Tempting Ties: The Billionaire’s Marriage Bargain ( Tatiana) Chapter 14

Tempting Ties: The Billionaire’s Marriage Bargain ( Tatiana) Chapter 14



Tatiana jolted awake when she felt a sharp pain on her cheek. She looked up to see a naked, strange man with a demented smile glaring down at her. She tried to make a move but felt the iron restraints shackling her hands. She also felt a gag across her face

Lord Roman has given me authorization to punish you for your insolence, little one,he hissed, running his fingers through her hair. He leaned closer, his breath hot on her ear. And believe me, I will make you regret ever thinking you could defy him.‘ 

Tatiana struggled against her bonds, but they were unyielding. The man chuckled darkly and began to caress her skin, tracing the lines of her collarbone with his fingertips. His touch sent shivers down her spine. She was both repulsed and aroused by his possessive touch

Ah, you respond to my touch,he purred, leaning forward to kiss her neck. His lips felt like fire against her skin, and she arched involuntarily into his embrace. “That’s a good girl,he whispered, kissing her again and again

Her heart raced as she tried to fight the sensations he was eliciting. She knew she had to resist, but his touch was like a drug, clouding her thoughts and making her body betray her. As he continued to torment her with his caresses, she could feel herself beginning to lose control

You are a tight one, aren’t you?he taunted

Tatiana pushed and dragged against her restraints, only managing to sob when it had no effect

Time for my experiments!he said with glee as he pulled out a set of syringes. Tatiana wanted nothing to do with them, and she began to violently shake her head. She tried to wriggle free again, but her restraints were extra solid

Relax, you stupid whore!he yelled. It’ll only hurt more if you keep moving like that.Grabbing one of the syringes, he put a hand on one of her breasts, holding it tight. Before she could react, he plunged the needle deep inside her nipple

As the needle pierced her skin, Tatiana’s breast erupted with pain. It felt like she was burning from the inside, underneath her skin. The feeling only worsened as he injected the rest of the dose

Now for the other one,he said, a big grin creeping across his face as he watched Tatiana writhe in pain. He seized her other breast and injected another dose. Tatiana’s screams were muffled by her gag as she tugged frantically, trying with all her might to break free

Yeah, you like that, don’t you? Let’s see how your clitter likes it!he said, spreading her pussycat’s lips and exposing her clitter. He pushed the needle in at the base of the clitoral area and depressed the syringe’s pump. A painful burning sensation spread all over her lower midsection. She writhed, pulling at her restraints as if trying to stop it

As the burning subsided, she relaxed her body a bit. The brute ran his fingers along her crotch, causing ripples of pleasure as he went. He stopped right before reaching her clitoral area and pulled his hand away. On the other hand, there are a few metal objects



Let me see that tongue of yours,he demanded. Tatiana looked away from him in defiance

Show me your tongue, you little whore!he yelled, grabbing her head and prying her mouth open

He immediately shoved his cock into her mouth, mindlessly rutting away while pushing her head down in rhythm with his thrusts. The force at which he 

Tatiana choked and gagged, nearly passing out before he climaxed, shooting his cum down her throat

Now it’s time for me to fuck that tight little cunt of yours.” 

He spreads her pussy lips, holding her slit open. As he pushed the tip of his massive, rockhard dick into Tatiana’s tight little cavity, she began to moan

I can’t believe a whore like you is so tight,he said, pushing forward slowly. As his massive cock forced her pussycat to open wider and wider, she felt a strange, increasing sense of pleasure. The brute’s cock slid in farther and farther, eventually coming to rest against her cervix

Feeling how her soft, warm, wet pussy caresses his pulsing mass of meat, he begins to feel even more excited. Tatiana can feel how deep he is inside her little pussycat and how he spreads it so wide with 

his cock

It’s so big!she yelled, excited. She can feel his pulse inside of her and the warmth of his slimy cock. The monster puts his hands on her breasts, tugging on her nipples. He begins to fuck her slowly, making each stroke drawn out and deliberate

You like that, don’t you? Little fucking whore!” 

Tatiana nods her head vigorously, moaning audibly

As he tugged harder on her nipples, sending a bolt of pain through her breasts, he rammed his cock inside her, slamming it against her cervix. Tatiana began to whine, feeling more pain than pleasure

What? The little whore doesn’t like it. Too bad!the brute mocked

As he continued with his thrusts, tugging on her nipples each time, he began to increase his speed, and her entire body began to rock with the force of his thrusts. Tatiana’s moans soon turned to pants, occasionally screaming of pleasure or pain

She could feel herself approaching orgasm quite fast now, her pussy dripping wet with juices

Harder! Fuck me harder! Harder!Tatiana exclaimed, completely overwhelmed with pleasure

You want harder? How is this for harder, whore?The man begins to pound her pussycat with great ferocity. His thrusts quickened, at least doubling in speed

Tatiana’s is taken by surprise as a new wave of pleasure washes over her

Ah! Too much!she screamed, her muscles tensing. As she closed her eyes, she was overwhelmed by another intense orgasm. Her back arches, her muscles tense, and she bites down on her tongue as the pleasure washes over her



Her juices begin to run from her pussycat, collecting in a puddle on the floor. The brute continues thrusting, and as her pussycat contracts, he begins to thrust with increased vigor. Suddenly, she feels a small twinge down below as he breaks into her womb

Sodeepshe manages to say between frantic breaths. Tatiana has never been penetrated so deeply before

As she felt the man’s cock stretch her tight cunt and how he slid into her womb with every thrust, all thought was driven from her mind. She could feel his cock begin to pulse as he began to climax

Notinsideshe mumbled in between her moans

I’ll do what I desire, whore,he says. And with that, he made one final thrust, pushing himself balls- deep into her pussycat. Like a volcano, his dick erupted in a sticky shower of warm seed, pumping enough of it in to fill her womb. As she feels her womb fill with the hot, gooey sperm, she climaxes once again. As her womb is filled to the brim, his seed begins to leak out more

You like having your little whore cunt filled, don’t you?The man groaned, pulling his cock out of her pussycat. Some of the cum began to leak out, dripping out into a big puddle on the floor. Tatiana lay there, panting, her nipples sore, her cunt dripping. It wasn’t long before she passed out on the bed


Tempting Ties: The Billionaire’s Marriage Bargain ( Tatiana)

Tempting Ties: The Billionaire’s Marriage Bargain ( Tatiana)

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Tempting Ties: The Billionaire's Marriage Bargain ( Tatiana) Is a beautiful Novel that is now available for Online Reading. 

Tempting Ties: The Billionaire's Marriage Bargain

Tatiana, the noble daughter of the Beaumonts is arranged to be married to Roman Mancini, . Her world is further upended when she is caught in a forbidden tryst and shipped off to be purified. Seizing this as her chance for escape from aristocratic confines, Tatiana flees into the unknown. Thus begins her journey of trials and betrayals as she makes her way alone through small towns, deep forests and foreign cities. Along the way, she finds new friends in unlikely places as well as dangerous foes. What awaits at her destination should she elude those in pursuit? With liberty finally in her grasp, will she find the life she dreams of? Can she break free?
Tempting TiesThe Billionaire's Marriage Bargain ( Tatiana)


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