Tempting Ties: The Billionaire’s Marriage Bargain ( Tatiana) Chapter 3

Tempting Ties: The Billionaire’s Marriage Bargain ( Tatiana) Chapter 3


Tatiana took a deep, shaky breath as she stood by the big oak doors of the old cathedral, holding onto her father’s arm. The ancient building towered above, its gray stones showing signs of age and stories of many weddings and goodbyes. Soon, those doors would open, and she’d start walking down the alsle to marry someone she didn’t even know

Looking down at her ivory silk and lace dress, it seemed so different from the serious colors inside the cathedral. The patterns on her dress hugged her waist before flowing dramatically to the floor, following a traditional style. With the veil covering her face, it felt like she was heading blindly towards an uncertain future

Her grip on her father’s arm tightened as the organist began the traditional wedding march, filling the space with its tune. Lord Henri, sensing her nervousness, nudged her forward just as the big doors swung open. Stand tall,he whispered sharply. Don’t shame our family.” 

Trying to stay composed, Tatiana started the slow walk between the strong benches, each filled with people in ceremonial robes. The cold, stone walls echoed with whispers and the sound of robes brushing against each other. None of the faces under their blue caps looked familiar or comforting, making the grand hall feel even lonelier

Her eyes stayed fixed on the altar, where her soontobe partner waited. Sunlight came through stained glass windows, creating colorful patterns on the ancient stone floor. Moving through the sacred space, the old gray cathedral stood witness to this big moment, its seriousness made even more noticeable by the weight of tradition and the unknown future waiting for Tatiana beyond the big oak doors

Lord Roman’s angular face was stoic beneath his white cloak, displaying no more emotion than if he were standing vigil over a coffin. The frigid indifference in his gray eyes did nothing to settle Tatiana’s nerves

Her gaze traveled past Roman to the priest, dazzling in flowing black vestments. His smile seemed more predatory than warm. Tatiana suppressed a shudder, clutching her bouquet of lilies tighter like a shield

Finally, her eyes alighted on Ariana, seated prominently in the front pew, beaming with pride for her sister and approval of this esteemed match. Tatiana thought back to their youth, remembering Ariana’s fiery spirit and flair for adventure. Where had that boldness gone

Swallowing down her bitterness, Tatiana continued her measured steps in time with the music’s rhythm. She passed Dante, her groom’s younger brother, barely restraining his snickering. His breath reeked of spirits, though it was not yet midday

At long last, Tatiana arrived at the altar on Lord Henri’s arm. He lifted her veil with all the tenderness one might show a cow at market before placing her hand upon Lord Roman’s. Then he took his seat beside Ariana


anyone’s gaze. She flinched when Roman took her other hand in his cold, dry grasp


The priest opened his prayer book and began the marriage rites in sonorous tones. Dearly beloved children of our Lord, we are gathered here on this blessed day to witness the union of this man and woman in the sacrament of holy matrimony.” 

Tatiana tuned out his droning oration, which was in the ancient tongue of the holy scriptures of Orthavius. None of this ring exchange or handfasting ritual held any real meaning for her. These traditions felt hollow and rehearsed, like two strangers playing dressup

At last, the priest switched to the common language. Lord Roman and Lady Tatiana, you may now exchange your vows before Orthavius.” 

Roman peered down his hooked nose at his bride. With this ring and these vows, I take you as my wife. I promise to honor, protect, and provide for you all of our days, according to the laws of Orthavius.His flat tone betrayed no sincerity

Tatiana’s voice trembled as she repeated the prescribed words. With this ring and these vows, I take you as my husband. I promise to serve, obey, andbear you children, according to the laws of Orthavius.She practically choked out the final phrase

The priest raised his hands solemnly. Then, by the power vested in me by Almighty Orthavius, I now pronounce you man and wife. Go forth and be fruitful, upholding sacred tradition.” 

He grasped their joined hands and held them aloft before gently pushing them together in symbolic union. Roman swooped forward to lift Tatiana’s veil and plant a kiss on her lips. He pulled her tight against his chest. As their kiss deepened, she felt her knees grow weak

After the kiss, the priest announced, According to the old customs, let the disrobing begin

Lady Antonia stepped toward Tatiana with eagerness, cupping a hand under her cheek. It will be okay. I am very positive you will please my son,she reassured warmly

She delicately unfastened the buttons and intricate clasps that adorned her vintage wedding dress, leaving her naked in front of all the guests. Tatiana instinctively covered her breasts with her hands as a blush crept down her neck

Roman, who was already disrobed, stepped forward. He rained kisses down on her neck while his hand came up and began to massage her. He massaged them gently, and he felt her nipples grow and harden

He stopped kissing her neck and went for one of her breasts. He kissed the flesh all around, and then he found the nipple that he had been looking for and took it into his mouth. He sucked on her nipple for a while and heard Tatiana sigh. She was getting very aroused. As he kissed her nipple, she ran her hands up and down his chest and played with his nipples

Roman pushed down on her shoulders, giving her the signal to descend onto the soft rug on the pulpit. He went down with her and straddled her body, placing his huge cock between her thighs. He took his cock in his hand and began to rub her pussycat with its crown

Finally, he slowly inserted his cock into her tight pussy. An immediate wave of pain coursed through 



her body. She stifled a sob and wrapped her arms around Roman’s back as he took her virginity. As he began to slowly thrust into her, the pain vanished into a sea of pleasure, and she let out concurrent gasps and moans

She turned her eyes sideways to see the guests at the front looking at the scene with glee. She quivered aloud and moaned in excitement at the thought of the whole cathedral watching her husband stroke his cock in and out of her hot, wet pussycat. He picked up the pace until he was slamming his cock wildly into her

Below him, Tatiana began to experience her first orgasm. She had never experienced sex like this before, and she found that she liked it. Roman was so tender and yet so passionate, and she could not get enough of it

In and out, he went for a good twenty minutes till she let out a loud squeal that came all over his cock and the bed. She bucked, writhed, and wriggled, and almost passed out. Roman climaxed 

immediately after her, unloading a spurt of warm cum into her bowels. He collapsed into her body and drew her in for another deep kiss that she could not help but succumb to

She closed her eyes, breathing heavily, amidst claps and cheers from the cathedral’s gues which enveloped her in a moment of intense emotion

Tempting Ties: The Billionaire’s Marriage Bargain ( Tatiana)

Tempting Ties: The Billionaire’s Marriage Bargain ( Tatiana)

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Tempting Ties: The Billionaire's Marriage Bargain ( Tatiana) Is a beautiful Novel that is now available for Online Reading. 

Tempting Ties: The Billionaire's Marriage Bargain

Tatiana, the noble daughter of the Beaumonts is arranged to be married to Roman Mancini, . Her world is further upended when she is caught in a forbidden tryst and shipped off to be purified. Seizing this as her chance for escape from aristocratic confines, Tatiana flees into the unknown. Thus begins her journey of trials and betrayals as she makes her way alone through small towns, deep forests and foreign cities. Along the way, she finds new friends in unlikely places as well as dangerous foes. What awaits at her destination should she elude those in pursuit? With liberty finally in her grasp, will she find the life she dreams of? Can she break free?
Tempting TiesThe Billionaire's Marriage Bargain ( Tatiana)


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