The Alpha’s Little Rogue by Lovey Dovey Chapter 101

The Alpha’s Little Rogue by Lovey Dovey Chapter 101

Chapter 101
Caden’s POV
I slide down her body, her nipple leaving my lips with an obscene
pop sound.
As I draw closer to her p u s s y, her legs automatically fall open, drawing a chuckle out of me. My mate is such a s l u t for my mouth.
Breathing against her c li t, she moans, her hip thrusting up as she silently begs for more. Not one to say no to my beautiful mate, I lift her right leg and place it on my shoulder, holding her open for
my gaze.
I slide my tongue through her slit, groaning when her taste hits the back of my throat. I’m never going to get tired of her sweet taste. Never going to get tired of eating her out and driving her out of her mind with lust. Giving her unthinkable pleasure is my favorite pastime.
I sink my tongue into her sex, groaning at her tightness when her p s s y clenches around my tongue. She’s so tight that I fear that I’m going to split her open when I finally get my
co c k inside of
I’m just going to have to prepare her really well to stop that from happening. A task that I’m going to thoroughly enjoy carrying out.
Having one last taste of her p u s s y, I drop her leg back onto the bed before climbing back up her body and taking her lips with mine, giving her a taste of her p u s s y.
After a few seconds of kissing her senselessly, I pull away and press my head to hers while I try to catch my breath.
“Did you enjoy your taste?” My breath mince with her and I chuckle as her cheeks tint pink. Given all that we have done together, I never expected Alessia to still be shy but that one other thing that I just happen to love about her. Her innocence. “How did you taste?” I ask, smiling harder when her face turns redder.
“I-it was ok,” she stutters and I press my face into her shoulder to stop my laughter from escaping.
Alessia punches me softly in the shoulder. “Stop making fun of me.” I don’t need to see her face to know that it holds an adorable pout.
“I would never do that sweetie.” I lift my head and place a kiss on her adorable button nose. “I would never make fun of you.”
The pout doesn’t go away. I slide my lips down to hers and take that bottom lip between my teeth, biting on it softly. By the time I let it go, her pout is completely gone.
“Caden,” she breathes out, her eyes glazed over with desire. A look that I absolutely love on her face.
Chapter 101
One that I wouldn’t mind seeing every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed.
It’s not the first time that that thought has made its way into my head and I fear that it won’t also be the last time. Do I really want Alessia to move in with me or am I going to regret that decision once the lust inside of me cools down?
As Alessia pants and wets her lips with her tongue, I realize the answer is and will always be a no. There’s absolutely no way that I’m going to get tired of having her s e x y body under mine.
I’ve established that I want her in my bed for the unforeseeable future but how do I bring up such a topic? Will she even agree with it or will she immediately shoot down my hope?
Alessia squirming under me brings my attention back to my beautiful mate who looks like she’s two seconds away from tipping over the edge and into her climax. “Caden, I want you inside of me,” she begs, her legs wrapping around my waist, trying to fasten up the process.
I groan, pulling her legs away and pulling them back on the bed. “Not yet. You’re not ready.” As much as I hate to deny her anything, especially my co c k, I also know that she’s going to thank me for it later when she wakes up tomorrow morning without feeling like a log of wood was shoved inside of her.
“I’m ready. I just want to have you inside of me,” she whines, almost making me forget why exactly I was drawing this out.
I place a soft kiss on her lips. “Patience,” I whisper against her lips as my hand slides down her body and straight for her soaking wet p u s s y.
Sliding one finger in, I c o c k it to the side and Alessia’s hips jolts up as she lets out a scream. Holding her down with a hand on her hip, I work her open with my other hand, sliding an extra finger inside of her, withdrawing it, and then adding another.
By the time I’ve three fingers inside of her, Alessia is wringing and twisting on the bed, her moans and screams loud enough for the entire pack house to hear. For the first time, I don’t care about her lowering her voice or silencing her moans.
I want every unmated male in this house to know that she’s mine and mine alone. It’s an unreasonable urge but it’s one that I can’t tame.
With my three fingers inside of her, I slide in and out, opening her up for when she’ll finally take my c o k.
Alessia’s fingers dig into my arms, her teeth digging into my shoulder as her p u s s y clamps down on my finger, cutting off the blood circulation in them.
She’s still very tight but there’s nothing more that I can do to loosen her up. I slide my fingers out of her, gripping her thighs in my hands and pushing her open for my hip to slide between them.

Gripping my c o c k, I press it against her sex and slide home in one go.

The Alpha’s Little Rogue by Lovey Dovey

The Alpha’s Little Rogue by Lovey Dovey

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/14/2024 Native Language: English
The Alpha's Little Rogue by Lovey Dovey" I stare down at the woman caught in the trap and something hits me in the chest. She couldn't have been more than twenty and at that moment an emotion that I can explain grip my chest. I can't explain it until-'MINE!' Xavier growls in my chest and I feel my heart sink to my stomach.

The Alpha's Little Rogue by Lovey Dovey

  No, no, no. This can't be happening. But as her amber eyes looked up to meet my green eyes, I know that I'm wrong. This is happening. I have a fucking mate. And it looks like she just figured out that I'm her mate too. Her eyes widen comically and her mouth falls open in a gasp. I would have probably found her expression funny if my insides weren't in turmoil. "Bring her out and throw her in the dungeon," I growl out to Alex and Raphael.


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