The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler ) Chapter 308

The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler ) Chapter 308

Chapter 308 

The car window slid down. Claude peered inside and saw Tyler. What are the chances of us meeting right outside my house?he asked, surprised

He remembered the last time Tyler was here, the day he got engaged to Morgan

Tyler stared back with a serious expression. This isn’t a coincidence, Claude. I’m here for you.” 

Claude raised an eyebrow. Really?” 

You come from a wellknown family. I’m sure you wouldn’t want any scandal, right?Tyler’s voice was chilly

Claude guessed why Tyler was here the moment he spotted his car. He grinned. What scandal? You mean the rumors about me and Mrs. Harris? What if I said I like her?” 

Tyler’s expression grew even colder at that, but he managed a smirk. We both have reputations to consider, while Olivia is naive. I trust you’ll act appropriately.” 

And what if I admit I do like her?Claude pushed back

“You can try,Tyler responded coolly

Claude laughed. You think I wouldn’t? Even though she’s technically your wife, isn’t it just on paper?” 

Tyler said little, just a brief Yeswhile fiddling with his wedding ring. Looks like you enjoy a challenge.” 

I do,Claude replied, not backing down

You’ve just started at Yancey Bank. Try anything foolish, and see how quickly you lose your board of directors.With that, Tyler rolled up his window and drove off

Claude stood there, chuckling as he watched the car disappear

Just then, Sophie came out of the house. Seeing Claude, she walked over. Weren’t you going for a run? Why are you just standing here?” 

He glanced at her and replied casually, It’s nothing.Then, he started walking

But Claude wasn’t about to back down. From the moment he returned, he was prepared to confront Tyler


Now, he was determined to save an innocent girl. How could he watch Tyler hurt someone 

else for Naomi

Despite Olivia being Naomi’s sister, he wouldn’t let her be the sacrifice for the couple’s relationship. He even pondered the idea of running away with Olivia and her unborn child. Would Naomi survive by then

Claude’s smile grew, but there was rage in his eyes

Sophie watched him from the front of the house, staring at his back. Her face filled with confusion

When Tyler reached home, he found Olivia making candles with Ana in the living room. He looked cold as he walked silently into the living room

Ana noticed him and said to Olivia, Tyler’s home. There’s a red velvet cake in the kitchen. Why don’t you bring it to him?” 

But Olivia stayed put, standing silently beside her. Ana looked at her, waiting for her to 


The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler )

The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/29/2024 Native Language: English
The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler ) Olivia, an illegitimate daughter, didn't care about getting rich or famous. She just wanted to live a quiet life with her boyfriend and spend the rest of her days with him. Her sister, though, had a great life with a loving family and a fiance, Tyler Harris, who deeply cared for her.

The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler )

   But when her sister got very sick, her perfect life began to fall apart. Her sister asked her for something huge and unexpected: have a baby with Tyler. Olivia was shocked and thought it was crazy, but her father kept telling her she should do it, and she felt like she had no choice but to agree. Then came the night when the expressionless Tyler kissed Olivia, and that kiss marked the start of many troubles. Everyone knew Olivia as gentle and meek, but she was much more than that. Now, stuck in this mess, it looked like everyone else might finally get to see the real her...  

The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler )


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