Taming the Billionaire CEO ( Daniel Monroe ) Chapter 39

Taming the Billionaire CEO ( Daniel Monroe ) Chapter 39


Davis’s eyes darkened. He couldn’t believe his ears. He had begun to believe she was finally getting over her exhusband, but her request was beyond not just crazy, it was insane. He hated having anything to do with Daniel, but partnering with him? Not only would it help Daniel’s company by making his image and status soar, but also put him at risk if anything were to happen to Daniel’s 


What sort of request is that? And why would you think I’d agree to it?he asked, his voice low and filled with venom. Anna shuddered in her seat but hid her fear perfectly

She hadn’t expected him to agree to it immediately because she knew he, for some reason she hoped to find out, hated them but she hadn’t expected him to dismiss it with so much anger. Calm down, Davis. Let me explain,she told him

He stood up from the couch, Explain that you want me to support your plans to pursue Daniel and get him back?he let out a deep breath as he clenched and unclenched his fists. I’m incredibly disappointed with your foolery, Anna. I thought you had wisened up and had given up on a future with that total red flag-” 

Tch! You might not be as bad as Daniel, but you’re no green flag yourself

-But here you are requesting I partner with a company I want to bring down? Have you gone completely insane?” 

She stood up from the couch. I’m not Insane, Davis and you’d see it if you just let me speak and stop being an angry bird. Seriously, Davis, calm down.” 

He nodded, slipping his hands into his pockets, Fine then, I’m listening, but if what you say turns out to be arrant nonsense-he pointed at the contract. -then I’m ripping the contract apart and 

won’t bother trying to protect you even if you become a target to my enemies.” 

His enemies. Who are his enemies? Although she wanted to ask, it wasn’t as important as getting him not to dispose of her as a partner and convincing him to partner with Daniel’s company

Like I told you before, I want to take over Daniel’s company and for me to do that, v it. Even if we cause it some damage, it has to be something that won’t destroy the company’s 

reputation and can be fixed by pulling a few strings-” 

t destroy 

-I want you to partner with Daniel’s company with me as the head so I can prove my leadership abilities. As Mrs Solorante, people will already want to gain my favour and I foster strategic relationships with the key players in Daniel’s company and eventually, take over as the leader of his company.” 

Upon hearing her explanation and plan, his anger dissipated, although the plan didn’t rub him the right way. He still didn’t want any close relationship with Daniel or any of the Monroes. That’s not the only way you can take over his company though.” 

Regardless of how I want to do it, I’ll still need a company I’m heading and a branch under your 

company will save me having to work years to build credibility or scale in the industry. After all, we only have six months to finish up with all of our plans,she told him and paused to take a breath before continuing



-Any other way other than this is going to be illegal and we wouldn’t want that. Plus, I want him to feel the pain I felt when those I considered my family and relied on turned against me. To do that, seems like the best option.” 

He sat back on the couch, his brows knitted together as she pondered on what she said

Besides, you complained about my joblessness, wouldn’t it help if I was walking closely with you?she added, hoping to convince him

Please, agree to this. She hoped as she impatiently watched him think about it

After an excruciatingly long period, he finally looked up and said, I’ll think about it.” 

Then what have you been doing for the past six minutes? She sighed, giving him a small smile. Although he hadn’t given her the answer she wanted, it was better than nothing. Thank you,she said, picking up her purse

But-she froze when he spoke. What is it this time? -why should I let you head a branch of my company? You’ll need more than a title as my wife to properly lead a company and although you studied Food technology with business management, you’ll still need to have a few years of 


She crossed her arms across her chest, chuckling lightly. I see you’ve done your research on me, but of course, it wouldn’t be in your character if you didn’t dig around for information about me,the smile on her face grew wider. But I doubt you know that I also interned at three different companies for two years before I got married.” 

I didn’t think you were much of a liar. Turns out I’m wrong,he said with a frown. There’s no way 

Paul wouldn’t have found that out

She clicked her tongue, I guess your sources aren’t all that reliable. William Monroe went to great lengths to keep the fact that I was working a secret for some reason,she shrugged. As you probably know, I graduated at age 25 and it took a year for me to convince Williams to let me

After two years of interning, I got married to Daniel and here I am, jobless and hoping you’d grant my request. I have evidence of my internship, by the way,she finished with a proud smile before quickly adding. And if you must know, I helped William with running his company while I was 

married to his son.” 

Davis stared at her, How come you were never hired at any of the companies you worked at if you are as good as you claim you are?” 

She rolled her eyes, If William didn’t want me to work or let it get out that I was working at that company, do you think he’d have let them hire me as an employee?she raised a brow

And why exactly didn’t he let you work?” 



Probably because he didn’t want me to be capable of living without their money,she shrugged. Besides, he stopped me from working at all after I got married to Daniel because he didn’t want anyone to know I was married to his son,she said with a bitter smile on her face

Why would they keep her a secret for so long? No matter how he thought about it, Davis found it odd. If it had been after she got married to Daniel, he would have assumed it was because they didn’t want news of the marriage to get out. I’ll have to ask Paul to look into this. Perhaps we’ll find something interesting

I’ll be taking my leave now,Anna said, before adding, I’ll show you my credentials when you get home tonight. Also, if you couldn’t find out about my internships, how will you be able to find out what the Monroes are hiding?With that said, she headed for the door while Davis glared at her

I’ll drive you,he told her, standing from the couch as well

No, don’t worry. I’ll take a taxi outside the estate,she told him. By the way, I haven’t heard a single sound since I arrived. I mean, the sound of cars, people and sounds like that. Is this place always this quiet?” 

I live alone here. I bought the entire estate,he stated

She blinked rapidly and when his words finally settled, she nodded. Right. See you tonight then.Sometimes I forget how wealthy he is. I’ll need your help with the door!she yelled when she 

arrived at the door

Taming the Billionaire CEO ( Daniel Monroe )

Taming the Billionaire CEO ( Daniel Monroe )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/6/2024 Native Language: English
Taming the Billionaire CEO ( Daniel Monroe )" Betrayed and Abandoned by her husband, Daniel Monroe, and his family whom she had given everything for, Anna Monroe takes it upon herself to make them pay the ultimate price for their betrayal.

Taming the Billionaire CEO Daniel Monroe

   Fueled by her revenge, she teams up with Davis Solorante, a well-known yet unknown business Tycoon whose hatred for the Monroes mirrored hers. 


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