood

As you should be,Lily raised her head high, a proud smile on her face making Anna shake her head playfully

Anyway,Lily started. You can always run his company. Since he’s into food processing, we can spread rumours about him using chemicals and- 

That would ruin not only Daniel but the company itself. I can’t let that happen,Anna shook her head

Why not?Lily raised a brow

Anna shrugged, Wellwe can’t ruin the company because-It belongs to me. -it would cause problems for innocent people. If the company does, then the employees will have to be laid off. Besides, what we’re trying to do is to show the world they’re not the angels they pretend to be-” 

—but the complete opposite. Although it’s rather tempting, we can’t stoop to their level in the name of revenge. Then we’d be no different from them,she concluded, jerking her head backwards at the words that came out of her mouth

I forget how wise I am at times

Lily stood from the table she was seated on and sat on the couch, next to Anna.Thanks for that. It’s not my revenge, yet I’m being overly zealous about it. You’re right, I shouldn’t let those who are innocent suffer and we should stick to exposing them.” 

Anna nodded in agreement, Precisely. I’ll have to talk to David about this, although I doubt he’d be that much of a help. After all, he can be such a pain in the ass most times.” 

I’m so sorry, Anna,Lily suddenly said, her voice flat

Sorry? What for?Anna questioned, placing her hand over Lily’s

Lily turned to her with watery eyes. I should be the one keeping you on track if your thirst for revenge starts to lead you astray or cause you to lose your sense of reasoning and compassion, yet I’m doing the opposite and egging you on to 

become like them.” 

Anna’s lips widened into a smile, Lily, I know you’re looking out for me and have my best interest at heart. And we can both keep each other on track, so don’t worry about it.” 

Lily nodded with a sigh, I need to do something with my life, don’t I? If I wasn’t so jobless, I wouldn’t be sitting here trying to turn your life into a liveaction series.” 

You’re being too hard on yourself, butI do admit we need to find something.


can’t keep relying on Davis’s money, nor can you keep relying on your father’s,Anna pointed out and they both sank into the couch, exhaling simultaneously

My father is threatening to remove me from his will if I don’t make a decision. soon,Lily threw a chip in her mouth. But again, I’m not getting any younger, am I?” 

Anna chuckled, We both know your name isn’t coming off that will, but yeah, you should make a decision soon,she let out a groan of frustration, I wish I had properties to inherit. Perhaps I wouldn’t be this stressed out if I did.” 

Trust me, it doesn’t make that much of a difference with a father like mine,Lily snickered

Anna nodded, Well-The ringing of her phone cut her off

Hey there, Baby,She said as she picked up the call, making Lily turn to her with a raised brow

Taming the Billionaire CEO ( Daniel Monroe )

Taming the Billionaire CEO ( Daniel Monroe )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/6/2024 Native Language: English
Taming the Billionaire CEO ( Daniel Monroe )" Betrayed and Abandoned by her husband, Daniel Monroe, and his family whom she had given everything for, Anna Monroe takes it upon herself to make them pay the ultimate price for their betrayal.

Taming the Billionaire CEO Daniel Monroe

   Fueled by her revenge, she teams up with Davis Solorante, a well-known yet unknown business Tycoon whose hatred for the Monroes mirrored hers. 


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