The Alpha’s Little Rogue by Lovey Dovey Chapter 116

The Alpha’s Little Rogue by Lovey Dovey Chapter 116

Chapter 116

Caden’s POV
It’s almost ten at night when I walk back into the pack house.
The house is quiet except for the few people still playing games in the main room.
They murmur various greetings my way as I walk past and I tip my head in their direction.
Walking into the kitchen, I head to the fridge and pull it open. Looking inside, I find the Tupperware with leftover food gone and a smile makes its way to my lips. It makes me happy to know that she isn’t s k i p p i n g her meals.
Taking a beer, I pop it open and down it in one go. The past few days can only be summed up as crazy. Bat s h i t
After finding out about the death of her father, Alessia has become closed off and focused all her attention on her new pack’s upkeep. It’s hot to see her in control of her very own pack, but it would be better if that g o d d a m n pack didn’t keep her away from me. I hardly get to see her and when I do, she’s too focused on other things to be
bothered with me.
With a groan, I clench my fingers around the beer can in my hand, scrunching it up and then making a perfect
shot into the trash can.
Time to go claim my mate. I’m tired of all this b u l lsh i t. We didn’t go through all those cr ap s just for us to start drifting away at the first sign of a crisis.

The Alpha’s Little Rogue by Lovey Dovey

The Alpha’s Little Rogue by Lovey Dovey

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/14/2024 Native Language: English
The Alpha's Little Rogue by Lovey Dovey" I stare down at the woman caught in the trap and something hits me in the chest. She couldn't have been more than twenty and at that moment an emotion that I can explain grip my chest. I can't explain it until-'MINE!' Xavier growls in my chest and I feel my heart sink to my stomach.

The Alpha's Little Rogue by Lovey Dovey

  No, no, no. This can't be happening. But as her amber eyes looked up to meet my green eyes, I know that I'm wrong. This is happening. I have a fucking mate. And it looks like she just figured out that I'm her mate too. Her eyes widen comically and her mouth falls open in a gasp. I would have probably found her expression funny if my insides weren't in turmoil. "Bring her out and throw her in the dungeon," I growl out to Alex and Raphael.


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