The Almighty Son-In-Law ( Cyrus Johnson ) Chapter 25

The Almighty Son-In-Law ( Cyrus Johnson ) Chapter 25

Chapter 25 

Cyrus looked at Wallace and said loudly, Dad, thank you for marrying Zoey to me against all objections and for supporting us financially over the past three years. Take this gift as my repayment for your kindness

Hmph! I’m not your lab rat,Wallace said

There’s no way that this brat could heal him

If you can’t stand up by tonight, I’ll divorce Zoey tomorrow,Cyrus said

Wallace was immediately tempted. He asked, Seriously?” 

Yes, all the guests can testify,Cyrus replied

This was the first time Cyrus had promised to divorce her. Zoey was also surprised

For the sake of his daughter’s happiness, Wallace agreed

My legs are already paralyzed. He can try whatever he wants. Move aside, you two.” 

Glancing at her pitiful daughter in the audience, Zoey didn’t know what to do

The divorce seemed to be a done deal, but she couldn’t bear to part with her seriously ill daughter

Mira had also heard Cyruswords. She said with tears in her eyes, Aunt Ceci, I don’t want to leave 


Looking at the poor child, Cecilia let out a quiet sigh

She hoped that Zoey would be able to get out of her miserable situation soon, but now she simply couldn’t be happy for her

Oh, Cyrus! Why would he brag so much

Taking out the Imperial Nine Needles, Cyrus instructed, Zoey, take out the 20yearold fresh Dragon White Herb from the incubator. Dad needs to chew it and swallow the juice. Combined with my acupuncture, this should only take about half an hour.” 

Wallace thought that he had heard wrongly. A 20yearold fresh Dragon White Herb

Zoey was even more surprised. She thought Cyrus had just been bragging. Could he really have gotten a Dragon White Herb

Frederick, who was sitting in the front row, sat up excitedly. The moment Zoey opened the incubator, he rushed onto the stage

The cold fog in the incubator/dissipated, revealing a small piece of white herb. It was as white as snow and emitted a cold fragrance

Frederick gulped in excitement

Fred, is this genuine? Wallace asked

Yes, this is the real thing!Frederick said, nodding vigorously. His confirmation caused the guests to 

flock to the stage.. 

Comparing the two herbs, Felix found the thing in his box to be simply garbage

This was impossible! Cyrus was a poor wretch. Where did he get so much money

Besides that, he had even gotten it specially delivered by helicopter

Holy crap! If this thing is real, wouldn’t it cost more than a few million dollars?” 

It’s extremely rare to find one that’s 20 years old. This is a real treasure!! 

This must be a real slap in the face for his brotherinlaw!” 

Zoey watched as Cyrus attentively inserted needles into Wallace’s skin. She was amazed

Frederick had confirmed that the white herb was genuine, so it definitely couldn’t be fake

Zoey, hurry and give him the medicine,Cyrus reminded

Uh, okay.” 

Zoey quickly picked up the herb and fed it to her father

Wallace chewed the white herb cooperatively. Although it was slightly bitter, he didn’t spit it out

Dad, slow down. Just swallow the juice,Cyrus said

Looking at Cyrus being so focused on the treatment, Zoey felt inexplicably at ease

Everyone held their breath as they waited for the results of Cyrustreatment

But even with the Dragon White Herb, it was impossible to achieve immediate results

In fact, the Dragon White Herb only served as an induction. The real secret weapon was the Imperial Nine Needles, which no one knew about

Mabel, Felix, and Phoebe waited with pounding hearts

If Wallace could really stand up, the matter of the successor would be ruined

In just 15 minutes, Cyrus began to withdraw the needles

Wallace was sweating profusely, and he had already fallen asleep

As she was wiping off his sweat,/Zoey asked nervously. Cyrus, is my dad okay?” 

Your needles are rusty and black. Are you trying to kill my dad?Felix yelled

Cyrus calmly lifted Wallace’s left foot and pricked the first metatarsal acupoint

Argh!With a shriek, Wallace jumped up from the wheelchair

Chapter 25 

The horrified onlookers dispersed at once

Seeming as if he had just seen a ghost, Frederick blurted out, Fuck!” 

Wallace had actually felt the pain

Zoey was also frightened

She covered her mouth and stared at Cyrus, her beautiful big eyes filled with fear

The Almighty Son-In-Law ( Cyrus Johnson )

The Almighty Son-In-Law ( Cyrus Johnson )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/8/2024 Native Language: English
The Almighty Son-In-Law ( Cyrus Johnson ) Cyrus Johnson, a genius medical practitioner, is accidentally reborn, taking over the body of a loser.

The Almighty Son-In-Law

But with a flick of his needles, he rights the wrongs his family is facing; his enemies tremble and the world grovels at his feet.  

Chapter 1

Cyrus Johnson gasped for air, his head pounding as he opened his eyes. To his surprise, a beautiful woman lay nestled in his arms. Her lush, cascading curls framed her face, and he caught a whiff of a captivating fragrance in the air. The woman breathed evenly, a subtle blush on her cheeks. As she was in his arms, Cyrus could feel her exquisite and voluptuous figure. Surveying the unfamiliar room cluttered with odds and ends, in stark contrast to the scattered designer clothes around the woman, Cyrus couldn't help but be confused about where he was and who the woman in his arms might be. "Mira, don't go in there! He's not home. Come, we need to hurry to school."


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